Yoga Inspired Jewelry: DIY Yoga Jewelry and Embodying Your Unique Spirit

Yoga Inspired Jewelry: DIY Yoga Jewelry and Embodying Your Unique Spirit

Making yoga inspired jewelry is probably the pinnacle of the union between mindfulness, your spirit, and fashion. Yoga inspired jewelry has become so much more than a fashion statement nowadays; it’s a most personal statement, and it also serves as a reminder to maintain one’s spirituality through mindful living.

You have several options for getting beautiful, yoga inspired jewelry. The first option is to buy from crafters who may have some designs that align with your vision of yoga and how mindfulness figures in your life.

The second option is to be more daring and creative—create custom and very personal yoga inspired jewelry at home! The process is much easier than you may have thought, and DIY jewelry opens a vista of opportunities for better self-expression and better fashion, too!

Using Silver Charms for Custom Yoga Inspired Jewelry

Xinar has an incredible array of sterling silver charms for all types of jewelry. In addition, we have extensive collections of spiritual charms and even Far Fetched Imports jewelry with inspirational messages and beautiful symbols befitting any person, not just practitioners of yoga and the mindful life. So if you’re crafting yoga inspired jewelry and other jewelry at home, know that the easiest way to begin designing is by using charms or pendants.

The pendant is the heart of most designs, though you will need other components to complete your design (mainly cordage/thread, beads, and findings).

Xinar’s sterling silver charms are 100% made in the USA and are lead-free and nickel-free. We only provide jewelry designers and crafters with the best hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver charms for yoga inspired jewelry and other beautiful crafting projects.

Designing with the Different Jewelry Symbols

Below are some themes and symbols that are perfect for yoga inspired jewelry. You can use our sterling silver charms for charm bracelets, necklaces, and even other crafts like cellphone accessories, bookmarks, bag tags, and the like. Sterling silver charms are incredibly durable and highly detailed, and they will also retain their form for years. Our charms are made with the lost wax casting method by master silver casters who have spent their careers perfecting the art of making charms.

Lost-wax casting entails casting an original model or pattern in various metals (such as gold, silver, brass, or bronze) to create objects of varying complexity. It dates back over 6,000 years and is still widely used for making jewelry, dental work, and artistic creations. In addition, investment casting is a standard industrial process for producing metal components with high accuracy in fields such as mechanical engineering and the manufacturing industry.

Although lost-wax casting has long been associated with handmade goods, modern digital design and 3D printing have allowed artists to streamline the process, reduce waste, and bring it into the 21st century. Nevertheless, lost-wax casting dates back to the dawn of civilization, and that’s saying something. The lost-wax casting technique has been used to create objects such as wands, sculptures, and furniture unearthed in locations as diverse as the Indus Valley, Vietnam, Nigeria, and Nicaragua. A lost-wax-cast amulet from the Indus Valley is the oldest artifact of its kind. It dates back more than 6,000 years.

In the 18th century in Europe, piece molding replaced lost-wax casting, which had been used for centuries to create sculptural ornaments and textile reliefs. However, the industry’s expanding needs in the 19th century necessitated the adaptation of specific process steps to investment casting.

Now that you know how important the method of manufacturing charms is to the final output let’s explore some charms you can use immediately for beautifully-crafted jewelry.

Celestial Charms

Celestial charms have always been trendy as they come with universal symbols that have always mattered to people. Below are symbolic meanings of celestial charms for yoga inspired jewelry.

Moon and Star Charm

The ever-changing phases of the moon represent enlightenment, the dark side of nature, or eternal life.

Since it regulates the tides, rains, waters, and seasons, it may reflect inner knowledge or the stages of man’s condition on Earth. Due to its position between day and night, dusk is often used as a metaphor for the territory between one’s waking and sleeping states of mind.

The moon represents the individual’s soul in astrology, and its placement in the horoscope is used to gauge the individual’s capacity for introspection and change. Conversely, the waning moon symbolizes death and sleep.

The new moon often represents the birth of a child, while the crescent moon is adolescence. The full moon represents pregnancy and the woman’s maturity, and finally, the new moon refers to the ending of a life.

Mary, the Christian Mother, is also sometimes associated with the moon. This passage depicts Mary as a celestial queen with the sun at her back and the moon at her feet. The moon serves a contrasting purpose in this picture.

The moon’s phases, both full and new, represent ongoing transformation. It’s a metaphor for nature, the whims of the elements, and the cycle of the seasons.

When applied to the human condition, this symbol captures the mutability of our moral fiber, the fallibility of our hearts and minds, and the wavering elasticity of our resolve. Standing on the lunar surface,

Mary’s unwavering resolve, unwavering love, and unwavering faithfulness stand in stark contrast to these human frailties. Mary can go beyond the physical universe, and its rules gave her a firm grounding in God’s grace and spiritual realm.

