Copper Jump Rings, Choice of Size

Copper Jump Rings, Choice of Size


Looking for copper jump rings for your jewelry-making projects? Our high-quality rings come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs.

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Copper Jump Rings: Unleashing Design Magic

Calling all jewelry makers! Copper jump rings, available in convenient packs (50, 100, or 250) and offered in three popular sizes (5.2mm x 4.4mm oval, 6mm x 7mm oval, and 8mm round), are your gateway to stunning and versatile jewelry designs. Let’s explore best practices and design ideas to unlock their full potential.

Choosing the Right Size

Size selection hinges on what you’re connecting. Here’s a quick guide:

  • 5.2mm x 4.4mm Oval: Delicate and lightweight, perfect for dainty chain elements or connecting tiny beads and findings.
  • 6mm x 7mm Oval: Versatile, ideal for medium-weight beads, gemstones, or chain links.
  • 8mm Round: Strong and secure, perfect for connecting larger and heavier components.

Design Inspiration to Spark Creativity

  • Dazzling Chain Necklaces: Weave magic with jump rings! Connect various beads, gemstones, or even polymer clay charms to create stunning chain necklaces. Experiment with different sizes and shapes for visual interest and texture.
  • Layered Statement Pieces: Make a bold statement with layered necklaces. Use jump rings as connectors to weave multiple strands of chain or beads, playing with length variations and color combinations for eye-catching pieces.
  • Charming Bracelets with Personality: Design unique charm bracelets by linking a variety of beads, charms, and findings using jump rings. Personalize them with initials, birthstones, or charms that reflect your unique style.
  • Dangle Earrings that Dazzle: Create eye-catching dangle earrings by connecting jump rings to ear wires and then attaching beads, gemstones, or lightweight charms for a touch of playful movement.
  • Multi-Strand Pendants that Mesmerize: Craft captivating multi-strand pendants by weaving multiple strands of beads or gemstones together using jump rings. This technique creates a layered and visually stunning focal point for your necklace.
  • Wire-Wrapped Magic: Incorporate jump rings into intricate wire-wrapped designs. Use them as connectors for multiple wire elements, adding dimension and visual appeal to your creations.

Maximizing Your Jump Ring Potential

Here are additional tips to help you use jump rings to their full potential:

  • Master Opening and Closing: Use appropriate jump ring pliers to open and close jump rings securely without damaging them. Invest in a good pair of round-nose pliers and chain-nose pliers for optimal control and ease of use.
  • Double Up for Security: For heavier components, consider using two jump rings for added security. Open both jump rings, connect them together, and then attach them to your desired elements.
  • Embrace Mixed Media: Don’t be afraid to combine copper jump rings with other findings like head pins, eye pins, or clasps to create unique and multi-dimensional pieces.
  • Seal the Deal with Shine: To prevent tarnishing and maintain the warm glow of your copper creations, apply a light coat of clear sealant.

Copper Jump Rings Suggested Uses

If you’re into jewelry making, you might have heard of copper jump rings. These small, circular loops are often used to connect different components of a piece of jewelry, and they come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Here are some suggestions for how you can use copper jump rings in your jewelry-making projects.

Add Dimension to Your Design
By using different sizes of copper jump rings, you can add depth and dimension to your jewelry design. For example, you can layer jump rings in various sizes to create the look of scales or feathers, or you can create a chain maille pattern using jump rings of different thicknesses.

Create Interest with Mixed Materials
Copper jump rings also look great when combined with other materials, such as beads, leather, or chain. You can use jump rings to connect beads to a chain or leather cord, or you could create a mixed material bracelet or necklace by incorporating jump rings of different sizes and metals.

Make Your Own Chain
Another great use for copper jump rings is making your own chain. You can do this by using jump rings of the same size and thickness and connecting them together in a repeating pattern. This can be a great way to create a unique look for your jewelry, as well as save money by avoiding the cost of ready-made chains.

Add Texture to Your Design
Copper jump rings can also be used to add texture to your designs. You can create a looped chain by connecting jump rings together in a repeating pattern, or you can create a more complex pattern using jump rings and other materials, such as wire or chain.

Use Them for Repairs
Finally, copper jump rings are a great tool for repairing jewelry that has broken or become damaged. Whether you need to replace a clasp or connect two pieces of a necklace together, jump rings can provide a quick and easy fix.

In conclusion, copper jump rings are a versatile tool for jewelry making. From creating chain maille patterns to adding texture to your designs, these small loops offer a wide variety of uses. So next time you’re working on a jewelry project, consider incorporating copper jump rings into your design.

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Test the Authenticity of Copper Beads

There have been instances where copper beads and findings are sold as pure copper, but upon delivery, customers realize that they are actually plated.


Several methods can be used to test the authenticity of copper beads in your purchases.



When examining an object, it is important to note the color. The copper that is authentic will display a reddish-brown tint, whereas plated items will appear lighter in color.



Copper is not as sturdy as steel. To compare the feel of pure copper and steel or imitation, weigh a copper bead on one hand and a steel bead on the other. Copper is lightweight with a delicate and smooth feel, while steel or iron is heftier and has a sturdier feel. Other factors can affect the feel test, but this method can be tried in addition to other tests.


Salt and Vinegar

To clean an item, apply a mixture of salt and vinegar to the surface. When copper oxidizes, it will turn green.



Copper is classified as diamagnetic and will exhibit levitation or repulsion when subjected to a strong magnet.


When copper beads are attracted to magnets like steel, it is an indication that they are likely plated and not pure copper, as only iron, steel alloys, and steel are magnetic.


Magnifying Glass

To determine if a copper bead is plated, use a magnifying glass to examine a random area. If the color appears inconsistent in that spot, it may be plated.



Copper produces a smooth and unique sound, unlike steel’s high-pitched and tinny sound. You can tune in to the sound by lightly thumping a bead. However, be cautious, as genuine copper is easily dented due to its delicacy. To check the authenticity of a pack of beads, conduct an auditory test on a single bead that may have been damaged.


The suitability of these methods for distinguishing real from plated metal may vary depending on personal preferences.


The following examples demonstrate procedures to follow if you have any concerns about the quality of your beads or jewelry.


I use the magnet as I have a powerful one on my workbench, which works very well.

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The domestic shipping charge is a flat rate of $4.25, no matter how many items you wish to purchase.

Priority mail is a flat rate of $8.25.

Canada shipping is a flat rate of $15.00.

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