Good Luck Charms List: A Handy Guide for the New Year 2023

Good Luck Charms List: A Handy Guide for the New Year 2023

If you believe in good fortune, you must also have a good luck charm list. A good luck charms list keeps you on your toes and reminds you of the good luck charms that work. And should you need to craft excellent luck amulets that you can carry or wear anywhere, you can always explore Xinar’s incredible collections of 925 sterling silver charms and pendants.

Suppose you need something specific to good luck charms and mystical symbols. In that case, you can always take a shortcut to several collections like our pendants and lavalier, spiritual and ritual charms, zodiac and celestial charms, and Southwestern and Western charms.


In many cultures, the sight of a rainbow signals the arrival of calm after the storm or the promise of a happy ending with the discovery of a pot of gold. There is no one universal interpretation of the rainbow, but for many people, it stands for welcoming all people and celebrating diversity. It is one of the best items in our good luck charms list.

For some, the meaning of a rainbow isn’t one of distant beauty and good fortune: no rainbow, no gold, no friends. What’s at the end of the rainbow is a long way off.

The Laughing Buddha

Any problem can be solved with the help of a Laughing Buddha, who is also a symbol of success in business, personal relationships, and overall contentment with one’s life. Definitely a great addition to our good luck charms list.

According to popular belief, Budai is a reincarnation of the Bodhisattva Maitreya. Taoists and Buddhists who embrace the Buddha’s image revere him as a deity of happiness and plenty. Budai has become the ultimate symbol of success and wealth because he is almost always depicted with a sack made of cloth or linen that never runs dry. Like Guan Yin, the Laughing Buddha is one of the deities in Chinese mythology, given the Buddhist moniker.


Hearing a cricket at home is considered a lucky omen because it has been for thousands of years. Crickets are highly esteemed in many cultures because they warn humans of impending danger (by ceasing their chirping) and foretell the onset of rain. Taking the life of a Cricket is a sign of bad fortune in many European cultures.

Conversely, crickets are a good omen because they represent success, wealth, and prosperity. If you kill this bug, your good fortune will die with it.

The Cricket in your life is bringing you joy and affection. The Cricket’s long antennae represent insight, sensitivity, and a link to the spiritual world; they also represent enlightenment. This totem animal strengthens your bond with the divine, encouraging you to trust your gut and your higher self. The Cricket represents the ideal harmony between the material and the ethereal because it is a grass-dwelling insect with long antennae.


The graceful flight of the stunning birds is mesmerizing. They stand for independence, beauty, grace, love, power, longevity, eternity, joy, and adoration. Different cultures and religions attribute different meanings to birds. Insight can be gained from even the most seemingly insignificant dreams.

Birds do play a significant role in shaping our perspectives. They play a significant role in the development of individuals and their development through life. Birds are connected to human spirituality in several ways. Culturally, religiously, and historically, we have always associated birds with significant meanings and symbols.


The elephant is unlike any other living creature. It’s both a powerful beast and a benevolent giant with the knowledge and insight of eons. As a result of their singularity, elephants have come to represent a great deal of spiritual power in many religions and cultures and even in dreams.

Elephants are not only powerful beings who use their mighty strength to remove obstacles and hostile forces, but they are also symbols of luck and prosperity. They also stand for intelligence, longevity, memory, and energy.


The tortoise is symbolic in many cultures. They stand for origins, permanence, knowledge, immortality, and Earth. The Nile turtle, a symbol of good health and wealth since pre-dynastic times, was frequently featured in Egyptian art. Tortoise shells were traditionally used for divination in China and have a long-held symbolic meaning. Tortoise or World Turtle, a legendary creature central to Native American beliefs, is said to have borne the Earth on its back.

The black tortoise of the north, along with the white tiger of the east, the red phoenix of the south, and the green dragon of the west, are the four celestial animals of feng shui.

Feng shui is predicated on several guiding principles, including the four celestial animals, also called the four emblems. They stand in for fantastical and real animals and advise how to place your house so that it complements its natural surroundings. For example, it’s best to have the black tortoise in the back, where it can provide stability and support.

In feng shui, the tortoise is significant for another reason. According to folklore, a divinatory constellation of good omens was found on the back of a tortoise swimming in the Luo River. These symbols were supposedly revealed on the back of a tortoiseshell, forming the basis of numerous ancient practices.


The axe has been a symbol of war and labor since the Neolithic era, making it one of the humans’ earliest tools. In addition, the axe was viewed as having the ability to either bring or prevent rain in all ancient cultures where it was used.

As it breaks new ground, it serves as a spiritual growth and expansion metaphor. The Hindu thunderbolt is often depicted with two blades, making the double-edged axe a symbol of divine illumination. Similar in shape to an ox, it is often used as a symbol of power and strength.


If you look up the ladder, you can see the stars. The imagery of a ladder symbolizes a spiritual ascent up the rungs of initiation.

The ladder of virtue has seven rungs, just like Jacob’s ladder in the Bible did when it connected man to God. The desire to learn and succeed despite obstacles is another possible interpretation. Freud suggests that the ladder represents the sexual act in dreams. Walking under a ladder is associated with misfortune in popular culture.

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