Rose Gold Filled Beads

Rose Gold Filled Beads

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Rose Gold-Filled Beads

Xinar offers an incredible inventory of rose gold-filled-beads for every jewelry design and craft. Please select from our authentic collection of 14k and 12k rose gold-filled beads in various styles. Shop round beads, stardust beads, Rondelle beads, crimp beads and crimp covers. has been a trusted brand in jewelry-making supplies since the 1990s, and we are dedicated to bringing you all the authentic rose gold-filled beads for jewelry-making, including beads for bracelets. Create stunning and timeless rose gold-filled bead bracelets any time from these genuine, rose gold-filled beads only from Xinar.

What is Rose Gold-Filled?

Rose gold-filled is a mix of pure 24 karat yellow gold, copper, and silver alloyed together. All gold colors and qualities are based on pure 24k yellow gold, although it is too soft to be used immediately. To make it durable enough, yellow gold must be blended or alloyed with other metals. All varieties of metal used in making jewelry, including white gold, platinum, and other kinds of gold, are colored and produced using different alloy recipes.

The ratio of copper to yellow gold is the primary determinant of color depth in rose gold-filled items.

You will get a more deep, reddish rose color from reducing yellow gold and increasing the copper component in the mix. a higher copper component. Also, because of the increased yellow gold content in 18K rose gold, 14K gold has a more pronounced pink tint.

Rose gold is synonymous with Russian gold. This is because it was initially utilized in early 19th century Russia by renowned jeweler Carl Faberge to become synonymous with his aesthetic legacy in the world of jewelry – his fabled Faberge Eggs.

Rose gold-filled jewelry became fashionable in the United States during the opulent and feminine 1920s. Jewelers splashed it in engagement rings and other exquisite jewelry.

Jewelry giant Cartier was the first driving force behind the trend. The brand created exquisite rose gold-filled fine jewelry studded with beautiful diamonds and other precious and semiprecious gemstones. One Cartier piece called the “Trinity Ring” comprised a band of three types of gold. This piece was said to have contributed to the resurgence of rose gold-filled in the jewelry world. Jean Cocteau, notable French director, artist, and playwright, famously wore a Cartier ring on his pinkie. Cocteau commissioned Cartier to create his personal jewelry.

What Does Rose Gold-Filled Mean?

The popularity of rose gold beads and other rose gold items have ebbed and flowed over the years, influenced primarily by fashion and celebrity. Today, rose gold has rightfully reclaimed its place in the style pages of top fashion magazines. It is constantly in the hands of trendsetters, collectors, and brides everywhere.

Beware of “Gold-Filled” on the Internet

The fact that no single or central regulatory authority on the internet helps customers ensure that what they see on sites is the real deal is probably the biggest shock to customers who want to buy authentic rose gold-filled beads.

No organization or bureau can assist you in verifying the legitimacy of things offered to you online. This point becomes significant when looking at sites that sell very cheap rose gold-filled beads and findings. These online shops most likely sell plated metals rather than the genuine rose gold-filled items you’re looking for.

Not only are gold-filled beads and other gold-filled findings subject to this warning, but so are sterling silver items and other jewelry-making equipment. Unfortunately, many customers believe that a hallmark on the metal is the only guarantee that they will be treated fairly by other jewelry supply stores. As a result, other merchants mark their products with a hallmark even if the metal is not appropriately represented. Regrettably, this implies that you are not receiving what you paid for.

Xinar’s Authentic Guarantee

Xinar will never sell gold-plated or electroplated items as gold-filled. Genuine rose gold-filled beads are not gold-plated. Gold plating refers to a technique that adds a thin layer of gold to another metallic surface. The density of gold varies greatly across manufacturers.

Gold-plated items are divided into two categories by the Federal Trade Commission: .25 microns and .5 microns. There is frequent mislabeling of items with thinner gold coatings even in the categories of “gold plated” and electroplated.

We understand that these labels are perplexing, but that is how the FTC categorizes them. Even if legal definitions already exist, these definitions still cannot guarantee that you’re getting the right items. Buyer beware.

Some retailers are comfortable with false marketing because they understand that the ordinary buyer is unaware of the technical processes involved in making gold jewelry.

Real rose gold-filled is the result of mechanically bonding gold to copper. Authentic gold-filled is designated as 12k/20 or 14k/20 in formal terms. This means you’ll receive 12 or 14 parts actual gold, with twelve or ten parts of the alloying metal. The 20 means 5% of 1/20th of the item’s weight will be made up of genuine gold.

These are specified figures that gold-filled item vendors must follow ethically. It’s important to remember that if the classification isn’t in the correct format (i.e., 14K/20) and the gold purity or % of gold isn’t stated first, the item you’re buying isn’t likely to be gold-filled or true rose gold-filled.

Truly gold-filled items will easily outlast gold-plated and electroplated items by 10-15 years.

Genuine gold-filled goods are known to look as new and durable as the day they were purchased. That’s because, with proper maintenance, gold-filled goods can easily last 20 years or longer. However, when you compare our products to those of our competitors, you’ll notice that they only last two to five years, and the items they’re shipping to you might not be rose gold-filled at all. So never risk your investments in rose gold-filled items if the vendor can’t guarantee that you’re getting accurately represented rose gold-filled items.

Xinar’s rose gold-filled beads are created by a company that employs a proprietary bonding technology that easily outperforms other rose gold-filled beads for bracelets.

The gold and copper are joined at the atomic level, resulting in a super durable bead. Xinar’s rose gold-filled beads will not peel or chip and will be lustrous for a long time.

Xinar’s manufacturer also takes great care to ensure that the hue of the rose gold-filled beads is consistent every time. Finally, we must take a look at the base metal’s quality. To lower manufacturing costs, some companies use lower-quality metals. Manufacturers who cut corners on quality metal will eventually be found out when their products begin to flake and peel. If you’ve ever bought low-quality beads, you’ve probably seen flaked or peeling beads. They can damage a design in an instant!


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Add a touch of elegance to your jewelry designs with these rose gold-filled 3mm crimp covers. Perfect for hiding unsightly crimps and creating a polished finish.

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