Wiccan Symbols for Love: An Introduction

Wiccan Symbols for Love: An Introduction

If you’re dabbling in modern witchcraft or Wicca, it may have crossed your mind once or twice how invocations and the modern practice of witchcraft can affect love and relationships. You may have thought of experimenting with Wiccan symbols for love, too. So, if you’re just flat-out curious or planning to make love spells, here are some of the more interesting Wiccan symbols of love. Note that most physical objects can be used as a symbol for something, and the degrees at which people use symbols in their faith, magick, and whatnot differ from situation to situation.

Examples of Wiccan Symbols for Love


The moon is the origin of all symbolism because she was the first Mother Goddess. The moon’s various phases, which changed over time as it expanded from a tiny crescent to a full moon and then gradually shrank back down, must have delighted primitive people. The lunar cycle’s four equal phases, each lasting seven days, gave people an easy way to keep track of time. Seven has long been regarded as a significant and mysterious number in numerology.

The lunar calendar is still in use in many Asian countries since it was the original system for keeping track of time.

The moon mimicked pregnancy each month, gradually expanding until contracting once more.

It did not take long before folks realized that women’s menstrual cycles followed the twenty-eight-day lunar cycle. People thought the moon governed the reproductive cycle since it was essential for human reproduction to sustain survival. Moon assumed the role of “great mother.” It required forty weeks, or ten lunar months of twenty-eight days, for gestation. This may also explain why the number forty has traditionally represented challenges or trials.


Since the time that prehistoric humans began to live in small settlements and start cultivating crops, they have worshiped the power of the sun. It was at this point that sun worship emerged. Five thousand years ago, the Egyptians and the Babylonians switched from using the lunar time to solar time.

Ancient Egyptians inserted five intercalary days after the 360-day zodiacal year since they knew there were 365 days in a year. The births of five significant gods, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Typhon, and Nephthys, were commemorated throughout these extra days. Greece adopted the 365-day year in the seventh century BCE.

The sun was seen as a handsome, young god who imbued the earth with his warmth, vibrancy, and life in every region of the planet where sun worship existed. All living things were then encouraged to reproduce and procreate as a result. The sun’s gentle rays were also thought to promote wisdom, serenity, prosperity, and good health. The popularity of the sun god’s worship is not surprising. This is one of the best Wiccan symbols for love around.

The Body

One of the most well-known Wiccan symbols for love is the heart. Nearly everywhere recognizes the well-known heart symbol, which bears little resemblance to the organ, as a representation of passion and love. This organization has a long history—French cave paintings depicting animals dating back 26,000 years. Many have a little red heart painted in the middle, indicating that the creators knew the heart’s significance.

Interestingly, the number two and its mirror image are used to construct the heart symbol. Two refers to dualism or two individuals. A horizontal line and a curved vertical line, two quite distinct shapes from one another, make up the figure for two. This is comparable to the Chinese concept of yin and yang, representing the two mutually dependent opposites.

Other symbolic meanings have been associated with the heart. For example, it may stand for the life-giving vital force or soul. The heart is regarded as being contemplative and spiritual in Islam. In India, the location on the body where you can communicate with Brahma is the heart. The Aztecs regarded the heart as the sun of the body. As a result, they began to murder thousands of people every year to sacrifice hearts to the sun. This was the best present they could give.


Blood is frequently used as one of the more potent Wiccan symbols for love. People believe that it is filled with divine energy. This energy was unleashed during a sacrifice of a person or an animal. People once thought that making a blood sacrifice would bring rain and boost fertility. The bride consequently stepped over sheep’s blood on her route in the Middle East. Blood also has a connection to vigor and passion. A person who has “red blood” is bursting with life force.


Typically, a man’s hair represents his strength and power. When Samson’s hair was shorn, he lost his sense of identity. Spirituality is also symbolized by hair. It represents the renunciation of earthly cares when it is cut. Monks who practice Buddhism and Christianity shave some or all of their heads.

Another sexual symbol is hair. At puberty, groin and armpit hair start to grow. In some cultures, women’s hair is frequently hidden because it has a strong sexual connotation. The woman’s hair was part of her penalty for adultery, which a priest administered. 12


It is hardly unexpected that the hand has long been regarded as one of the Wiccan symbols for love. It also represents power, authority, and strength. When a hand extends to another, it expresses kindness and openness. This also has significant legal ramifications because you are solemnly swearing to something when you shake hands to sign a contract or agreement. A handshake might signify a marriage contract as well. In ancient Egypt, the Hand of Atum served as a symbol of fertility.

The Womb

The uterus represents Mother Earth. Additionally, it represents fertility, fruitfulness, and abundance.

The Wedding Cake

The custom of a wedding cake originated in ancient Rome when a cake made of a meal was scattered over the bride’s head as a good luck charm. The wedding cake represents fertility and good fortune. Additionally, it provides luck to everyone who consumes it. For the wedding cake to represent a successful, long-lasting marriage, it should be constructed with many high-quality components.

