Gold-Filled Finding Collection

Gold-Filled Finding Collection

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Gold-Filled Findings & Clasps

Explore the most elegant collection of Gold-Filled Findings & Clasps at today. We provide DIY crafters and jewelry designers plenty of options for gold-filled findings, from floral bead caps and wire guards to gold-filled clasps and jump rings.

Xinar has been selling high-quality gold-filled findings on the internet since the 1990s, and we guarantee that you will receive what you paid for. If you love our site and if you happen to need other high-quality jewelry-making supplies, please bookmark us by pressing Ctrl + D now, and let’s get to making beautiful jewelry!

What is Gold-Filled?

Many customers are confused by the terms gold-filled, gold-plated, and gold-washed. These three terms are distinct, and the descriptor of gold-containing beads and findings are critical for identifying the amount of gold you’re buying. Xinar has an accurate guide for gold-filled items here.

The main issue with shopping online for jewelry-making supplies is that there’s no central power to regulate when stores misrepresent the precious metals they’re selling online. So, some customers may end up buying something else when, in fact, they are looking for genuine gold-filled findings (and other gold-filled jewelry-making supplies online).

Here at Xinar, we have always stuck to the tradition of serving only genuine jewelry-making supplies. So never worry about whether or not you’re getting consistent and genuine gold-filled findings.

However, if you have been shopping at sites that are less than reliable or have no prior track record of selling the real deal, then you must be doubly careful because it’s common for stores to call gold-plated items “gold-filled.”

The FTC is strict about these market descriptions because there’s no comparison between a gold-filled item and a gold-plated one. So, for example, in the case of Xinar’s gold-filled jewelry-making supplies, the pure gold can be as much as 5% of the total metal weight, whereas, with gold-plated items, you will get only microns-thick gold.

The weight discrepancy is apparent, so you must be careful when buying from stores with little or no track record.

Always remember that gold-filled items must have had the gold mechanically

-bonded to the surface of the core metal. Here at Xinar, our gold-filled items are created by a manufacturer that has developed an advanced gold bonding technique.

The gold bonding technique binds pure gold to the jeweler’s brass at the atomic level, creating the most durable bond ever.

What does this mean for crafters? First, it means your gold-filled findings will be super strong and will not diminish or chip even after regular wear. As a result, the jewelry you will be creating will withstand wear and tear and will likely be passed down the generations long after you’ve given or sold the gold-filled jewelry.

Gold-Filled Fast Facts

Gold-filled is made by mechanically connecting a layer of gold to a base metal layer and is also known as rolled gold. Gold-filled jewelry has a distinct overlay of gold on top of a brass core. Heat and pressure are then used to adhere the gold to the brass’s surface. The gold will not flake, peel, or fall off because this is a permanent bond. A gold-filled item must have 5% (or 1/20) of its total weight in gold to be legal. Therefore, it cannot lawfully be labeled gold-filled if it contains less than 5%. In comparison, the entire amount of gold in a gold-plated object is usually less than 0.05 percent of the product’s overall weight.

Layering the gold alloy can be done in three different ways:

  • Single clad – Only one side of the jeweler’s brass is coated with gold; the entire 5% is on one side.
  • Double clad – The gold alloy is split and layered on both sides of the brass, 2.5 percent on each side, resulting in a thinner layer.
  • Wire clad – there is 5% gold alloy content

Gold-filled items are ideal if you want a higher-quality metal than gold-plated but don’t want to spend as much as actual gold. Gold-filled, unlike gold-plated, may last a lifetime if properly cared for and is unaffected by water or heat. Under normal circumstances, it is likewise tarnish-free. Gold-filled findings are significant for riveting, stamping, and light metalwork like hammer texturing.

There is no such thing as gold-filled solder because solder is an alloy of metals. Hence a color match is required. As good color matches, we recommend 9ct or 14ct yellow gold simple solder.

When soldering gold-filled material, employ extreme caution because overheating the metal can result in irreparable corrosion and ‘restaining.’ Restaining is a type of subsurface rescale that can run the length of the gold layer.

Working with Gold-Filled Findings

Gold-filled earring findings aren’t new, but they’ve progressed over time. It was first popular with men in the Persian Empire, and it stayed that way for centuries until the tables flipped and women took control of ear adornments.

Nurses began attending ear piercing parties in department shops in the 1970s, which eliminated the necessity for home piercings with a needle and a prayer that infections would not emerge. In addition, ear-piercing guns were eventually manufactured, and improved sanitation processes were adopted, resulting in a greater acceptance of fashion piercings.

For each earring, a hoop earring is usually created once around a hoop form or dowel. This will work nicely with full-hard and will not require any more hardening once produced. Temperaments that are either dead-soft or half-hard will quickly form around the form. To establish the shape, you may need to hammer on an anvil or bench block lightly.

Gold-filled wire has several tempers: full-hard, half-hard and dead-soft. None of these tempers will lose their color once hammered.

Gold-filled hook ear wires, also known as Shepherd of French hooks, are the most popular of all standard ear wires. They are affordable and straightforward to produce by simply shaping metal wires. Crafters can create different designs by adjusting the wire and shape or adding ornamentation to the hook itself. However, ear wires have the disadvantage of pushing out of the lobe when the wearer wears certain turtlenecks, scarves, and hairstyles. A rubber back stopper can help wearers keep earrings with these ear wires in place and prevent them from falling out.

Wire hoops are low-cost hoops that are perfect for beading or wirework embellishments. One end of wire hoops is frequently flattened and punctured so that the hook end may latch into the hole. They could also have a circular loop on one end to accept the bent latch hook. Wire hoops come in a variety of sizes and forms, too.

The hinged rear of leverback earring findings snaps into place behind the lobe. Because the lever back design avoids earring loss, this earring style is trendy in high-end jewelry. In addition, the bottom of most methods has a loop, so you can easily connect beads or charms.


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