Copper Beads and Findings

Solid Copper

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Copper Beads and Findings for Jewelry Making

Time to hypnotize the world with 100% pure copper beads & findings. These sparkling, shiny copper beads are made to the highest quality standard that will create copper bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that will be hard to ignore.

We never compromise the quality. These lovely warm-toned shapes will help your designs look glamorous. These gorgeous beads are solid copper as opposed to plated. You’ll finally get to experience the genuine look and feel of solid copper beads to add to your jewelry-making supplies & designs.

Get a taste of premium quality copper beads from Xinar and let them stare at your newfound beauty.

Choices, Choices and More Choices

Xinar copper beads are one of a kind, unique, and beautiful. We ensure that our customers get a large choice of designs

We cater to both the large and small beader & jewelry designers, offering a large assortment of designs from round beads in 2-9.5 mm size with 4-6 & 8mm sizes. Quantities as low as 20 beads for the beader who has a small demand to large orders. All orders are processed within one day of receipt

A host of other designs including corrugated beads in several shapes, melon beads, bicone beads, faceted beads, and many more.

Additional copper findings including crimp beads & cover, rivets, jump rings, headpins, and many other items.

If you looking for something in particular and cannot find it, please contact us and we will try to locate it for you.

Manufactured to the Strict Quality Standards

We strive to provide the customers with varieties of colorful, shiny, and beautiful beads. The copper beads are made from certified lead and nickel-free metal. You can use them without any concern.

In addition, they are:

  • Made from the Purest Copper available from the USA.
  • Beads are made with using a cold-press process.  The process keeps the surface of the metal cool which inhibits tarnishing.
  • Each design is made from a gauge and tempered stock to create a heavy high-quality bead.
  • Polished to a mirror finish ensure a clean brilliantly looking bead. This process helps to reduce tarnishing.
  • Made to close tolerance using advanced technology and to the lowest costs. You will be hard-pressed to find a better bead for the same cost.
  • Made in a facility free of any antiquing chemicals.

Solid Copper with Solid Proof

Unfortunately, many of the copper items sold these days are misrepresented as 100% pure copper, only to find that they are plated when they arrive.

Read on to several methods to test for real copper beads:

  • Color: Look at the color. Copper has a reddish-brown hue, while plated items will be lighter in color.
  • Salt and vinegar: Clean the item. Rub a mixture of salt and vinegar on the bead. Copper will turn green when it oxidizes.
  • Magnets: Copper is diamagnetic. A strong magnet will appear to levitate or repel pure copper.

These methods may or not suit your tastes for determining plated versus real metal. It does offer guidelines on how to proceed if you are concerned about your beads or jewelry quality.

Click here for more metal testing tips.

Accurate Shipping and No-Haggle Prices

All orders are filled using a counting scale accurate to within 1/10,000 of a gram.

Your order will be filled in a manner that checks the quantity sent three times to ensure you will receive the count that you ordered.

To reduce our carbon footprint, the staff pack multiple items in the same package, an example being if you ordered two lots of 500 2mm copper beads.  They would be package in a bag of 1000. The staff would mark both your receipt and the bag in that manner.

Many sellers mark their items up a given percent so they can offer a coupon or have a sale sometime in the future.

We have always marketed our products by giving the best price upfront so there is no need for fretting about a better price.

In addition, all shipping is done at the shop’s cost to send. Orders are shipped using USPS First Class Mail with tracking, also offered is Priority Mail if you are in a rush for these wonderful beads.


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Xinar's Shipping Policy

The domestic shipping charge is a flat rate of $3.95, no matter how many items you wish to purchase.

Priority mail is a flat rate of $8.25.

Canada shipping is a flat rate of $15.00.

International shipping is a flat rate of $17.00.

Items shipped via United States Postal Service with tracking.