Star Pendant (Elements Collection of Far Fetched Imports)

The stars may represent the human race, the divine, hope, faith, guidance, god, excellence, motivation, magic, fame, and even one’s existence. So it’s not surprising that since antiquity, the nautical star has always been essential to culture and civilization, much like other natural signs that help people navigate. But stars aren’t just there to guide us; they also keep us grounded and remind us of life’s more straightforward and essential things. Perhaps this inspired this beautiful pair of Starfish Dangle Earrings from the Coastal Vacation Collection of Far Fetched Imports. The star symbol here is idyllic, warm, and comfortable and speaks effectively across the decades.

We see stars in movies and religious texts, but they can also be messages from the subconscious telling us to keep the faith and hope we have. One theory you might not have heard before is that people are constructed from stars. From a strictly scientific perspective, we are composed of every element ever made by a star (or specifically, a supernova).

This is not just a scientific consensus; the Greek philosopher Pythagoras (ca. 500 BC) also associated the five-pointed star (pentagram) with humanity. The five corners stand for the elements of nature: air, fire, water, and spirit.

One popular myth holds that the countless stars we can see in the sky are exiled angels. This is why heavenly bodies, like stars, are often used as metaphors for the divine.

One can interpret references to angels in the Christian Bible as allegories for stars. They are held up as a source of wisdom and insight by their followers.

Initiations among Native Americans involve deciphering astronomical signs for spiritual guidance.

For the Wiccans and practitioners of the esoteric arts, the star symbol, such as the one found in this pair of Star of David earrings, means something else altogether. There’s always something for everyone.

See also this incredible Shining Star Mixed Metal bracelet for something ready-to-wear!

Lightning Bolt Charm

We rarely give a second thought to lightning because they’re so fleeting and frightening, too. But what if the symbol of lightning resonates with you? What can this mean?

Traditional cultures have used lightning to represent sudden enlightenment, the eradication of ignorance, and the divine punishment of humans from on high, usually in the form of Zeus.

The lightning bolt is an omen of intuitive insight and a warning of impending disaster in dreams. Despite its sometimes-ominous connotation, lightning can also be a divine message of honor for the chosen.

Lightning is one of nature’s most powerful displays. It is directly associated with the wrath of the gods due to its raw power and the fact that it originates in the heavens. Because of this association with retribution, it can serve as a metaphor for punishment.

Many people have assumed that lightning strikes are God’s way of punishing humans for their sins. For them, it was a sign that the gods were upset with them and punished them.

Lightning can also represent (as we’ve already mentioned) sudden enlightenment, destruction, negativity, and the removal of ignorance. In addition, dreams often incorporate lightning imagery. Even though lightning is interpreted differently across cultures, one consistent thread is the belief that it is a manifestation of the Gods.

Historical accounts often associate lightning with a sense of punishment. This is because lighting has always been seen as God’s way of punishing humanity for their sins, and this belief has persisted since ancient times.

And so it was that myths and legends began to be woven around lightning. The ancient Greeks were the first to attribute absolute power to Zeus because they thought he had mastery over lightning. He was the supreme deity for the Greeks, and lightning was his representation.

People naturally associate lightning with bad luck because of how unpleasant it is to experience. But, in addition to causing fear, it also provided food for thought. What had they done to provoke such wrath from God?

This idea persists even now. Fear of lightning persists because of the widespread belief that it is divine punishment. But instead, it is an unstoppable natural disaster that ruins everything in its path.

Historically, it was widely held that God caused natural disasters like lightning storms because humans had become too careless to avoid them.

The lightning bolt was meant to serve as a wake-up call, prompting people to take action and alter their lifestyles.

This explains why some modern observers attribute the experience of seeing lightning sudden and complete enlightenment.

It was a warning that these calamities would continue unless people changed their ways and stopped making God angry.

Lightning strikes are unexpected and happen quickly. Due to their erratic nature, predicting when or where they will act is difficult. Consequently, lightning rods have been developed to deflect lightning away from buildings and other potential targets.

They can also represent something unexpected, primarily if we associate it with our ideas. Instances, where we have an idea suddenly and unexpectedly are often associated with lightning.

Spiritual & Ritual Charms

Spiritual and ritual charms are popular with yoga inspired jewelry because they’re the most direct way to convey particular messages with fashion. Placed side by side with celestial charms, they provide equal symbolism or even more.

The Tree of Life Charm

The tree of life charm contains one of the oldest symbols of human life and the world as we know it. Legends and stories globally feature the Tree of Life, also known as the World Tree and the Tree of Knowledge. The symbolism behind the Tree of Life shifts from one culture to the next. They differ in details, but they all center on a magical tree that bridges the gap between the material and ethereal realms. Furthermore, the Tree of Life is essential to maintaining all life. Fittingly, this ancient symbol of life is a tree. Humans have always revered trees. It’s as if, long before the era of scientific inquiry, our forefathers and mothers had a firm grasp on the fundamental role trees play in maintaining life on Earth. Explore the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life, and the World Tree as they appear in various religions and spiritual traditions worldwide. Stories of a Tree of Life can be found in the mythologies of peoples as disparate as the Vikings, ancient Egyptians, Celts, Native Americans, and Jewish mystics. The Tree of Life illustrated the divine plan for humanity’s origins and proper behavior on Earth.

