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Genuine Copper Findings

Shop beautiful, genuine copper findings at today. We are your one-stop shop for copper jewellery findings, and if you ever need jewelry connectors like bracelet connectors, necklace clasps, and other charm clasps, you will find all of them here. offers unique jewelry findings in our extensive jewelry findings catalog. In addition, we want to help do-it-yourself crafters advance in their projects by providing genuine copper pendant connectors, easy necklace clasps, among other things. Also, check out our other collections – we have an extensive inventory of other jewelry-making supplies, from charms to Pandora/European-style adaptors. has been selling copper findings on the internet since the nineties, and within that time, we have partnered with the country’s largest and most reliable manufacturers. As a result, our genuine copper findings are all domestically sourced – proudly made in the US.

All our unique jewelry findings are also free of residues and allergens, and you can be sure that you are only getting genuine copper with each purchase.

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A Guide to Jewelry Findings

Copper findings are jewelry-making elements made of genuine copper/solid copper. These are used to link beads and gemstones in a bracelet, necklace, or other crafting projects. Copper findings help ‘close’ a design, and the quality of these items determine, in part, the durability of the whole.

The word “jewelry findings” is the stringing materials, non-bead, and non-gemstone elements used in making jewelry. They’re fantastic – and super essential because they tie together the accent beads, primary beads, gemstones, clasps, and other elements. Copper head and eye pins, connectors, jump rings, clasps, and bails are examples of jewellery findings.

Findings come in various metal finishes, gunmetal, copper, antique brass, 925 sterling silver, rose gold-filled and gold-filled, and of course, copper findings.

Long before it was possible to manufacture large quantities of jewelry findings for the mass market, professional jewelers had to produce each in their workshops. Crafters used scrap metal for these side projects, and they were necessary side projects because these bits and bobs connect the principal elements and make sure that nothing will fly away when a person wears the finished product to a party.

Xinar’s Quality Guarantee: 100% Solid Copper Findings is synonymous with quality genuine copper beads and findings.

Our striking, warm-toned findings will add a touch of glam to your creations.

These lovely findings are made of natural copper rather than being plated. Experience the true beauty of working with genuine copper today. Allow your family, friends, or customers to witness the newfound beauty of natural copper from Xinar’s superior quality copper findings.

Types of Copper Findings

Copper Necklace Clasps & Bracelet Connectors

Bracelets and necklaces are made with clasps. Clasps that permit the two ends to join are called clasp. Clasps are incredibly useful, and they may also lend the perfect finishing touch to your project because they come in a variety of forms and styles.

Copper Headpins

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories are made with the head and eye pins and beads. Put a few beads on the wire and construct a loop using jewelry pliers and cutters to link it to another component, such as an earwire.

The round or flat end of the headpin functions as a stopper to keep your beads from falling off. However, eye pins have a connecting link. This means you may use them to build lengthier jewelry pieces by connecting them to other headpins.

Copper Jump Rings

Crafters primarily use jump rings as jewelry connectors.

The most frequent shape of the jump ring is round, but oval jump rings are also available. Open and closed jump rings are the two varieties of jump rings.

The split you see open jump rings allows them to be opened using jewelry pliers. Closed jump rings can’t be opened because they’re soldered shut all the way around. So when you need a more robust link for jewelry that is either too heavy or expensive because of its primary or accent elements, closed jump rings come in to help.

There are so many various designs and shapes of links and connectors to choose from! You’ll be able to locate some in the perfect finish for whatever you’re working on. These are used to connect jewelry components, as the name implies. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces might all benefit from these.

Copper Rivets

Nail-head rivets function similarly to wire rivets, with the exception that one end is already finished. Copper rivets reduce the time it takes to set them up. If necessary, they can be trimmed to shorter lengths and set by hammering its end, which is unfinished.

There are additional nail-head rivets with ornate designs. Set elegant rivets with a wooden block rather than a metal block to avoid harming the decorative end. When hammering, remember to lay a separator between the ornamental head and the metal block (like scrap leather or any other cushioning piece).

A bare steel block will damage the completed side of the rivet. On metal, nail-head rivets and decorative rivets work well. Place the spacers between the surface and the rivet heads to keep the rivets in place when using this type of fastener.

How Can You Tell You’ve Purchased Genuine or Solid Copper?

Corrosion is a Big Clue

The oxidation of copper findings can also reveal whether or not the results are genuine or solid copper, or not. On natural copper, oxidation develops a crust in blue and green tones. The crust is comparable to the oxidation you see on the Statue of Liberty. According to the Canadian Conservation Institute, a powdered red or darker-tone coating on a copper surface can be found beneath this outer layer.

Soft, pale-green patches may appear on oxidized copper. However, suppose you see something other than the characteristic signs of copper oxidation. In that case, it might be a good time to re-evaluate if you’re looking at solid copper or something that’s been plated and then was subsequently chipped by wear and tear.

If You’re Fine with Filing…

Take a file to an out-of-sight section of an object to establish whether it is made of genuine copper or was manufactured as plated copper.

The object is most likely just copper-plated if the filing shows a different metal underneath.

The color of solid metal items should remain consistent throughout. You can also take a few shavings to burn. For example, genuine copper produces a distinctive green flame when burned, which can help you distinguish it from other metals.

Magnetism in Metals

A magnet is one of the simplest ways to distinguish between natural copper and fake copper items. Magnets will not stick to solid copper.  However, items made of steel alloys, stainless steel, and iron will attach easily. A regular magnet will also adhere to a blackened iron object but not a copper object that looks identical.

Think About The Color

Identifying copper can sometimes be as simple as looking at its hue. The color of real copper is a characteristic reddish tinge that can also be described as pink or orange. Many people say it resembles a gleaming new penny.

While the colors of bronze and brass are sometimes confused, brass is much brighter and yellower, while bronze is a brownish-gold that lacks copper’s reddish and pinkish tones.


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