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Copper Bead Collecion

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Genuine Copper Beads

Shop solid copper beads at at bargain prices year-long! We are your premium shop for all genuine copper beads and findings. Our solid copper beads undergo rigorous quality testing and are domestically sourced from the U.S., ensuring they equal or surpass our strict quality standards.

We never cut corners on our copper beads’ quality because we know that pure Copper must look and behave a certain way once used in jewelry, and it will quickly show if the beads or findings are not made of pure Copper.

Our inventory is the home of pure copper beads – solid copper beads for jewelry making for any crafting project or metal jewelry design. If you have only worked with sterling silver or gold-filled beads, this year is when you witness the magic and warmth of genuine copper beads. Metal beadwork has never looked this good!

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Types of Solid Copper Beads

Xinar’s inventory of solid copper beads includes solid round & oval beads, hammered & circled round beads, bi-cone, donut & disc beads, corrugated and faceted accent/spacer beads, and copper crimp tube and crimp covers. features primary and accent beads for almost any metal beadwork. takes great pains in ensuring that all our copper beads are stored, handled, and shipped correctly so that you will get your Copper jewelry-making supplies in the best form possible. So order a small batch or a large one – we guarantee the highest quality beads all year long.

Copper History & Copper Jewelry Facts

Copper is the most ancient of metals. This glossy, orange-red element was fashioned into swords, utensils, vases, tools, and, of course, jewelry by Middle Eastern artisans in the 5th and 6th millennia B.C. It didn’t take long before ancient artisans started creating solid copper beads for ornamental purposes.

In addition to being a useful metal, Copper kills or hinders the growth of bacteria and other microbes. According to the “Edwin Smith Papyrus,” one of the oldest texts ever unearthed, Copper was used to sanitize chest wounds and drinking water. This super ancient text was estimated to have been written between 2600 B.C. and 2200 B.C.

For thousands of years, folklore has said that wearing a copper bracelet can help with arthritis. You might still be able to locate affordable copper bracelets on pharmacy counters now.

How does copper, on the other hand, function in a medical sense? According to copper lore, small amounts of Copper rub off the skin and are absorbed by the body. Copper, they claim, helps restore joint cartilage lost due to arthritis, helping to heal the disease and relieve pain.

Why Was Copper Used in Jewelry?

Copper is popular in jewelry-making because it is simple to work with and malleable. Copper utensils and solid copper beads were already in use in several parts of the world by the eighth century. This is a lovely jewelry metal that is very versatile and simple to shape and stamp.

Copper is aesthetically pleasing because of its natural orange earth tone. It’s also adaptable because it’s simple to shape, imprint, and engrave. Cuffs, pendants, and rings are all popular copper jewelry pieces. Copper is frequently coupled with leather or other metals such as sterling silver or gold to emphasize its vintage appearance. Earring with precious jewels in earth tones like red, blue, and green look very good with solid copper.

How Durable is Pure Copper?

Copper is rugged in its purest form but not robust enough to be used as jewelry. To make Copper stronger, it is combined with other metals such as tin and zinc. Brass and bronze are two common copper alloys. Copper, as an alloy, is incredibly robust and can withstand daily wear for an extended period. Copper is a beautiful contender for usage as a jewelry metal because of its durability – a good example of this would be solid copper beads. Copper does not rust and instead develops a natural green patina over time. This is due to Copper’s oxidation, which causes a chemical change that makes the metal green.

How Do You Keep Copper Jewelry Clean?

Copper jewelry should be cleaned regularly to maintain its glossiness and warm tone. Warm water and soap should be used to clean copper jewelry. You can also clean the grime away using a soft-bristled brush.

You can use an acidic ingredient like lemon or vinegar to polish copper jewelry to keep it from tarnishing. Soak the jewelry for up to 20 minutes in the acidic liquid before washing it off. You could also wonder if copper jewelry can be worn in the shower and if it can get wet. Absolutely! The warm water will aid in the cleaning of your copper jewelry.

Is Copper Jewelry Valuable?

Copper jewelry occurs at multiple price levels, from low to fine.

The pricing point is determined by the type of jewelry you’re purchasing and what’s part of the package.

Vintage copper jewelry (like those with solid copper beads), for example, may be more expensive than copper jewelry purchased at a street fair or market. Copper jewelry’s attractiveness is enhanced by the presence of precious stones or embellishments. When buying copper jewelry, the most important thing to remember is to buy from a trusted seller.

Is Copper Jewelry Safe to Use?

Most people don’t produce raw copper jewelry; instead, they combine it with other metals, such as silver. Unfortunately, most metals can induce skin sensitivities and are not always safe to wear. In the case of Xinar’s genuine copper beads, you can expect them to be safe to wear and free of impurities.

Fortunately, solid copper beads are safe for your skin, mainly because they’re antibacterial, and the body doesn’t react negatively to copper (in most cases). In ancient times, copper was also utilized to cure wounds. This element aids in healthy growth and brain development.

In folk medicine, people utilize it to increase their blood circulation. In a nutshell, Copper is safe to use because it will not hurt you. The only effect is that it turns your skin green.

If you’ve ever worn solid copper beads, you’re aware that it turns your skin green quickly. If you’re a beginner with metal jewelry, you may be concerned about using copper because of the green color. Keep in mind that most plated metals will also leave a green tint on your skin. In the case of solid copper, the green tinge left on the skin is never harmful.

The only reason your skin turns green is because of the oxidation that happens when oxygen and copper collide. When copper begins to react with other elements in the air, it frequently causes a reaction.

As a result, it will react with oil, sweat, lotions, and other skincare products – including colognes and perfumes. Copper carbonate is sometimes generated as chemical composition. Some people may have moderate skin irritation in this scenario, indicating that you have a copper allergy.

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These beautiful copper corrugated barrel beads add some texture to your jewelry designs. Shop now to elevate your next project!

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Elevate your jewelry-making projects with the beauty and texture of Copper Corrugated Oval Beads. Shop our selection now and get crafting!

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Looking for unique and eye-catching jewelry supplies? Check out our copper corrugated round beads in multiple sizes to suit your creative needs.

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Create stunning jewelry with our durable and stylish Copper Crimp Cover Beads. Browse our selection and find the perfect size and style for your project today.

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Want to elevate your beading projects? Look no further than copper crimp tube beads. Durable and stylish, they add a professional touch to any design

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Elevate your handmade jewelry with these stunning Copper Faceted Round Beads. Their intricate texture and beautiful shine will make any design pop.

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. Looking for unique beads to incorporate into your jewelry designs? Our Copper Hammered Round Beads offer a beautiful, handcrafted look. Shop now!

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Elevate your DIY jewelry creations with our high-quality copper oval beads. Select the perfect quantity and size options to create a unique and eye-catching piece.

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Add a touch of sophistication to your jewelry collection with our Copper Round Beads. Our pure copper beads are made to last for years to come. Shop now!

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Elevate your jewelry-making game with our stunning copper round circle beads! Shop now and add a unique touch to your designs.

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