The name “Viking Tree of Life” is sometimes used to refer to the version of the Tree of Life found in Nordic mythology. In contrast, ancient Nordics referred to it as the Yggdrasil Tree. The tree’s roots began in the Well of Urd, an infinite pool that contained the sum of all human knowledge and various other cosmic forces, and grew into a towering structure.

The Nine Worlds of the cosmos were held together by the Yggdrasil Tree’s roots and branches. The survival of the planet itself was dependent on the health of this single tree.

Odin, a Norse god, yearned to drink from the Well of Urd and study the Yggdrasil.

And so, after losing an eye and throwing himself on his spear, he hung from a branch of the Yggdrasil for almost ten days. He nearly died to prove his devotion to this quest. But he made it through, and now he knows everything there is to know about the cosmos. The Yggdrasil Tree is home to two magical birds in Norse mythology. Both are large birds of prey, but one is an eagle, and the other a hawk. The eagle held Odin’s wisdom and knowledge, and the hawk carried the word.

The Four Elements Charm

The four elements of charm represent air, water, Earth, and fire. These are the classic elements of antiquity. Around 450 BCE, ancient genius Aristotle developed the theory of elements. Aristotle was the cool dude who baked the whole four-layer cake that leads to essential elements of matter. However, other philosophers like Empedocles, Plato, and Pythagoras contributed their ingredients to the recipe the elements.

His theory is that the four elements of life—fire, Earth, air, and water—are the building blocks of everything in the universe. A fifth element, which he named aether, was also discovered by him. This non-matter component of reality symbolizes harmony and wholeness; it represents the ‘all that is.’ Aether is the energetic superglue that harmoniously bonds the other four elements together. Elements appear to be blobby and lifeless when they are considered independently. However, learning the characters associated with the four elements makes them come alive. For example, take note of how an Aries acts… Considering that you were born under the fire element sign, that’s a pretty good indicator of your character. Take the Greek goddess Gaea as an example; stories about her in mythology can tell us a lot about the Earth’s character.

The Golden Rule Charm

The golden rule charm refers to the golden rule that we should treat others as we would like to be treated. The golden rule states that you should treat others how you wish, so if you want to be treated with respect, you should extend that respect to others.

The golden rule is a universally applicable philosophical principle that has been stated in various ways by different communities throughout history. As such, in this piece, you’ll get a deeper dive into the golden rule, see how it can be improved, and get a handle on how to put it into practice.

The golden rule, restated in a positive light, advises us to treat others as we would like to be treated. This implies, for instance, that you should treat other people with respect if you want to be treated with respect. An alternative, more damaging version of the golden rule is to avoid treating others in ways you wouldn’t want to be treated. This implies, for instance, that you shouldn’t mean things to other people if you don’t want them to say mean things to you.

You are doing yourself a favor by wishing well for others, according to the empathic version of the golden rule. This implies, for instance, that if you wish ill on another person, you wish ill on yourself.

The predominant religion in society can significantly impact how widely disseminated specific versions of the golden rule are.

Although presented differently, the golden rule has the same goal and underlying concept. Specifically, any version of the golden rule aims to help you treat others better by modeling your behavior after how you would like to be treated.

The Aum or Om Charm

Who wouldn’t be familiar with the aum or om charm? Where did it come from, what does it mean, and why do we chant it? Om (or Aum) is often the first and last sound we make in yoga class. Om (or Aum) is a short word with a lot of significance, including being the “sound of the universe” and being able to bring people together. The history of Om, its significance in Hinduism, and the proper way to chant it will be discussed briefly.

The Mandukya Upanishad, one of a group of ancient texts exploring philosophical concepts of Hinduism, seems to be where the word Om first appeared. OM is a sacred symbol that can also be heard or spoken as a mantra. All you need to know is that A, U, and M make up this syllable, which is written as AUM. The universe and everything in it was brought into being with this sound.

The ‘conscious or waking state’ is said to be represented by this image. According to Hindu belief, this noise represents God (Brahma) in his creative form. The vibrations in the upper chest can be traced back to the sound’s origin in the stomach. Keep your tongue down and your lips parted to project an air of honesty and openness.

This noise represents the strength that keeps you and the world going strong. Vishnu, the Hindu God of preservation, is associated with this symbol. After the initial ‘A’ sound, the lips close, and the resulting sound vibrations travel forward along the top of the palate and into the throat.

The M in aum/om is associated with Shiva and means “closing in” or “beginning of the end.” While Shiva has a reputation for destruction, he is also the God of finality. The sound is made by bringing the lips together and moving the tongue to the roof of the mouth, producing a prolonged humming sound. A fourth sound is the absence of sound. What’s left over after the air and the noise have died out? Beginning in silence, continuing with calm persistence, and then dying away into nothingness… The sound Om symbolizes the eternal cycle of life, from movement to stillness, sound to silence.

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