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Occupation & Work Charms

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Sterling Silver Occupation & Work Charms

Create stunning and genuinely memorable charm bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings with Xinar.com’s beautiful and high-quality work charms and occupation charms in 925 sterling silver!

Sterling silver occupation charms are great gifts for the hardworking people in your life, and they’re extra special because they have a direct link to people’s careers, passions, and lives. So instead of making do with charms that don’t support your artistic vision for your project, why not explore Xinar’s ever-growing online charms store and find exactly what you need?

We cater to creators and crafters from all over, and we provide only genuine sterling silver charms that are nickel-free and lead-free, too! But, of course, our silver manufacturer adheres to the strict standards of the FTC as well.

Finding truly hypoallergenic sterling silver charms can be tough if you are ordering abroad, so we recommend getting surefire charms made from the USA. Xinar’s jewelry-making supplies are proudly made in the USA, and we take pride in constantly upgrading and improving our inventory and services. Should you need something that you can’t easily find, all you must do is email us, and we will help you out ASAP.

Xinar’s silver charms are made through the lost wax casting technique – a traditional method of silver casting that requires tremendous talent and concentration to get right. Though 3D printing has improved some parts of the silver manufacturing industry, our charms are still produced by master casters that exert utmost effort in bringing you the most detailed jewelry charms ever.

The Symbols of the Professions


Called Mercury’s Caduceus, the staff with a winged helmet and two snakes on top is the symbol of Hermes (or Mercury). According to mythology, when the messenger god threw his staff in between two snakes that were fighting, the snakes were entwined and became more friendly.

As the patron god of merchants, Mercury was revered for his role as an intermediary throughout history. Consequently, the Caduceus was quickly adopted to represent accounting courses. Unfortunately, the Medicine symbol’s resemblance to this symbol leads to confusion.


A blindfolded female figure, with a sword and a scale in her hands, represents Law Justice and, as a result, educational courses in law as well. Diké, or Iustitia, the daughter of Themis and Zeus, is the woman in the symbol.

In all legal theories, the sword and the scale are symbols of justice and fairness. Unfortunately, the goddess of justice was not depicted in ancient Rome and Greece, even though the image has since become standard. In the Greek version, Diké only has a sword, while in the Roman version, she is only blindfolded.


A serpent wrapped around a pastoral staff in the logos of both the World Health Organization and many other medical councils. The symbols stand for the ancient Staff of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. Asclepius was Apollo’s son, raised by the centaur Chiron, who oversaw passing on his healing knowledge to the young Asclepius. As a result, Asclepius could save even the dead. For the Greeks, the snake symbolized excellent knowledge and wisdom. In addition, the serpent’s ability to shed its skin has been linked to healing.


The Greek letter “Psi” represents psychology. Once, there was a connection between Poseidon’s trident and theoretical triad: behavioral, phenomenological, and cognitive. The Greek letter describes the noun “psyche,” which means “soul” in the original sense. The first Greek-letter may have been used to shorten the term “psychology” by those who first studied this subject, as the time only became popular in the 18th century.

Veterinary Medicine

Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, is represented by the staff and the serpent, which are medical symbols. The central staff is shaped like a branch of a tree, representing the forces of nature and their healing abilities. The serpent is a symbol of health-preserving wisdom and prudence. When it comes to a profession, a “V” represents it. Odontology is also characterized by a snake wrapped around a staff encircled by a ring.


An acanthus leaf cluster atop a cornucopia (a Greek/Roman mythological vase shaped like a horn filled with fruits and flowers to represent fertility) symbolizes the science of adequately administering goods. Acanthus was used as a symbol of wealth in Greek art. The globe symbolizes the profession’s global reach, and the cogwheel represents the industry, the most advanced stage in the manufacturing process..


In engineering, there is no universal symbol. Instead, the profession is often symbolized by a cornucopia of items like measuring tools, pulleys, and gears in many countries.

The goddess Diana is often added to academic symbols. As a warrior and expert in the manual arts, Minerva wears a helmet and armor, spear, and shield. Inventive and a source of inspiration for men, the goddess is often depicted as an inventor herself.

Pedagogy and Philosophy

Even though there is no official symbol for philosophy and pedagogy, the owl is frequently used to represent these fields. In addition, the owl symbolizes knowledge and wisdom in Greek mythology because it is the animal that represents the wise goddess Athena.

Some believe that the animal’s characteristics, such as its meditative nature, calm demeanor, and large eyes, have played a role in developing this bond. In addition, because the night was considered an ideal time for contemplation, the owl’s nocturnal actions were yet another indication of its link to intelligence for the Greeks.

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