Gold-Filled Beads Collection

Gold-Filled Beads Collection

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Gold-Filled Beads

Xinar offers the widest and most beautiful collection of gold-filled beads for crafting and jewelry-making. Design and craft the most exquisite gold-filled beads bracelet with our 14k gold-filled beads for jewelry making. Xinar’s 12K and 14K gold-filled beads are genuine gold-filled and not electroplated or gold-plated.

Not All Gold-Filled Beads Are Created Equal – Or Even REAL

This is probably the biggest shock to those who don’t know yet, but no single or central regulatory body on the internet helps ensure that what you see on other websites is the real deal. No office or bureau can help you verify the authenticity of the items being sold to you online. This fact becomes important when you browse sites that feature super inexpensive beads and findings. These online stores are likely peddling plated items and not the genuine metals you seek.

The warning applies not just to gold-filled beads and other gold-filled findings but also to sterling silver items and other jewelry-making supplies. Unfortunately, many buyers are under the impression that a hallmark on the metal is the sole guarantee of being dealt with somewhat by online sellers.

As a store that has been selling silver, copper, and gold items for decades, let Xinar break the silence – many sellers mark their items with a hallmark even though the metal is not represented accurately. Unfortunately, this means that you’re not getting what you paid for.

Xinar’s Genuine Guarantee 

Xinar’s gold-filled beads have always been of superior quality compared to other sites.

Unlike other sites, Xinar has never passed off or sold gold-plated items by calling them gold-filled, make sales at lower prices. Gold-plated items are not gold-filled, and the gold-filled and gold-plated will never be identical. The technique of applying a layer of gold onto a surface is known as gold plating. The density of the gold during the gold plating process varies widely between goldsmiths.

The Federal Trade Commission divides gold-plated products into two categories: .25 microns and .5 microns. Thinner gold coatings are also frequently mislabeled as “gold plated” when they are actually “gold electroplate” at .175 microns, or “gold washed” or “gold flashed” if the gold coating on the item is even less.

We know- these terms can be confusing, but that’s how the FTC classifies them. However, even if there are already legal definitions for gold-plated/electroplated/gold-filled items, these definitions don’t guarantee that every transaction you will have on other sites will be truthful and fair.

Some stores don’t mind engaging in deceptive marketing because they know that the average consumer doesn’t know about the technical processes used in creating gold jewelry.

What is True Gold-Filled?

Genuine gold-filled items have a layer of gold that has been mechanically bonded to a base called jeweler’s brass. The formal designation for authentic gold-filled is something like 12k/20 or 14k/20. This means that you’re getting 14 parts of real gold and ten parts of other metal, and the remaining 5% of 1/20th of the item’s weight is real gold by weight.

These are regulated figures that, ethically, sellers of gold-filled items must adhere to. It’s important to remember that if the designation is not in the correct format (i.e., 14K/20) with the gold purity or percentage of gold is stated first, then it’s highly likely that what you are buying is not gold-filled.

True gold-filled items will last a lifetime.

It’s common for genuine, gold-filled items to look as fresh and durable as they did the day they were bought. That’s because gold-filled items, with care, can easily last 20 or more years. If you look at things from our competitors, they will say that their items will last for two to five years tops, and that’s because what they are offering as gold-filled is just gold-plated, or worse, electroplated. You already know why the distinctions matter when you’re buying gold-filled beads and other gold-filled items for jewelry-making.

Prove the Xinar Difference for Yourself

Xinar’s gold-filled beads are made by a manufacturer that uses a proprietary bonding method that blows badly represented beads out of the water.

The gold and jeweler’s brass are bonded at the atomic level.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The gold-filled beads will not peel or chip
  • They will last for a long, long time while maintaining their durability and luster.

Our manufacturer also takes painstaking steps to guarantee the consistency of the color of the gold-filled beads from one batch to the other. So whether they’re mixing 12K or 14K gold-filled beads, you will very little or virtually no variations in the color across the bead designs here at Xinar.

Finally, there’s the quality of the core or base metal. In the case of gold-filled beads, the core is the jeweler’s brass. Other manufacturers use lower-quality brass to save on production costs.

We are fully aware that our manufacturer doesn’t skimp on quality brass. Why? Because eventually, all that are skimping on quality metal will show up through flaking and peeling. If you have ever purchased low-quality beads before, you’ve probably already seen what flaked or peeled beads look like. They can instantly ruin a design and lower the perceived/actual value of the jewelry.

Gold Glossary

24K Gold

We’re talking about pure gold, as it emerges from the earth. The purity of gold is designated and measured in karats, or “k,” therefore 24k is pure gold. Gold is a bright, strong yellow in its purest form, and it is far too soft to be used in jewels. It’s also quite costly. So other metals are mixed to the gold to reinforce it, resulting in a more suitable alloy that is sufficiently durable for jewelry.

14K Gold

The most common gold alloy is 14k yellow gold. Yellow gold comprises 14% pure gold, with ten percent made of another metal (which is either silver or copper).

Solid 14k gold contains sufficient gold to be of high quality, but it also includes a good percentage of other metals to make it realistically durable for use as jewelry. In addition, 14k gold has a beautiful warm yellow tone that is our personal favorite. To be legally referred to as “solid gold,” the alloy must include at least ten out of twenty-four parts gold (resulting in 10K gold).

14K Gold-Filled

Pressure bonds allow 14k gold layers to adhere to jewelry brass. The thick layer of gold that results is solid and high-quality, and it’s just a step below solid gold. In the United States, 14k gold is used in the great majority of gold-filled items. Gold-filled items appeal to many jewelers because they strike the perfect mix between quality and price.

Gold Vermeil

A thick coating of gold plating is applied on a solid sterling silver base, resulting in gold vermeil. The layer needs to be 2.5 microns thick for the item to be appropriately designated as “vermeil.” However, the term is loosely used in marketing, so even if the gold layer isn’t sufficiently thick, people tend to refer to any silver-gold mix as vermeil.

When the gold wears off in vermeil, there will be another valuable metal beneath, which can also soothe those with sensitive skin.

The gold-plating layer of true vermeil can be created with the gold of various fineness, ranging from 10k to 24k. The final color of the vermeil piece is determined by the gold fineness chosen: 10k is a light, delicate yellow tone, while 24k is a bright, deep yellow.


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