Astrology Jewelry: Channeling the Universe with Craft and Beauty

Astrology Jewelry: Channeling the Universe with Craft and Beauty

Astrology jewelry has always been a mainstay in alternative fashion collections. What could be more ‘universal’ than cosmic symbols, the stars, and the planets? The great thing about astrology jewelry (should you want some in your collection) is you are never limited to pre-made designs.

You’re free to craft your own. All you need are beads (we recommend metal beads like sterling silver beads, gold-filled beads, genuine copper beads, and rose gold-filled beads for that classic look). You then choose sterling silver charms that work well with your design. Xinar’s collection of the zodiac and celestial charms is an excellent place to start to gain inspiration for what you want to create.

Making Astrology Jewelry with Zodiac Charms

Zodiac charms are a crowd favorite with astrology jewelry for obvious reasons. The signs of the zodiac mean so much under the signs, and it’s natural for people to want to wear their signs.

The zodiac, which consists of the 12 horoscope signs, has strong ties to Earth’s orbit around the Sun. This is because these signs are based on the constellations that appear to follow the Sun throughout the year.

If you look at a horoscope, you might assume that the dates correspond to the times the Sun is in each constellation. Most of the time, however, they don’t because astrology and astronomy are two separate systems. Additionally, the zodiac is more complicated than you might think once you consider the motion of the Earth, the Sun, and the stars.

According to astronomy and astrology, the zodiac is the area of the sky through which the planets orbit, at least as seen from Earth. When the Sun (or another celestial body) enters the zodiac section containing a particular constellation, we say that the Sun is “in” that constellation.

Ancient cultures, such as the Greeks and Romans, believed that the zodiac’s constellations and the movement of the planets could foretell the future. They viewed astronomy and astrology as synonymous, whereas today, we know better.

A person’s zodiac sign corresponds to the location of the Sun at the time of their birth. According to astrology, a person’s character traits are determined by their zodiac sign. The zodiac constellations are used in conjunction with the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets to make predictions. The term “horoscope” can refer to either an astrological map of the planets and zodiac signs or a prediction made with that map.

You’re in luck if any of this has piqued your curiosity. First, we looked at the stars and made a chart of the zodiac’s 12 signs. We’ll also include the dates in 2022 that correspond to each sign, a brief description of the sign’s symbol, and some astrological insight into what that sign might imply about a person’s character.

Celestial Charms Make It All the More Special

Why are humans fascinated by the planets? Man has always had an intense connection with his environment; even the distant and unfathomable planets beyond ours have always meant different things. These planets have shaped our beliefs and even our personalities. In the end, who knows? Maybe the other planets in the cosmos do influence humans.

The Sun and Moon are included as planets in the following list, which may surprise you. However, astrology is based on our perspective here on Earth, so the Moon, the Sun, and Pluto are all considered luminous bodies (which is no longer technically considered a planet).

In astrology, the Sun represents one’s essential character and sense of identity. Therefore, a person’s astrological sign can tell us a lot about their personality and the motivations behind their actions.

The Moon symbolizes how people typically feel, what their baser instincts lead them to, and how they tend to feel emotionally.

Since Mercury represents logic, it can reveal a person’s style of speech, mental organization, and capacity for taking in new information.

Aesthetics, hedonism, and friendly interaction are all represented by Venus in our minds. In addition, Venus can reveal a person’s sexual preferences, the things that attract them, and how they like to express their passion.

Mars stands for our innate animal nature, including our competitive nature, aggressive tendencies, and need for constant stimulation. Mars reveals the factors that motivate an individual to act and fuel enthusiasm.

The planet Jupiter symbolizes confidence, hope, and future expansion. It reveals how one may achieve fulfillment and success and the areas in which one may be most fortunate.

Saturn is the limiting, reality-checking planet where we first become aware of our constraints. This planet reveals not only the challenges one faces in life but also the places and methods that can be used to discipline oneself and one’s primary responsibilities in the world.

Planet Uranus represents originality, openness, and sudden insight. Uranus in a natal chart indicates a person’s susceptibility to unexpected shifts in their life’s trajectory.

Neptune is the mystical, imaginative, and dreaming parts of our personalities. Dreams, delusions, and sources of inspiration and innovation will all be bare before us on this planet.

Pluto is a symbol of planetary might and transcendence. It reveals how we handle authority and change of status, as well as how we accept the reality of our mortality and the possibility of a new beginning.

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