Rose Gold Findings

Rose Gold Findings

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Rose Gold-Filled Findings

Explore Xinar’s extensive catalog of rose gold-filled findings for finishing jewelry and enhancing the look of your creations! We offer the highest quality findings at bargain prices year-long. Xinar has been selling jewelry-making supplies on the internet since the 1990s, and we remain fully committed to giving our customers only genuine beads and findings for necklaces, bracelets, chokers, and other jewelry creations.

If you are just getting started with jewelry-making, be sure to buy only from reputable stores with proven track records. Rose gold-filled findings can be challenging to find, and supply chain disruptions during the pandemic have reduced accessibility. Here at, we work with manufacturers who produce genuine rolled gold according to FTC specifications only, so you can be assured that what you’re buying is the real deal.

Xinar’s Guarantee: Rose Gold-Filled Findings (No Tricks!)

Rose gold-filled jewelry is a classic favorite, which is why it’s found in every era of modern jewelry-making. Rose gold-filled jewelry will never go out of style, and we have the trends to thank for that.

Xinar’s rose gold-filled findings are manufactured with an advanced gold binding technique that bonds gold atoms with the atoms of the jeweler’s brass. This produces a mechanical bind that is not only tough but will last a long, long time. With proper care, rolled gold or gold-filled findings will easily last over a decade.

Beware of stores that guarantee that their “gold-filled” items will only last three to five years. If this is the case, you are likely being offered something with less gold in it – like gold-washed or gold-plated.

According to the FTC, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers must be cautious about describing their items.

For something to be qualified as gold-filled, the gold on the surface of the finding or bead must be mechanically bound to the core metal. Gold-filled items can be made with gold plus brass (or, in some cases, silver). For example, Xinar’s rose gold-filled items have jeweler’s brass as the core.

Working with Gold-Filled Findings

If you’re creating or repairing an earring, you’ll need a working earring hook to complete the task. 14k rose gold earring wires with coil are an excellent option. When working with non-hoop earrings, open and close the little metal loop linked to the earring hook using a pair of round- or needle-nosed pliers. When dealing with hoop earrings, you can open and close the earring with your hands. In addition, you can try adding prefabricated earrings to your hooks once you’ve mastered opening and closing these loops or hoops.

If you have a French earring hook, pull on one end of the bottom loop with pliers. Look for a bit of metal loop attached to the bottom end of your French earring hook. Using a pair of round- or needle-nosed pliers, pinch the loose, detached end of the wire. Pull the loop’s end upwards or outwards to create a large gap that you may use to string beads and other items through. The lovely curve of French earring hooks makes them popular in a range of handcrafted jewelry. A wire coil is connected to the base of some variations of this hook.

Other earring embellishments, such as feathers or hanging leather forms, can be attached to this open loop.

The little metal loops attached to lever-back French clips and earring posts can be opened using the same method. Lever-back hooks use a clasping mechanism to secure the earring, whereas bars use a straight strand, or “post,” of metal to ensure the earring. Tighten and shut the little loop attached to the hook with pliers. Pinch the loose, open end of the earring hook with a round- or needle-nosed set of pliers once your selected beads and ornaments are threaded onto the earring hook. Return the wire to its original position, completing the loop and securely fastening the earring


Elevate your jewelry designs with rose gold-filled ball or coil ear wires. These high-quality findings are perfect for a range of styles and occasions.


Make your jewelry pieces pop with these beautiful rose gold-filled head pins, available in both 1″ and 1 1/2″ sizes and 24 gauge thickness.


Elevate your jewelry-making game with our rose gold-filled wire guards. These high-quality supplies are perfect for creating elegant and durable designs.

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