Sea Life and Seashore Charms

Sea Life & Seashore Charms

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Sterling Silver Sea Life & Seashore Charms

There is nothing quite like taking inspiration from the sea and taking that beauty and bringing it to jewelry design and DIY craft. That’s why Xinar’s sea life and seashore charms have always been a well-loved, classic collection in our ever-growing jewelry-making catalog. Of course, our online charms store wouldn’t be complete without a dive into the big blue, and now you can take the magic of the deep anywhere with you. From the Alki Point lighthouse to the cutest abalone shell charms, there’s something for everybody in our sea life and seashore collections.

Xinar has been selling the highest quality sterling silver charms in the market for over twenty years, and we have developed a good sense of what DIY crafters and jewelry designers need to make the best of the crafts.

If you plan to enrich your workbench with the best-looking charms and the best quality beads and findings, look no further than our jewelry-making supplies store. Our inventory is sourced locally (proudly made in the USA), and we go through great lengths to ensure that the sterling silver charms you buy are the best for crafting.

Xinar’s sterling silver charms go through the lost wax casting process, which involves several phases, from creating the master for the mold down to polishing the final product.

The lost wax casting process ensures the best detail on 3D and flatback casted charms, and not everyone can do it. Even though there is now 3D technology, Xinar’s silver manufacturer continues to adhere to certain traditions that have produced the best results through the years. If you want to support US-made silver charms, beads, and findings, you will all find them here.

Furthermore, Xinar’s silver charms are hypoallergenic because they are lead-free and nickel-free according to the strict guidelines of the FTC. So if you’re tired of pendants and sterling silver in general that causes allergies, you won’t have to worry about that when you buy workbench supplies from Xinar.

The Sea in Culture

The sea has played an essential part in culture for ages, as people perceive it in conflicting ways: as powerful yet serene, beautiful yet deadly.

The human response to oceans and seas is found in the theater, poetry, art and literature, and even classical music. The earliest painting depicting boats dates back 40,000 years. Artists have represented the sea from various countries and cultures since then. The water has long been regarded as a hazardous environment inhabited by great monsters, such as the biblical Leviathan, Japanese mythology’s Isonade, and late Norse mythology’s Kraken. According to Carl Jung, in dream interpretation, the sea represents the collective and personal unconscious.

From crude drawings on the walls of Lamu huts to seascapes by Joseph Turner and Dutch Golden Age painting, the sea and ships have been depicted in art. Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese artist, created color prints of sea moods, notably The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Since Homer’s Odyssey, the sea has been depicted in literature (8th century BC). In addition, the sea is a common motif in Matsuo Bash’s Haiku poetry during the Edo period in Japan.

The sea plays a vital role in The Odyssey, which depicts the ten-year journey of the Greek hero Odysseus across the ocean, encountering marine monsters along the way. The sea features in romances such as the Tristan legend in the Middle Ages, with motifs like legendary islands and self-propelled ships. Pilgrimage is a recurring motif in stories and poetry like The Book of Margery Kempe. The Atlantic slave trade and penal transportation used the sea to transport people against their will from one continent to another, often permanently, beginning in the Early Modern period, evoking solid cultural resonances. In contrast, burial at sea has been practiced in various forms since the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Joseph Conrad, Herman Wouk, and Herman Melville have published contemporary sea-inspired novels, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Rudyard Kipling, and John Masefield have written sea-inspired poems. Literature, art, poetry, film, theater, classical music, mythology, and the psychological interpretation of dreams all contain references to human reactions to the water.

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