Zodiac Signs by Month: The Pro Guide

Zodiac Signs by Month: The Pro Guide

The great thing about the zodiac signs by month is that the entire literature on zodiacs is expansive. Still, anyone can start learning about zodiac signs by month and understand them in a week or even in the day. Mystical knowledge is available to everyone.

Should you have a strong affinity to the constellations and the stars, then that means that you need to start reading about the zodiac signs by month. Many people begin their foray into the stars with the all-too-familiar zodiac chart printed in magazines and newspapers. There is no shortage of information on the possible interpretations of the zodiac chart.

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What are Zodiac Signs by Month?

First and foremost, in any discussion of your astrological make-up is the sign the Sun was in when you were born. It characterizes your sense of self, priorities, needs, and outlook on life. Of course, the Sun isn’t the only planet that has an impact on you.

You would be wise to avoid using such language when conversing with astronomers. The energies of each planet and the Moon are unique and characteristic of the sign they occupy.

Still, your Sun sign is the most crucial factor if you’re interested in astrology. Take a look at Table 1-1 to learn your star sign.

Remember that the dates shift from one year to the next.

Consequently, the signs don’t neatly divide the days into their respective days. However, you can find your birth sign using the tables in the Appendix, going online, or talking to an astrologer if your birthday falls on the first or last day of a sign.

The zodiac is a belt in the sky that extends nine degrees on either side of the ecliptic.

Theoretically, the twelve constellations would fill only 1/12 of this belt, but in practice, the constellations aren’t perfectly symmetrical in shape or size.

According to legend, a baby born on that day is still considered a Capricorn.

Most zodiac signs have animals associated with them, like Capricorn’s horned goat.

The ancient Greeks had two names for the corresponding astronomical zones: zodiakos kyklos, which translates to “circle of animals,” and ta zodia, which means “the little animals.”

An arrow represents Sagittarius, while the simplified horns of a ram represent Aries.

The exact origin of these symbols has never been discovered, but they probably emerged sometime during the Middle Ages. It’s up to us to figure out, just as various interpretations of the zodiac signs exist.

What is My Zodiac Sign?

If you’re still unsure about your zodiac and often ask people around you, “What is my zodiac sign?” then check out the poster below.

The Roots of Astrology Signs Dates

Like any worthwhile system, astrology signs dates offer multiple ways to categorize and interpret its foundational principles. In addition, astrology signs dates have a unique combination of polarity (a positive or negative pattern of reaction), quality (a mode of affirmation), and element.

By cutting the astrology signs’ dates, you can quickly determine the polarity of each sign. Six positive or masculine signs, beginning with Aries, are followed by six feminine or negative signs. Of course, the language is a bit sexist, but we’re here to present the zodiac tradition, and you’re free to reinterpret them as you see fit.

Astrologers often use the terms yin and yang. You can refer to them by any names you like, but here are their definitions:

People born under positive (yang) astrological signs tend to be outgoing, pragmatic, and confident.

Those born under the yin (negative) sign tend to be quieter, more reflective, and more receptive.

Opposite signs can be used to categorize the zodiac further. Leo and Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn, Aries and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, and so on.

Following is a breakdown of the three modalities and the various forms of expression they describe:

Individuals born under the Cardinal sign are naturally ambitious. Therefore, the start of something new is mainly due to them. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the four cardinal signs.

Static symbols help to solidify and prolong development. This is because they have a singular purpose and approach to life.

Astrologically speaking, signs like Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus are fixed signs.

Signs that change is adaptable and can be used in various contexts. They change and develop following their environment.

Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Gemini are mutable signs.

All three modalities appear in order throughout each zodiac cycle. Cardinal energy is proactive in its pursuit of change, fixed energy is unyielding in its commitment to the status quo, and mutable energy is flexible in the face of uncertainty.

Assigning each zodiac sign to one of the four ancient elements to describe that sign’s temperament is the most well-known classification system. For example, you can think of fire, Earth, air, and water as the four elements.

Fiery things are lively, exciting, and intense. Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries are the fire signs.

When you’re on Earth, you have a sense of security, common sense, and accomplishment in your back pocket. This is because the zodiac signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are earth signs.

The brain’s cognitive abilities and one’s ability to get along with others both benefit from fresh air. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs.

The emotional and intuitive faculties are both bolstered by water. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs.

Huge and infinitely far away, the zodiac arcs across space. But the ancient seers say that the zodiac can also be found in the human body.

If we were to agree that the stuff of the universe, the atoms, can also be found on every matter on Earth, what’s stopping the cosmos from echoing itself in the human body?

The human body is a miniature but strikingly close symbol of it. Each zodiac sign is associated with a different body part, beginning with Aries at the head and ending with Pisces at the feet, according to the ancient Roman astrologer Manilius.

Numerous depictions of the so-called Zodiac Man can be found in European and Islamic medieval art; he also appears in ancient medical texts. Indeed, traditional medicine relied on astrology to diagnose and treat illness.

How Do Other Planets and Celestial Bodies Figure into the Equation?

