Southwestern & Western Charms

Southwestern & Western Charms

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Southwestern & Western Charms

Today, explore your creativity and fully express your artistry with Xinar’s Southwestern and Western charms.

Our online charms store features a delightful assortment of Native American-inspired charms, including the Naja charm, Cherokee nation flag, and the legendary Thunderbird. In addition, our 925 sterling silver charms include the vast symbols and lore of the Old West, the West as we know it, and Southwestern culture and history.

Xinar’s silver charms are made through the lost wax casting method, a traditional way of manufacturing charms by master silver casters. Before the actual mold is made, the work that goes into making the masters is incredible.

Expect only the most delicate charms anywhere that comply with strict FTC standards on lead-free and nickel-free sterling silver. Our silver charms will not cause itching or allergies and are well-suited for those suffering from nickel sensitivity.

Before Christopher Columbus, a much older group discovered America: the nomadic forefathers of modern Native Americans. They hiked over a “land bridge” from Asia to Alaska more than 12,000 years ago.

Indeed, by the time Europeans had arrived, researchers estimated that the Americas were already home to more than 50 million people. Around ten million of these people lived in the region that became the United States.

These migrants and their heirs pushed east and south over time, trying to adapt along the way. Geographers created “culture areas,” or loose groupings of adjoining peoples who share common environments and character traits to classify these disparate groups. Most scholars divide North America into ten distinct cultural zones, excluding modern-day Mexico.

Xinar pays tribute to the beautiful history and culture of the Native Americans through our Native American-inspired charms. Shop from a wide selection of unique Native American-inspired treats like the trendy dream catcher charm, the Crow Mother charm, the Eagle Dancer charm, and so many more. Capture the spirit of the different peoples who made history before history.

The cowboy was a pivotal figure during the United States’ westward expansion. Though they originally came from Mexico, American cowboys developed their own aesthetic and notoriety. Their iconic way of life has been romanticized in numerous books, films, and tv programs throughout history—but the short, solitary, and occasionally arduous work of a cowboy was not for the faint-hearted.

Shortly after the Spanish arrived in 1519, they began establishing ranches to raise cattle and other livestock. Horses from Spain were imported and put to work on the farms.

Mexico’s indigenous cowboys were vaqueros, derived from the Spanish word vaca (cow). Ranchers hired vaqueros to care for their livestock, and they were renowned for their superior roping, riding, and herding abilities.

When the California missions began in 1769, livestock procedures were expanded throughout the Western United States. During the early nineteenth century, many English-speaking settlers migrated to the West and adopted aspects of vaquero culture.

Cowboys, horses, and the prairies, among other things, will always be part of popular cultures in the Americas (and not just in the US). Xinar offers many choices for crafters who need cowboy charms in sterling silver. Pick from great items like the dramatic rearing horse charm, the barrel racer charm, and others.

The American Old West was a time in western North America’s history, which included northern Mexico and the Canadian prairies.

Typically, the term refers to the late nineteenth century, between the American Civil War and the frontier’s closure in 1890. In addition, the words “Wild West” and “Old West” are used to refer to life outside established settlements.

While this terminology could logically refer to the American colonial period, it is typically used to refer to the late nineteenth century period from the “Frontier Strip” (i.e., the six United States of America from North Dakota to Texas) west to the Pacific Ocean. Due to their position as gateways, the tier of states east of the Frontier strip (Minnesota to Louisiana) is occasionally referred to as the “Wild West.”

As a setting for fiction, the period quickly gained popularity, to the point of defining its genre, the “Western.” While such works frequently promoted a highly romanticized view of the era, they also generated considerable interest in its true history.

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