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Sterling Silver Bird Charms 

Nothing quite compares to the sight of a beautifully crafted sterling silver bird charm. Bird charms bring a different kind of beauty and grace to charm bracelets, necklaces, and other DIY crafts. Xinar’s online charms store is one of the most extensive on the internet, featuring silver bird charms that are just the right size and form for earring projects and charm bracelets. Turn plain or humdrum designs into art with suitable sterling silver charms. Our silver charms run from Christmas charms to specific bird charms for every need and occasion.

Whether you are crafting one as a gift or keepsake or for your customers, you’ll be sure to find the best bird charms here. Xinar has been selling high-quality jewelry-making supplies on the web for over twenty years. Our manufacturer is notable for its consistent quality and craftsmanship and for adhering to the strict guidelines of the FTC for nickel-free jewelry.

If you have struggled over the years to find a jewelry-making supplies store that sells 925 sterling silver charms that don’t have nickel or lead, bookmark today by pressing Ctrl + D or Command + D if you are using a Mac. is continuously improving our product selection, and we also offer a wide variety of beads and findings in precious and semi-precious metals. So craft to your heart’s content, and should you have anything that you can’t find fast, all you must do is email us.

What Do Birds Symbolize in Art?

Birds have been depicted in art for thousands of years, as proven by the Lascaux cave paintings, which date back over 17,000 years. There’s no denying that, as terrestrial beings, humans have long been inspired by birds, their capacity to fly, and the unique view they have on the world around us. Moreover, birds frequently represent an aspirational trait that distinguishes humans from the rest of the animal species, which is why portrayals of divine beings often incorporate the physicality of these flying creatures.

Angels with human bodies but bird-like wings, for example, appear in Renaissance paintings and prints. Ravens and eagles have long been utilized as tangible emblems for a pantheon of gods by indigenous peoples all over the Americas. The Aztec prophecy of a predetermined site for the Aztec metropolis Tenochtitlán, whose founders saw an eagle consume a snake from atop a prickly-pear cactus, is referenced in the design of the national flag of Mexico.

The bald eagle transformed into an emblem in the United States in the late 18th century, when a depiction of the bird was chosen to grace the Great Seal. Since then, eagle portrayals have been a prominent feature in both artwork and propaganda, intending to instill a sense of patriotism. Birds stood for independence and perspective. Artists believe they were messengers who link the humdrum daily routine and the incredible spiritual life since they fly so high into the sky.

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