Each of the celestial bodies—the Sun, the Moon, and the planets—plays a unique role in determining your horoscope. Here are some examples of what they mean:

The Sun is a metaphor for one’s true nature, including one’s will, uniqueness, vitality, and desire for power. It’s a better metaphor for you than any other planet. This icon also represents men.

The Moon represents your innermost feelings, thoughts, instincts, routines, and recollections. Equally, it stands for females in general.

Mercury represents your mode of expression, logic and reasoning capacity, and mental processes.

Venus represents the spheres of your life concerned with matters of love, attraction, physical beauty, material possessions, and creative expression.

You can attribute your desire for power and aggression to Mars. It symbolizes your vitality, aggressiveness, initiative, and guts.

The planet Jupiter represents growth and good fortune. It stands for development, success, wealth, intelligence, kindness, and enlightenment. Knowing where Jupiter is in your horoscope can reveal you’re lucky areas.

Limitation, restraint, caution, organization, endurance, and discipline are all traits associated with Saturn. Both revealed where you need to confront your fears and where you can stretch your ambitions.

Dwarf planet Chiron is symbolic of emotional wounds and their eventual healing. However, not all astrologers link Chiron to alternative or complementary medicine.

When thinking of Uranus, think of novelty, individuality, defiance, rebellion, creativity, insight, and the unexpected.

For astrologers, Neptune stands for all things ethereal, mystical, psychic, intuitive, disintegrating, selfless, deceiving, and imaginary.

Pluto is the symbol of death, decay, regeneration, and metamorphosis.

Assigning a single word, or keyword, as astrologers prefer to call it, to each planet is one way to streamline the process.

Understanding the Basic Traits of the Zodiac


Aries is unlike any other zodiac sign by month because of their boundless energy, optimism, and vitality. You have a bold, attractive personality and an endless energy supply, making you an attractive and desirable partner. You are a fearless, enthusiastic, and courageous firebrand, bright with energy and potential. You’re not afraid to do things your way and have a strong sense of who you are. You have a strong will and a unique sense of style, and you don’t care what other people think about you. You are a creature of extremes with a penchant for instantaneous reactions and determination. You are a doer; you never back down from a fight, even if it means going against the grain of accepted wisdom. You are a born leader, not because you like to follow others but because you can think clearly and make quick decisions and have complete confidence in your own actions and judgment.

You’re tireless, passionate, and totally unique when you’re pushing the envelope. You’re an advocate for yourself and take the initiative to do things. You’re an adventurer with a strong need to prove yourself. As a result, you dive headfirst into new endeavors whenever they catch your attention. If your enthusiasm wanes or your expectations aren’t met, you can always move on without disheartening. Do not waste your time or energy on things that do not bring you joy.


You have a certain panache about you. A typical Leo, another fiery member of the zodiac signs by month, is friendly, loyal, persistent, optimistic, and charismatic. You have an impressively full social calendar and a mountain of responsibilities, so it’s no surprise that you’re always on the go. No matter what you do for a living, you have a hectic schedule. Yet, you want to enjoy yourself while living life to the fullest. If the Sun is your ruling planet, it’s no surprise that you have a knack for the spotlight and cannot help but be the center of attention, even in the most mundane conversations. You exude assurance and charisma because you have a joyful sense of humor, vividly expressed opinions, and the ability to have fun despite challenging circumstances. Charming and confident, you exude an abundance of charisma.

You carry yourself with the pride of the jungle king, along with a regal air of superiority. You have an appreciation for the finer things in life. ((Gold) is your color, (gold) is your metal, and (gold) is your aura.) Despite your aristocratic manners and penchant for being pampered, you value hard work and are always ready to take on more than your fair share of responsibility. You expect a lot, and you expect loyalty in return. You are kind and giving, always there for a friend in need or an underdog in a fight. Not only that, but you bring the festivities with you. You seek approval and recognition, which is only natural. Why is that a bad idea?


You are most authentic when you are a free thinker, a gregarious nomad, a trustworthy friend, and a philosopher who enjoys discussing the meaning of life over a few beers and a mountain of chips. You’re indeed a fun member of the zodiac signs by month.

To you, life is not about finding safety but rather about learning and growing. Fidgety and quick-witted, you don’t take kindly to being confined and instead insist on giving a great deal of freedom, which you generously share with others.

You have various passions and interests, and you constantly challenge yourself to grow in various ways. Your sign governs exploration, philosophy, religion, law, and all forms of abstraction, which speaks to your desire to learn about the world and gain a deeper understanding of it. People born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to be optimistic, open, and non-conformist (though a couple of planets in Scorpio can dampen your spirits and add a touch of melancholy). People find it easy to talk to you and say that you have a touch of luck on your side. While luck may sometimes be on your side when you take a chance or make a hasty decision, the trait that serves you best is your lack of fear. There’s no denying that adversity could arise. Certainly, nobody can avoid that. Nevertheless, you persevere, propelled forward by your insatiable appetite for knowledge and optimistic outlook. As you see it, there isn’t any other option.


