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Spiritual & Ritual Charms 

Collect the most refined spiritual charms for charm bracelets, vintage jewelry, necklaces, and other creations from Xinar.com! Our growing collection of spiritual charms is perfect for making spiritual bracelets, spiritual bracelets for couples, and more. If you have been having a tough time finding better-looking spiritual charms for bracelets, then you’ve found the right place.

Whether you’re making a New Age or esoteric charm bracelet, or you’re simply interested in crafting using this theme, we have you covered. Xinar has been selling high-quality 925 sterling silver charms for 20+ years, and we remain firmly committed to supporting the varied interests of DIY crafters and designers across the world.

Xinar has a global customer base, and as your premier jewelry-making supplier, we provide the best selections of silver charms, beads, and findings anywhere on the internet.

Xinar’s sterling silver charms are also nickel and lead-free and hypoallergenic as per FTC’s standards. So if you want to enrich your workbench with the best-looking charms with the finest detailing, your best choice is Xinar.

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Our collection of spiritual charms represents beliefs from all over the world. These age-old symbols and talismans are a great addition to your charms collection for sure. We have talismans like silver pentagram charm, angel charm, om charm, four-direction charm, and more.

Our talismanic and medal collection will create meaningful and powerful spiritual bracelets for couples and individuals. We have the most comprehensive collection of spiritual charms for bracelets, including the chalice, cross, angel wings, and even the Ark of the Covenant.

Explore Xinar’s inventory of Celtic Wiccan charms, including other themed treats of related themes. Examples of appeals in this group are the Dreidel charm, the movable tarot charm with a crystal ball, the Tiki god charm, and so much more.

How Do Charms and Talismans Work?

Some people believe in the protective powers of amulets, which are objects that are worn as jewelry or displayed prominently in their homes and businesses to ward off bad luck, disease, and the attacks of evil spirits and humans alike.

A talisman is an entity similarly used to augment a person’s possibilities and windfalls. We can say that charms and talismans belong to the same ‘coin.’

Charms can help repel what is baneful, the latter. On the other hand, Talismans are there to impel positive and beneficial effects. These two methods are used to believe that people can learn something about a thing by simply touching it.

Several factors influence the selection of items used as amulets and talismans. These include perforated stones, four-leaf clovers, mugwort (which is said to ease childbirth), and a variety of different febrifuges. They can also be things like animal parts representing specific characteristics or are thought to protect against attacks by those animals. (5) relics of heroic personages or holy people, including soil or dust from their resting places/graves (6) figurines of different deities (7) models of everyday items to which symbolic significances have been associated (8) exotic and foreign objects.

Based on “like effects like,” a red stone, for example, may be thought to alleviate bloody flux or menstrual disorders, while a yellow stone, for example, is believed to protect against jaundice. Additionally, there are models of the male and female genitalia and threads, which can be used to bind evil spirits and increase procreation.

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