Far Fetched Imports Jewelry Designs

Far Fetched Imports Jewelry Designs

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Far Fetched Imports Jewelry Designs

Select your new favorites from one of the largest collections of Far Fetched Jewelry on the internet, including rare pieces from discontinued collections. These are amazing, mixed-metal vintage jewelry for the most discerning enthusiasts and collectors.

Far Fetched Jewelry is the brainchild of Richard Wolf, who began his quest for ethical jewelry 35 years ago as a university student at Sonoma State University. In the 1970s, Richard started traveling and selling artisan jewelry. After numerous journeys, he began focusing on communities and villages just outside Taxco, in the state of Guerrero in Mexico.

These unassuming villages in Guerrero were the homes of highly talented artisans who led humble and straightforward lives but had everything to offer the world through the free expression of their jewelry designs. But unfortunately, these artisans also needed work, and Richard Wolf already had a vision of how he would help these crafters.

The idea of making a living while uplifting the lives of these artisans living outside Taxco was most compelling. It was an ethical and tantalizing prospect, one that benefited everyone concerned.

These artisans could craft beautiful, mixed-metal jewelry pieces despite living in one or two-bedroom abodes that often had no modern amenities like running water or even proper flooring. Despite difficulties like having a dirt floor inside the house, their creativity and Richard’s vision proved much more potent than adversities caused by not having steady work.

The path to making dreams come true was not easy, not even in a physical sense. Richard took to walking trails and long dirt roads to find the houses of these talented craftsmen. In the beginning, these artisans showed Richard that they took naturally to creating stunning abalone jewelry, and it was also natural to wholesale these great finds on the West Coast.

In the beginning, Richard also had to contend with difficulties in moving the jewelry to the states. As a result, he carried donated clothes in multiple suitcases and returned to the US with the suitcases already filled with jewelry.

He had a small pick-up truck, a camper, which he traveled up and down California. Richard traded with small retailers and big retailers and sold Far Fetched Jewelry at flea markets and craft fairs.

Any artisan or crafter who had tried to sell their wares before would know the challenges that Richard experienced very well. But perseverance can bring you a long, long way, and eventually, Richard’s efforts began to pay off. After his first successful California gift show, Richard had his first big customer – Disneyland. After his first big customer, he decided to settle down at his dad’s basement (renting the space), and he registered Far Fetched Imports, Inc.

What is Artisan Jewelry?

Like sustainable fashion and food, artisan jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years, as consumers have begun to respect its distinctive quality, craftsmanship, and materials.

There are many perks for buying artisan jewelry, mainly because fast fashion shows no signs of slowing down among today’s consumers.

Handcrafted artisan jewelry adds a high level of craftsmanship to the table. However, artisan jewelry isn’t something you can easily find in run-the-mill jewelry stores.

Artisan jewelry most simply can be characterized as custom-made and wearable pieces by skilled craftspeople. These days you can buy personalized pieces from anywhere, from the internet to shops and even local farmer’s markets.

The development of Etsy and others has made handcrafted works more accessible. These platforms cater to multiple price points and diverse passions and interests.

Crafted from various materials, artisan jewelry is a wide-ranging jewelry category that covers precious metal pieces to beaded bracelets. The uniting aspect here is that everything is handmade and one-of-a-kind with artisan jewelry. That implies there will be some difference from piece to piece, even if the crafter or artist is using a general mold or design.

Because of the extra attention, it takes to construct each item from scratch, rather than working within an assembly line, you may find artisanal jewelry is sold for a higher price than mass-produced items. In most situations, the cost is tied integrally with material qualities and the time needed to make this exceptional jewelry.

You can get some high-quality pieces at a low price point. For example, a simple piece produced from sterling silver costs the buyer more petite than a handcrafted pendant or engagement ring containing a substantial precious stone.

Even while goods like artisan pizza and other foods traditionally associated with the masses now bear the label “artisan,” the real meaning of this term has become more ambiguous with the rise in popularity of this term.

When it comes to making anything useful, an artisan is a person who can do so. Unlike artists, they create something entirely for aesthetic reasons, such as music or visual art forms such as painting or sketching, rather than intending to make money. Another option is to hire a potter who can create beautiful and valuable items like the teacup you use every day or matching wedding bands for you and your spouse.

The term “artisan jewelry” implies that it is “handmade,” however, there is a difference between a jeweler who uses prepared materials to construct their pieces and a jeweler who makes a piece from start to finish.

Sadly, the term “handmade” has been co-opted by marketers to make items appear more valuable than they are. Unfortunately, many people try to pass off handmade items as the real deal due to this problem.

No matter how beautiful the finished product may be, comparing the act of putting something together with pre-existing parts to the act of producing a custom piece with raw materials is like comparing apples to oranges

Anything advertised as “handmade” must be crafted entirely by hand, from beginning to end. So, in contrast to machine-produced jewelry, which uses a mold to produce hundreds of identical pieces at a time, authentic artisanal jewelry is made by skilled craftspeople using hand tools.

Customers typically must wait several weeks for special orders to be finished because handmade jewelry is created one piece at a time. Therefore, a custom piece, even one purchased off the rack, will cost more because of the time it takes to make it and the precise cutting of each curve and line.

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