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Sterling Silver Animals of the World Charms

Are you in need of a great selection of animal charms in sterling silver? Xinar has a vast collection of silver animal charms from birds to the many animals of the world. We also have a unique collection of animals found in America. Choose from the widest variety of silver animal charms, rabbits, monkeys, moose, kangaroos, and even a great-looking T-rex. Some of our treats, like the silver wolf head charm, are truly unique, and you will not find the same attention to detail in other places. Xinar’s silver manufacturer is committed to pushing out the best-looking silver charms, and they use the lost wax casting process, a method of creating silver charms that require years of mastery and practice.

Enriching your workbench with a variety of charms of different themes allows crafters to be as creative as they want while crafting or designing jewelry; you’ve come to the right place. has been selling findings, beads, charms, and other jewelry-making supplies on the internet for over two decades. As a result, Xinar has grown alongside our lovely customers from all over the world.

Our sterling silver charms are also guaranteed to be lead-free and nickel-free – these are essentially hypoallergenic charms that won’t cause any skin reaction to people who wear them. So craft with ease – no one is getting a nickel allergy any time soon! If you love our charms (and our work), please hit Ctrl + D to bookmark our site. We exert every effort to make our customers happy, so if you have any suggestions or can’t find something you need on the site, please do email us.

Facts About Animal Symbolism in the World

Animal symbolism and meanings can benefit everyone, whether or not they are on the spiritual path. This is because animals are continuously directing us and ‘telling us things,’ even if we aren’t conscious of it.

That is why many ancient cultures revered animals and birds as teachers and guides. To date, the groundhog in America has predicted whether spring will arrive early.

People in Siberia turn on the bears to tell them how long the winter will last. But, before starting on their hunts, Native Americans sought advice from Native American spirit animals for millennia.

This explanation is that animals have a stronger bond with nature than humans. As a result, animal symbolism can assist people in developing a deeper connection with the Universe. Animals can even help us make better decisions when used as symbols.

While each animal has its meaning and symbolism, the underlying message is the same: each animal aids us in developing a stronger spiritual connection with the Higher Realm.

Accepting that animals are our symbolic guardians is the unique approach to utilizing animal symbolism fully. Once you receive this, you will begin to get greater insight from animals, whether in your dreams or everyday interactions.

Animals provided Native Americans with a wealth of information and significant life lessons. Elders in many tribes spoke with animals, which was never seen as strange or amusing.

Indeed, as cultures have advanced, we have lost connection with nature and neglected to converse with spiritual guides the same way that Native Americans did. Native Americans relied significantly on animal meat and hunting for their existence and survival.

Animals were also used as clothing, shelter, and bedding. In addition, animal components such as bones, teeth, and even penises were employed as implements by these tribes. Hunting, fishing, and eating animals were thus not just a source of subsistence for the Natives but also instrumental and symbolic.

Animal motifs ran through their art, songs, storytelling, and prayers. In addition, animal masks were worn for magic and healing ceremonies and dances, rituals, and storytelling.

Different animals began to signify other things in the native American totem. Rabbits and hares, for example, became symbols of female sexuality due to their well-known fertility. Because it lived alone and even hibernated in the winters, the bear symbolized introspection.

The bison, whose meat and hide were used extensively for food and clothing by the Native Americans, became a symbol of ‘life’ itself—pigeons and doves, which mate for life, have long been associated with monogamy and enduring love.

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