Gold-Filled Faceted Round Beads, Choice of Size

Gold-Filled Faceted Round Beads, Choice of Size


Looking for top-quality gold-filled facet round beads? Our collection boasts a variety of styles and sizes perfect for any jewelry-making project.

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Gold-filled faceted round beads have been a popular and enduring feature of jewelry design for many years. From their use in traditional jewelry pieces to their modern iterations in contemporary fashion, these beads have a rich history that spans centuries.
Here is a brief overview of the history of gold-filled faceted round beads in jewelry design:

Ancient Times
The use of gold in jewelry dates back to ancient times when the metal was first discovered and used by early civilizations. In ancient Egypt, gold was considered a symbol of wealth and power, and it was used to create intricate and beautiful jewelry pieces. The Egyptians also believed that gold had magical properties, and its reflective quality was prized for its symbolism of the sun’s eternal energy.

Victorian Era
The Victorian era was a time of great creativity and innovation in jewelry design, and it was during this period that the faceted round bead first came into prominence. These beads were often featured in elaborate necklaces and elaborate bracelets, and were frequently embellished with pearls or other precious stones. Gold-filled faceted round beads became particularly popular during the mid-1800s, when machine-driven manufacturing began to replace handmade jewelry production.

20th Century
In the 20th century, gold-filled faceted round beads continued to play a prominent role in jewelry design. During the Art Nouveau period in the late 1800s and early 1900s, intricate and delicate jewelry designs featuring faceted gold beads became popular, as well as Art Deco jewelry designs in the 1920s and 1930s which saw the rise of geometric forms and the use of colored stones.
In more recent decades, the popularity of gold-filled faceted round beads has continued to grow. These beads are now often found in contemporary fashion jewelry pieces and can be paired with a wide range of materials, including leather and natural stone.

From ancient times to contemporary fashion, gold-filled faceted round beads have maintained their popularity in jewelry design. Through their versatility, beauty, and symbolism of wealth and status, these beads have maintained a prominent role in the world of jewelry for centuries.

Faceted Round beads typically come in a variety of sizes, but the most common size is around 3mm in diameter. The beads are made from durable materials such as plastic or metal and feature a multisided texture that creates a unique and interesting look. One important specification of Faceted Round beads is their hole size, which should be approximately 1mm to accommodate standard jewelry-making wire and cord. These beads can be found in a wide range of colors and finishes, from bright and vibrant to muted or metallic. They are often used in jewelry making, beading, and other crafts and can add a fun and playful touch to any project.

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About the Product

Care And Cleaning

Gold-filled items are a great way to add luxurious style to any jewelry design. They are easy to use and an affordable alternative to solid gold. Unlike plated or gold-washed pieces, gold-filled items have a higher quality that can last for years if cared for properly. To ensure the maximum life of your gold-filled pieces, it’s important to follow our care instructions closely.


Gold-filled items are made using a unique process that bonds a layer of gold to the surface of various brass alloys. This process ensures superior quality, durability, and wearability. Unlike plated or gold-washed pieces, gold-filled items have more than just an outer layer of gold. They contain enough solid gold content to make them last for many years if cared for properly.


To ensure your jewelry designs featuring gold-filled pieces remain in top condition, it’s essential to keep them away from harsh chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning agents. Never clean your pieces with an abrasive cloth or brush, as this will damage the surface and reduce the life of your jewelry significantly. Also, avoid exposing your pieces to extreme temperatures, as this can cause tarnishing and discoloration.


To keep your gold-filled jewelry looking its best, it’s important to store them in airtight containers away from direct sunlight and humid environments. If you are concerned about the condition of your pieces, regular cleaning with a soft cloth and gentle soap can help to restore the shine.

Gold-filled jewelry offers superior quality and wearability compared to other methods of manufacture. By following our care instructions closely, you can ensure your pieces remain in top condition for many years to come

Additional Information

All Beads are not Created Equal

Beads are a popular choice for jewelry makers for their versatility and unique designs. However, not all beads are created equal. In fact, there are many factors that distinguish high-quality beads from subpar ones. It’s important to understand these differences in order to create beautiful and long-lasting jewelry pieces.


Raw Stock Assaying

One key factor in the quality of beads is the raw materials used to create them. Top-notch beads are made from raw materials that meet or exceed assaying requirements. This means that they are assessed for purity and quality through fire assay. By using only the best raw materials, the resulting beads are strong, durable, and beautiful.


Multi-Stage Finishing Process

Another aspect that sets high-quality beads apart from the rest is their finishing process. Reputable bead makers go through a multi-stage finishing process to produce mirror-finished smooth beads. This not only makes the beads attractive but prevents them from tarnishing. The process also ensures each bead is free from rough edges and completely smooth.


Brilliantly Polished Surface

High-quality beads also have a brilliantly polished surface that resists tarnish and wear. This is achieved through an extensive polishing process that results in a high luster, smooth surface. Such a surface is visually appealing, can withstand everyday wear, and maintains its shine and quality.


Care in Cleaning, Drying, and Storage

Lastly, proper cleaning, drying, and storage of beads is an important part of the process to ensure quality. All beads must be carefully cleaned to remove any contaminants before drying. Then, they need to be stored in a cool dry place to prevent oxidation and maintain their quality. This extensive care in the crafting process ensures that each bead is of the highest quality and will stay that way for years to come.



When it comes to the bead-making process, not all beads are created equal. High-quality beads meet strict requirements for purity, undergo intensive finishing processes, and are carefully handled during cleaning, drying, and storage. Investing in such beads will result in beautiful and long-lasting pieces of jewelry and give you peace of mind that you are working with the best materials available. So, next time you are shopping for beads, remember that all beads are not created equal.

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10, 20, 50, 100, 250


2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm

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