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Sterling Silver Love & Peace Charms

Bring family, light, and love to your sterling silver creations with’s love and peace charms. Our 925 sterling silver charms come in many themes and forms, which ensures that all your beautiful concepts will come to life just the way you like them.

Xinar has been selling sterling silver charms for over twenty years, and we know the many ways that designers and DIY crafters can bring life to their artistry and creativity. However, if you have just started, understand that the first step in creating the best designs is working with high-quality beads, findings, and charms. The materials that you select have a significant impact on the final product.

Xinar’s 925 sterling silver charms are hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free, too. So if you need sterling silver beads, findings, and charms that won’t cause irritation, itching, and rashes, choose Xinar’s ever-growing jewelry-making catalog today.

Nickel allergy is a common sensitivity associated with jewelry. Currently, no federal laws are regulating the nickel content of jewelry. Therefore, nickel testing is required if you promote and label your jewelry as “nickel-free.”

The manufacturer or seller’s jewelry must contain less than 0.01 percent nickel to qualify for such claims. Additionally, the European Union imposes stringent limits on the nickel content of jewelry, which the U.S. uses as the basis for its test criteria. And if there is anything that you need that you can’t find, shoot us an email, and we will help you out ASAP.

Xinar’s Lost Wax Casting Process

The sterling silver charms in Xinar’s extensive collection of bracelet charms are created using the lost wax casting process. Additionally, jewelry findings such as conchos are made using die stamping. On the other hand, the die stamping procedure is used for silver and gold-filled beads.

Most customers are unaware of the difficulty involved in creating silver charms. To begin, master silver casters carve the designs for the master mold, which results in these tiny, flawless bracelet charms.

While 3D printing has accelerated the process, skilled silversmithing and casting are still required to create classic silver charms worthy of being displayed on people’s workbenches. After the metal master is completed, a master mold is made to pour the molten silver.

A wax replica of the master mold is created and encased in a plaster cast. Following that, the wax is melted away, giving the process its unique name – lost wax casting. Finally, the model is centrifuged in molten silver (1600° Fahrenheit/871° Celsius). The resulting charm is despurred before being transferred down the line for polishing and finishing. Placing a five- or ten-dollar silver charm on someone’s wrist or neck is a significant amount of work, and Xinar is quite proud that our charms undergo such a meticulous and laborious process, as we are always committed to quality.

Sterling Silver Family & Love Charms

Our sterling silver family & love charms feature all the most straightforward charms that express love and adoration for another person. Therefore, these charms can easily be added to many concepts and designs, from the simplest pendant necklaces to more complex charm bracelets. Family & love charms feature various heart charms and gratitude charms, and unique charms mentioning friends and family members. Be as expressive as you want and show the world your creativity with pendants like the American “I love you” charm, the peace sign charm, heart in hand charm, and more. You can also complete creations with different family member charms. You can choose between silver word charms like our daughter-in-law charm, sister charm, li’l sis charm, and so on.

Baby & Children Charms

The baby & children charms category of silver charms has everything you need to create jewelry with a baby or family theme, especially jewelry for first-time parents. For example, you have the choice of a baby bunting with a blue heart or pink heart charm to delineate either boy or girl. Unique and funny charms like the crawling baby charm, baby cup charm, and the baby in a high chair charm also provide the best-looking baby elements to any jewelry design.

Toy & Game Charms

Have you been thinking of making game-themed jewelry just because you want to stand out and be unique? You will have difficulty finding these unique designs elsewhere, so better get them from Xinar today. Our toy and game charms collection includes hard-to-find, rare classics like the boy with kite charm, the circus wagon charm, the bingo card charm, and the get out of jail free charm.

Wedding Charms

Bring the best out of your wedding-inspired jewelry with Xinar’s beautiful and well-detailed wedding charms. As weddings are closely tied to family and love, you can mix and match from among these four special collections, and you will get great results. We have classics like the 3D bride and groom charm, parents with two children charm, a pair of wedding bells charm, and many more. Essentially, everything you need for wedding-inspired jewelry is in one place – including a wide assortment of semi-precious metal beads and findings! If you attempt to create mixed-metal jewelry, you’ve landed on the best, vintage-loving website. You are going to feel right at home here.

What’s the Story of the Heart Symbol?

What Is the Heart Symbol’s Origin?

History provides numerous explanations, ranging from an ancient species of giant fennel to medieval anatomical drawings. While the heart shape is universally recognized as a symbol of romantic love and affection, its historical origins are obscure. According to some, the iconic pictogram was inspired by the shape of ivy leaves, which are associated with faithfulness. In contrast, others assert that it was modeled after breasts, buttocks, or other parts of human anatomy.

Perhaps the most bizarre theory involves silphium, a giant fennel species that once grew near Cyrene’s North African coast. The ancients used silphium as a food flavoring and medicine — it allegedly worked wonders as a cough syrup — but it is best known as an early form of birth control.

Ancient writers and poets lauded the plant’s contraceptive properties. It became so popular that it had been cultivated to extinction. Silphium’s seedpod bore an uncanny resemblance to the modern Valentine’s heart, prompting many to speculate that the herb’s associations with love and sex contributed to the symbol’s initial popularity. Cyrene, an ancient city that prospered from the silphium trade, even minted money in the shape of a heart.

While the silphium theory is persuasive, the true origins of the heart shape may be more straightforward. According to scholars such as Pierre Vinken, the symbol originated in Galen’s and Aristotle’s writings, in which the human heart was described as having three chambers and a small dent in the center.

According to this theory, the heart shape originated when artists and scientists in the Middle Ages attempted to depict ancient medical texts through drawings. For example, in the 14th century, the Italian physicist Guido da Vigevano created a series of anatomical drawings depicting a heart strikingly like the one described by Aristotle.

Due to the long-standing association of the human heart with emotion and enjoyment, the shape was ultimately appropriated as a symbol of the love story and courtly love in the medieval sense. It gained prominence during the Renaissance when it was used in religious artwork depicting one of the four suits in cards and the Sacred Heart of Christ.

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