Jewelry-Making with Symbols that Represent Magic

Jewelry-Making with Symbols that Represent Magic

Symbols that represent magic are pervasive in culture, art, and, yes, jewelry-making. So if you are interested in creating jewelry with holiday charms, spiritual charms, Wiccan and Celtic symbols, love and peace symbols, animal symbols, and more, we’ve created a series of guides to instruct you on what sterling silver charms to use, and what they mean. Also, check out Xinar’s other guides for the more technical aspects of beading techniques and crafting with charms and beads!

1. What Is a Talisman?

Many of the jewelry you can make with symbols that represent magic or just about any other symbol that people deem essential or spiritual for them will end up as personal talismans or amulets.

And contrary to common beliefs or conceptions about magics, these personal items of attraction and protection are more spiritual than anything else.

This article serves as a platform for you to spring onto the common magic symbols that people like on their jewelry. This blog is perfect if you are a beginning crafter who’d like to know more about what resonates with people in their jewelry. Suppose you don’t understand how these cultural icons work; you can read our short article on amulets and talismans here.

2. How to Add Protection Symbols to Talismanic Jewelry

Jewelry used as talismans won’t be complete with the correct symbols that represent magic. In addition to modern Wiccan symbols, runes, and signs, other signs resonate with people, like the horse, the dreamcatcher, the acorn, the hamsa, etc.

As we said previously, people have different conceptions of what is magical to them and, consequently, what is spiritual and even “luck” to have.

This guide will provide you with multiple levels of interpretations for each sign; hoping you can use that information to make crafting choices for your mystical jewelry designs. We also have another article tackling some Eastern mystical signs.

3. An Introduction to Celtic Symbols

Celtic symbols of old continue to impact the world of art and magic in extraordinary ways, which is why they must be part of your studies of symbols that represent magic.

Beginning crafters who’d like to create more spiritual or magical designs would do well to understand what Celtic symbols are and what their position is today in terms of being added to jewelry and art. This guide provides exhaustive explanations of symbols like the triquetra, triskelion, and more.

4. Adding Charms to Charm Bracelets with Meanings

People add pendants to their charm bracelets to beautify their jewelry and remind themselves of things. Of course, not all the jewelry symbols added to jewelry are magical, but these significations are no less fascinating to people. In this guide, we will discuss the more common charms that people add to their jewelry and why they might add these symbols in the first place.

5. An Introduction to Wiccan Symbols and Their Meanings

It’s said that in the US alone, there are over a million practitioners of modern Wicca, and they do know their lore. Wiccan symbols and meanings are fascinating not just to those who worship the Triple Goddess but also to those who have an affinity to nature and magic. This guide should be a good primer for those interested in making Wiccan-inspired jewelry.

Wiccan themes have a solid affinity for feminine power, too. Be sure to check out Xinar’s complete guide on that.

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