Sterling Silver Birthday & Holiday Charms

Sterling Silver Birthday & Holiday Charms

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Sterling Silver Birthday & Holiday Charms

Celebrate your love of life and special occasions with our sterling silver charms, birthday charms for bracelets, and other meaningful bracelets.

Xinar proudly offers an extensive inventory of charms and findings for every imaginable occasion and celebration in life. The time of the year doesn’t matter – you can start crafting the best, personalized Halloween charms, birthday charms, and holiday charms. So express yourself and explore your creative horizons with the highest quality and most unique charms for your family, friends, and craft patrons. Xinar’s sterling silver charms are manufactured using the lost wax casting method by one of the largest manufacturers in the country. We guarantee the purest, highest quality sterling silver that’s made in the USA.

Not all charms are created equal, and our goal is to bring the highest quality charms to your doorstep – fast and easy. Browse Xinar’s extensive lineup of unique charms, and you would be hard-pressed to find the same quality and price elsewhere. We have been offering sterling silver charms since the 1990s, and Xinar knows the breath and soul of crafters and artists everywhere. There is a reason why we have hundreds of items for each theme or category – Xinar is nearly as boundless as the creativity of the crafters and artists who have been supporting us through the years.

If you are a budding crafter, don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you have questions about our products, especially holiday charms and sterling silver Halloween charms.

Where to Buy Charms for Jewelry Making?

Xinar’s charms allow you to be as expressive as you want with your DIY jewelry or professional crafting efforts. Our extensive collection of unique charms can help bring the best out of your efforts. Every charm can help create the perfect starting point of your story and art. These charms come in many styles, and they can be perfectly mixed and matched to bring a piece of jewelry to life. So whether it’s commemorating the holiday season, a birthday, anniversary, or any other cause of celebration, expect no less than the highest quality charms here at Xinar.

We welcome crafters from all over, and we support the artistic visions of everyone. So look around our shop and click on the categories – you will surely find something that fits your project!

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend simply going over the basic themes and connecting them to your vision of what you’d like to craft. The beauty about shopping for charms is you have plenty of choices in front of you. All you need to do is mix and match them.

Birthday & Holiday Charms

Holiday Charms

Please choose from our outstanding inventory of holiday charms. Choose from an unforgettable collection of sterling silver charms: wreath charms, Santa Claus charms, Mardi Gras charms, Christmas tree charms, enameled turkey charms, Easter egg charms, Easter bunny charms, and so much more.

Xinar’s collections don’t just shine during the annual festivities – they help celebrate the special occasions in people’s lives, too. So, hold that thought for a meaningful gift to your friend or a bright idea for a crafting project that people will love. Xinar probably has the perfect piece from our inventory. And while you’re at it, why don’t you check if you have the correct findings and beads for your next project? We have everything you need in one place.


Birthday Charms

Like Wilfred Peterson, we believe that a person’s birthday is like a personal new year. In short – it is a fantastic cause for celebration! Xinar’s incredible lineup of birthday charms is unmatched, and if you are the kind of crafter who always goes the extra mile, then our meaningful charms will accompany you all the way.

Xinar’s birthday collection includes balloon charms, Happy Birthday cake charms (including 3D cakes), and others. Since our occasion charms are universal and beautiful any time of the year, you can buy some now and start thinking of how you can combine these charms in meaningful ways.

If you have never collected anything in your life (yet), we can assure you that our dazzling and pure silver charms will take your breath away. Our birthday charms are always accurately represented, and you get what you order through the screen. There will be no issues about your charm not looking the way it was shown on Xinar. We pride ourselves on buyer satisfaction 365 days per year.


Halloween Charms

Halloween is the second biggest annual festivity in the country, and it’s no small wonder that people prepare for Halloween. This year, make your Halloween even more memorable with our unique sterling silver Halloween charms. These charms are special and unique and fit for the most exceptional projects you have up your sleeve.

Xinar’s Halloween charms are fantastic in their breadth and range. If you are a fan of literature, pop culture, and horror movies, you will feel right at home with Xinar’s creepy Halloween collection.

Xinar brings the capital “C” in creepy with its inventory of unique Halloween charms, including broom charms, troll charms, wizard charms, Wolf Man charms, mummy charms, Dracula charms, coffin charms, and many more. You will also find rare charms in our collection, like the perfect wizard hat charm, 3D spider charm, and the perfectly detailed open coffin charm.

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