Aries, the first sign in the zodiac signs by month, arrives and bursts forth with boundless vitality.

The second zodiac sign, Taurus, grounds that vitality by putting it to constructive use in material creation. You are cautious, realistic, steady on your feet, and trustworthy because you are a fixed earth sign. A strong desire for emotional and financial stability makes you cautious and resist change. You cling on for dear life, relinquishing only when all other options have been exhausted. But once you’ve made up your mind, nothing will sway you. You make the most sense when setting concrete objectives. You stealthily and relentlessly go after them. Although you may not progress at a lightning pace, you eventually arrive at your goal, just like the mythical tortoise.


There’s something magical about a Virgo‘s mind. You are wise, insightful, capable, and articulate because of Mercury, the planet named after the witty god of communication. Additionally, you are picky and self-critical. You see yourself as a constant work in progress and strive to improve yourself daily.


That which is traditional must be preserved, and someone must preserve it. Someone must be the one to obey them. Furthermore, somebody must pen them. You might as well be, given that Saturn, the planet of structure, is your ruler. You are an adult Capricorn who works hard and competes successfully.

Even as a kid, you’ve always been an adult. Like most serious people, Capricorns have a hard time finding their footing as children and teenagers. However, age brings out your best features, and you mature gracefully. It’s a well-known phenomenon that people tend to be happier as they age, even though this trend can experience fluctuations. Just call it Capricorn’s miracle.


Gemini is quick-witted and eloquent; they are also highly enthusiastic and convincing. Because your ruling planet, Mercury, is the trickster god who can always find a way out of trouble. So, they say you can stay looking young forever. But, you have a face that belies your intelligence, curiosity, sociability, and good mood.

You constantly seek new experiences, and as a result, you tend to wander off in strange directions. Vibrant and current, you get a charge out of hearing about the newest gadget, listening to the hottest band, reading the most shocking news story, and hearing the juiciest gossip (because, after all, isn’t that how you learn the ways of the world?).

You have an excellent mind and a quick wit, and you enjoy life’s best. In addition, you have many passions and like to throw yourself entirely into them. As a result, a sense of boundless opportunity and open doors greets you as you step through the threshold into a new world.


Libra is the sign where style and sophistication meet common sense and emotional maturity. You’re the perfect diplomat because you’re refined, even-keeled, friendly, and discerning (when you want to be). You enjoy tranquility, deeply connect to the arts, and flourish in beautiful settings (though common nuisances like noise make you tense and tired). Your social sense is even more refined than your artistic one. You are a sought-after dinner party guest because you are easygoing, graceful, witty, and charming. While you can’t help but flirt, rest assured that you’re a committed partner who values strong bonds deep down.


You’re an actual product of your generation, Aquarius, and you have the potential to be a true humanitarian and visionary. You try to live by your lofty ideals, which speaks volumes about your character. You care deeply about people as individuals and are interested in them, regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, age, sexual orientation, or any of the other factors that shape modern life.

While you are keenly aware of the influence these things can have, you also have the option to ignore them and focus on the person underneath. You are horrified by the atrocities that occur in the world, fascinated by the pressing issues of the day, and unwilling to blindly follow the beliefs of your peers. You’re a free thinker with a sizable brain.


There’s a fascinating duality in Cancer. You have a solid inward focus and a wide emotional range as a water sign. But, on the other hand, your cardinal sign makes you ambitious and forward-thinking, with an eye always on the world beyond. So it’s no wonder people say your moods are all over the place.

One of your best qualities is how sensitive you are emotional. It’s a gauge of the surrounding environment, so the more attuned you are to it, the better off you’ll be. You have a keen mind and a keen insight. If you have faith in your gut and take action based on it, you’ll be able to navigate through any weather.


Scorpio thrives when given ample opportunity to show its intensity. You have a fascinating character and a penchant for extremes because Pluto, the (dwarf) planet of transformation, is your ruler. You’re constantly on the verge emotionally, physically or both. You exude life; you are magnetic; you are passionate; you have depth; you are a person who lives. You have a keen perception and a sensual nature.

Just as your ability to observe is exceptional, so are your analysis powers. As a Scorpio, you understand the meaning behind the words and the nuances in the tone and body language, and you can’t help but enjoy the dramatic flair. You’ve seen and done so much in life that you’ve gained a keen understanding of human psychology.


Have you heard of sensitivity? Those with the sign of Pisces tend to be highly intuitive. When your emotional compasses are slightly off, it can throw off your entire day. You are empathetic and receptive, so you take in a flood of impressions and information and have a strange psychic ability. If you lack boundaries, however, protecting yourself is challenging.

Your body’s membranes are all completely permeable. You get beat up whenever there’s a fight in the apartment above yours. It’s horrifying when bad things happen to good people. And you celebrate the success of those you care about. (It’s a beautiful quality about you.) You have a big heart, great wisdom, and genuine kindness. Additionally, you have a strong spiritual nature.

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