Rose Gold-Filled Head Pins Choice of Size

Rose Gold-Filled Head Pins Choice of Size


Make your jewelry pieces pop with these beautiful rose gold-filled head pins, available in both 1″ and 1 1/2″ sizes and 24 gauge thickness.

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About Rose Gold-Filled Domed Head Pins 

Rose gold-filled headpins are popular among jewelry makers due to their durability, attractive appearance, and affordability. These headpins are made of a layer of rose gold that is mechanically bonded to a base metal of brass The result is a beautiful and long-lasting finish that won’t wear off easily.

Headpins are an essential component in jewelry making, as they are used to create a loop at the end of a bead, gemstone, or another embellishment, allowing them to be attached to ear wires, chains, or other jewelry findings. The length and thickness of a headpin can vary depending on the size of the bead and the desired length of the finished piece.

Rose gold-filled headpins are available in various gauges, with 24-gauge being a popular choice for many jewelry makers. This gauge is thin enough to fit through small beads while still providing enough strength to hold them securely. The length of the headpin is another important consideration, with 1-inch and 1.5-inch lengths being common choices.

When working with rose gold-filled headpins, it is important to take care not to damage the finish. This can be done by using quality tools that won’t scratch or mar the surface and by avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals or abrasives. Properly storing the headpins is also important to avoid tangling or damage.

In conclusion, rose gold-filled headpins are a versatile and attractive option for jewelry makers, offering a durable and long-lasting finish at an affordable price. By choosing the right gauge and length for your project and properly handling and storing them, you can easily create beautiful and professional-looking jewelry pieces.



Rose gold-filled headpins are a popular choice for jewelry makers due to their durability and beautiful color. However, knowing the best practices for using them can make a big difference in the quality of your finished product. Here are some tips and tricks for working with rose gold-filled headpins.

1) Use the Correct Gauge
When it comes to headpins, a gauge is crucial to consider. A 24-gauge headpin is a good choice for most jewelry projects, but if you’re working with heavier beads or creating larger loops, you may want to consider using a thicker gauge. Make sure to choose the correct gauge that will make your project secure.

2) Choose the Right Length
A 1″ or 1 1/2″ length headpin is a standard size for most jewelry making. However, if you need longer headpins for your project, they are available in longer lengths. Make sure you choose the right size for the size of your beads and the style of your jewelry.

3) Use Quality Headpins
When choosing rose gold-filled headpins, be sure to pick high-quality ones to ensure that your finished product will last. Check for any nicks, scratches, or kinks before using them. Be sure to purchase from reputable sellers who guarantee the quality of their products.

4) Use Proper Tools
Using the right tools is essential for working with headpins. Jewelry pliers, wire cutters, and chain nose pliers are all necessary tools for working with headpins. Make sure that your pliers have a nice grip and are easy to manipulate.

5) Proper Technique
When working with headpins, it’s essential to have proper technique. Make sure to create a loop that is closed tightly and wraps around the main stem without leaving a gap. Use your pliers to shape the wire as you wrap it around the stem. Make sure that the beads and loop are both attached securely.

6) Protect Your Investment
Rose gold-filled headpins are an investment in your jewelry making. Once you’ve completed your piece, use a polishing cloth or solution to maintain its shine and protect it from tarnishing. Proper storage is recommended so your jewelry is not exposed to air and moisture.

In conclusion, working with rose gold-filled headpins requires some skill and technique, but you can create beautiful and durable jewelry pieces with the proper tools and the right approach. Follow these best practices, and your jewelry will last for years to come.

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About the Product

What are Rose Gold-Filled Beads? 

Rose gold has become a popular jewelry trend in recent years, and one of the most affordable ways to enjoy the beauty of this metal is through rose gold-filled jewelry.

What Is Rose Gold-Filled?

Rose gold filled is a type of jewelry material that consists of a base metal covered with a layer of rose gold. The amount of rose gold used is typically 5% of the total weight of the piece. This layer of rose gold is then bonded to the base metal using a high heat and pressure process.

How Is It Different from Rose Gold Plating?

Rose gold filling is different from rose gold plating in that the layer of rose gold is much thicker. Rose gold-plated jewelry has a very thin layer of gold that is electroplated onto the base metal. This layer can easily wear off over time with normal wear and tear, revealing the base metal underneath.

Why Choose Rose Gold-Filled?

Rose gold-filled jewelry is a great choice for those who want to achieve the look of rose gold without the high price tag. It is also more durable than rose gold plated jewelry, as the rose gold layer is thicker and more securely bonded to the base metal. Additionally, rose gold-filled jewelry is hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin.

How to Care for Gold-Filled Jewelry

To care for your gold-filled jewelry, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine and perfume. You can clean it using a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or polishes, as they can scratch the rose gold layer.

In conclusion, rose gold-filled jewelry is a great affordable alternative to solid rose gold jewelry. Its durability and hypoallergenic properties make it a popular choice among jewelry buyers. With proper care, it can last for years to come.

Additional Information

All Beads are not Created Equal

Beads are a popular choice for jewelry makers for their versatility and unique designs. However, not all beads are created equal. In fact, there are many factors that distinguish high-quality beads from subpar ones. It’s important to understand these differences in order to create beautiful and long-lasting jewelry pieces.


Raw Stock Assaying

One key factor in the quality of beads is the raw materials used to create them. Top-notch beads are made from raw materials that meet or exceed assaying requirements. This means that they are assessed for purity and quality through fire assay. By using only the best raw materials, the resulting beads are strong, durable, and beautiful.


Multi-Stage Finishing Process

Another aspect that sets high-quality beads apart from the rest is their finishing process. Reputable bead makers go through a multi-stage finishing process to produce mirror-finished smooth beads. This not only makes the beads attractive but prevents them from tarnishing. The process also ensures each bead is free from rough edges and completely smooth.


Brilliantly Polished Surface

High-quality beads also have a brilliantly polished surface that resists tarnish and wear. This is achieved through an extensive polishing process that results in a high luster, smooth surface. Such a surface is visually appealing, can withstand everyday wear, and maintains its shine and quality.


Care in Cleaning, Drying, and Storage

Lastly, proper cleaning, drying, and storage of beads is an important part of the process to ensure quality. All beads must be carefully cleaned to remove any contaminants before drying. Then, they need to be stored in a cool dry place to prevent oxidation and maintain their quality. This extensive care in the crafting process ensures that each bead is of the highest quality and will stay that way for years to come.



When it comes to the bead-making process, not all beads are created equal. High-quality beads meet strict requirements for purity, undergo intensive finishing processes, and are carefully handled during cleaning, drying, and storage. Investing in such beads will result in beautiful and long-lasting pieces of jewelry and give you peace of mind that you are working with the best materials available. So, next time you are shopping for beads, remember that all beads are not created equal.

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