The bride consumes the first piece of cake to bring luck to the marriage. These days, her husband-to-be assists in this activity to ensure he shares good fortune. This demonstrates that they will eventually share all of their material possessions.

The wedding cake has a lot of lovely customs attached to it. One says the bride sets aside a piece of cake to guarantee her husband’s loyalty. One tier of the cake may be set aside for use as a christening cake in the future. This ensures future offspring.

The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is the most essential of all the bridal attire. Wedding gowns have been worn since ancient Egypt when the bride donned a sheer silk dress that clung to her body and revealed nothing. Since then, additional layers have been added, mainly for modesty-related reasons.

Queen Victoria deviated from convention by donning a white bridal gown. Before that, royal brides wore silver jewelry exclusively. Every bride naturally desired to get married in white since it represents innocence and purity after her wedding.

The Wedding Veil

The origin of the wedding veil has been the subject of various theories. According to the most widely held myth, the traditional bridal veil was worn to hide the bride’s beauty from evil entities. As a result, the veil could not be removed until after the wedding was formally announced.

The veil shielded the bride from the evil eye, which would have been terrible for the marriage if she had unintentionally received it. The bridal veil may have even originated in the East, where a man was not permitted to see the bride’s face until after the wedding. Folklorists disagree on whether the bride’s wearing of the veil represents her devotion to her spouse. The bride and groom were covered with a wedding canopy in ancient Greece and Rome to ward off evil spirits. That’s probably where the wedding veil got its start.


The bee represents hard work, success, sweetness, and diligence. Additionally, the bee represents purity, innocence, and virginity. People used to think that the bee reproduced asexually, which led to the development of this association. The bee was regarded as the “generator of life” and represented rebirth, death, and reincarnation in ancient Egypt. Additionally, it stood for a prosperous, joyful, bountiful existence. Demeter was referred to as the bees’ queen in ancient Greece. Bees were connected to Cupid, who would employ them to sting lovers.


The bull is a potent representation of male strength. The number of cattle owned by a family in the past served as a measure of their wealth. Particularly bulls came to symbolize strength, prosperity, and sexual prowess. An active, booming stock market is characterized as a bull market.


The butterfly is a feminine symbol in Japan. Two butterflies symbolize a happy marriage. The butterfly, which grows from an egg into a caterpillar, chrysalis, and then a butterfly, is a universal emblem of the soul, which cannot be put out.


Ancient Egyptian culture considered cats to be sacred. Bastet was a lunar goddess with a feline head who stood for pleasure, fertility, and protection. Cats’ reputation has changed over the years. For instance, according to Buddhists, cats did not grieve the passing of Buddha. In the Middle Ages, it was commonplace in Europe to believe that cats were connected to demonic spirits.

A cat showing up out of the blue suggests that there are sexual problems that need to be looked at and resolved.

Why Spells Can Be Serious Business

Before talking about casting spells, let’s first think about the definition of a spell and how it functions. A spell is a psychic desire that attempts to alter the world’s physical reality by being broadcast into it through some ritual method. The fundamental idea of a magical link is the basis for how magic spells work. This means that some symbolic image or item related to the purpose of the spell must be included in the ritual used to perform it.

For instance, having a photo of that person or putting their name down on a particular piece of paper would be vital to include in your ritual if you wanted that person to fall in love with you.

But keep in mind that anyone may do love magic if they only mouthed the words of a ceremony. Therefore, the ability to have a purpose is what makes a spell work. Or the ability to concentrate such that the power of your thoughts can manifest the things you have imagined in the outside world.

When doing magic, especially when performing one for love, your intention must be positive. This implies that your request must be appropriate for the setting in which you currently live. This is due to the possibility that anything you make could abruptly turn from a blessing into a curse if your magic creates an unnatural or unbalanced environment. In this case, your spell will either fail or the world will adjust as a result.

It is critical to keep in mind that casting spells generally involves asking for something rather than merely taking it. It is possible to discern between black magic and white magic using this underlying dichotomy as a metaphor. White magic contributes to the ongoing equilibrium of the cosmos, whereas black magic is the utmost selfishness of “my will be done.”

Love magic is the casting of a spell with a particular intention, such as a spell for love. Find a new love is one use for love spells. reconciling a splintered friendship’s growth into something more, overcoming your shyness to become an expert at seduction, Improve your ability to attract others by making an effort. Renew a relationship that already exists. Be careful what you ask for is a wise maxim that applies in this situation. Casting a love spell is one thing, but when people say they are in love, many of them really mean romance or sex. Regarding your level of readiness, be sincere. Every relationship is fine, but none of them compares to a committed, monogamous union like marriage. It is much more likely to locate a companion who shares your objectives if you can customise your spell to accomplish your specific goals.

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