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Sterling Silver Findings

Welcome to Xinar! features one of the most comprehensive and most complete collections of sterling silver beads  & findings online. Shop beautiful and high-quality 925 sterling silver findings from the US and complete any design or look today. Please choose from our extensive inventory of findings, from head, eye & paddle pins, clasps and enclosures, hook & lever back ear wires, silver jump rings, beaad caps & wire guards, to bails, conchos & stampings.

And to make sure that you have everything you need to bring all your silver jewelry designs to life. Remember to check out our 925 sterling silver beads collection, too. Shop confidently with any budget as we offer bargain prices year-round. We always work to exceed expectations. If you love our site, please press Ctrl + D to bookmark our site or Command + D if you are on a Mac.

Xinar’s Guarantee: Nickel-Free Findings

All of our sterling silver findings wholesale, including premium, nickel-free sterling silver earrings findings, are also periodically fire-assayed to guarantee purity. Our manufacturer is one of the largest silversmiths in the United States. The FTC regulates almost the entire process of silversmithing and how metal jewelry and jewelry-making supplies are marketed. Even the term “hypoallergenic” cannot be legally and ethically used if the silver item in question does not meet the FTC standards for purity.

For a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer to claim that jewelry or jewelry-making supplies are nickel-free, the items must have a nickel content of less than 0.01%. The EU has severe limits for nickel content, and the US happens to use these as bases for many of its criteria and testing techniques.

On jewelry and jewelry-making supplies, there are a variety of performance tests that independent entities and regulatory bodies may perform. Performance testing can address various quality issues that could lead to product returns, customer complaints, and other end-user risks.

What is Nickel Allergy?

Nickel is utilized in various products, including jewelry parts, silver bangles, silver clasps, silver bracelets, silver charms, belt buckles, glass frames, zippers, coins, mobile phone cases, and even coins. This makes nickel allergy one of the most commonplace skin conditions related to wearing ornamental items. In addition, some inferior silver items may also contain nickel (Xinar’s sterling silver findings do not!)

The symptoms of nickel allergy often appear 12 to 48 hours after meeting nickel. Dry spots, rashes, redness, itching, and swelling are all possible symptoms. Blisters may develop, too. This skin allergy can crack and leave crusts and scales behind. Your skin may get darker, cracked, and leathery if you leave it untreated. A nickel allergy rash from wearing not hypoallergenic silver will likely appear on areas that were in direct contact with the nickel content of inferior silver jewelry.

Physicians typically prescribe steroid creams. If the symptoms are very severe, the person’s treatment may also include steroids that you take by mouth and antihistamine pills.

Xinar’s High Quality Sterling Silver Findings for Jewelry Making

Sterling silver findings and other jewelry-making supplies are a testament to man’s love for creating beautiful things. Jewellery findings made of 925 sterling silver are among the most popular in jewelry-making, as the white metal is versatile and remains in demand across the consumer spectrum. As jewelry occupies a space that is between art and fashion, jewelry-making supplies like sterling silver leverback earrings findings will remain in demand as crafters continue to explore and deepen their artistic expression this year, and beyond. Xinar offers a comprehensive assortment of silver findings for the distinguished crafter.

What are Silver Jump Rings?

Jump rings are rings that are used in the production of chain maille, chains, and jewelry. Jump rings are manufactured by placing wire around a mandrel, forming a coil. The resulting coil is then cut into the separate rings that we know as silver jump rings. These rings can then be put together one by one to make chains, chainmail apparel, ornaments, bowls, and earrings.

What are Silver Clasps and Closures?

Sterling silver clasps and closures are critical for finishing or closing jewelry design. Choose a clasp size that corresponds to the weight and size of the jewelry so that a large clasp does not overpower a small piece of jewelry, or a small clasp does not break or pull open on a large piece of jewelry. With limited dexterity or just one hand, some clasps are a piece of cake to close fully.

What are Silver Hook & Lever Back Ear Wires?

An ear wire is used to secure an earring when worn. It’s usually constructed of hypoallergenic metals like sterling silver or gold. Hook earwires, also known as French hooks, are undoubtedly the most popular silver findings for making earrings. They are affordable and straightforward to produce by shaping wire. By adjusting the wire and adding ornaments, any crafter can create an immense number of looks. Lever backs are earring findings that close entirely. They snap shut once they touch the post. Lever backs are an excellent choice for many jewelry collections. First, decide if sterling silver lever backs are an ideal clasp style for your current project.

What are Silver Bead Caps & Wire Guards?

Bead caps can improve the style of beads. They can be added to dangles or utilized to highlight larger beads in your creations. Bead caps nestle perfectly with other beads to draw attention to other beads on the wire or string.

Wire guards can be used to make your jewelry more durable. They’re made to support beading wire where it attaches to a clasp – the section that deteriorates with time. Wire guards have small tubes through which beading wire can be threaded.

What are Silver Head, Eye & Paddle Pins?

Make your own beaded charms to add to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cell phone charms, and anything else you want to embellish ornamentally. Eye pins and head pins are frequently used to make earrings and charms. Head pins feature a round or flat stopper on one end to keep the beads from sliding off. With eye pins, these already have a loop that serves as an easy connector. A paddle head possesses a flattened head that prevents beads from falling off and can be utilized as both a decorative and practical design feature.

What are Silver Bails, Conchos & Stampings?

Other beads and embellishments are transformed into drops or pendants by bails. Without the need for metalsmithing or soldering, sterling silver bails provide you with excellent design alternatives to make time at your workbench more enriching and exciting. A traditional bail allows for the chain to pass and attaches the pendant by a ring. Bails are pre-made components that are essential for hand-made jewelry and accessories.

Conchos can be round, oval, or even occasionally rectangular. These findings are often silver discs that can adorn a variety of ornamental items, from bolo ties to belts to jewelry. The word name is derived from the Spanish term which means “shell” or “conch.”

The majority of jewelry designs start with metal stampings, like 925 sterling silver stampings. When combined with other materials like precious gemstone beads and glass cabochons, stampings help finish different jewelry designs.

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