Which Animals Symbolize Good Luck? Part 2

Which Animals Symbolize Good Luck? Part 2

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Animals have long accompanied humans in their quest for meaning and understanding of this world. In our last blog post on animal good luck symbols (link to part 1), we discussed the deep reverberations of the bull, deer, bear, the wolf, and physical and spiritual worlds. We take another deep dive today into both the big and the small so we can finally answer the question – which animals can bring luck and more into our lives?

Eastern Good Luck Symbols:


Elephants are revered good luck symbols in various cultures due to their size as the largest land mammal. They symbolize strength, protection, wisdom, and good fortune in feng shui!

As with all good luck symbols, make a connection with your own. What do you associate with elephants? Combine your intuition and ancient wisdom to attract positive energies into your home and life by using the elephant’s symbol.

The elephant was regarded as a mythical creature on a par with the dragon and phoenix. Buddhism originated in India and spread to Eastern Asia along with its symbols and teachings. As a result, elephants are revered in Buddhism and are one of the universal monarch’s seven precious treasures. Like a snow mountain, the elephant embodies dignity, majesty, and strength.

In a large portion of Buddhist and Hindu iconography, deities are depicted riding elephants, regarded as sacred vehicles for transmitting spiritual teachings. Ganesha is a highly revered and adored Hindu deity. He possesses an elephant’s head and a boy’s body. Elephants were trained to accompany humans in a battle in ancient times because their strength enabled them to overcome obstacles on the battlefield. As a result, Ganesha is the deity invoked to remove the barriers.

While all elephant images are promising and represent protection, good fortune, and wisdom, white elephants are auspicious. According to legend, the Buddha’s mother dreamed of a white elephant before giving birth to him.

Similar to fu dogs, a pair of elephant statues can be placed near the entrance of a home to provide protection. The two colossal and mighty elephants can defend the home with ferocity. They’re great good luck symbols.

Because elephants were trained for war from an early age in ancient times, we can think of them as symbols of protection in the modern era.

They can be positioned to face outward in feng shui to guard the home’s main entrance. Depending on your preference, the symbols may be placed on either the interior or exterior side of the entry.

Elephant imagery in the home is said to bring good fortune and luck. Elephants are frequently depicted with the wish-granting jewel, which brings good wealth. Elephants can be placed at the entrance to attract this positive energy. They can also be placed near the desk for added career luck. Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, frequently portrays four elephants. Elephants are an evocative symbol of prosperity and royalty. Elephants are also associated with gray rain clouds, which bring abundant harvests.


Frogs have been mentioned in countless myths, legends, and historical accounts. They were portrayed in various ways, both positively (like good luck symbols) and negatively, depending on the context. Only during the rainy season are modern people aware that forges are active. These creatures, despite their menacing appearance, are harmless. What if a frog frequently reappears in your life? What does observing a frog tell you about your surroundings? We will ascertain this.

Your emotional and spiritual health will enable you to maintain contact with your higher consciousness. That is the message they convey when they appear. Unfortunately, a small but fascinating species, frogs rarely send such messages, yet we see them frequently and have no idea what to expect.

Seeing a frog consistently has a special significance. The spirits are guiding you to accept the shift and grow from it. Embracing change in your life is never a bad idea. Please make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. These creatures are frequently associated with improving the quality of our lives and assisting with transitions. Allow yourself to be surprised by any preconceptions you may have about what is to come in your life.

According to numerous cultures and history, the frog is an encouraging sign of good fortune. Furthermore, due to their unique growth cycle, frogs are frequently regarded as a good symbol of transition, fertility, and the emergence of one’s creativity.


The lizard as good luck symbols is culturally pervasive and enthralling. The lizard is a symbol of shining light in some cultures. From the Roman goddess Minerva to the Peruvian Moche people, the lizard has many symbolic meanings and associations. The lizard symbolized destruction, death, and disorder for the Romans. The Greeks regarded the lizard as a symbol of divine wisdom and good fortune.

Certain lizard species can sacrifice a portion of their tails. For example, when a lizard is cornered or threatened by a predator, its tail falls off, allowing it to flee. This connects the lizard symbolically to the concept of sacrificing a component for the greater good.

Since time immemorial, lizards and humans have had a close relationship. Certain lizard species, such as geckos, iguanas, and bearded dragons, are kept pets. This is one of the reasons why the lizard holds such significance in so many cultures. Lizard symbolism is prevalent in a variety of cultures. As a result, lizards appear in an abundance of human artworks. Winters are spent hibernating, and the lizard reawakens in the spring. This is a representation of resurrection and rebirth.

The lizard was a symbol of abundant abundance in Egyptian hieroglyphics. A lizard in one’s home is frequently interpreted as representing an old friend or acquaintance. In some Hindu superstitions, the chirping of lizards is considered auspicious or holy. Lizards have even made an appearance in Shakespeare. In Macbeth, the witches concoct a magical brew with the ingredient “lizard’s leg.”

The lizard is a highly symbolic animal in several Native American cultures. The horned lizard was a popular artistic motif among the Native American Anasazi, Hohokam, Mimbres, and Mogollon cultures. The horned lizard was frequently depicted on decorated pottery. The lizard was associated with sacred and powerful medicinal energies in numerous tribes, including the Hopi.

The lizard’s symbolism is frequently associated with physical and spiritual strength. The Piman people invoked the lizard’s potent healing abilities to “cure” them of persistent illnesses. Singing songs to praise the lizard spirit and placing a lizard on the patient’s body had a curative effect. The Mayan lizard god, according to the lore, created the Earth. The Mayans associated lizards with cosmic energy outside of time and space.

Unusual Good Luck Symbols: Ladybug

Ladybugs number over 6,000 species and are beloved by people worldwide. As a result, the ladybug appears in numerous cultures’ folklore and mythologies.

Additionally, those particularly fond of these insects regard them as their spirit animal. Ladybugs have been linked to the following:

  • Grace
  • Fortune
  • Luck
  • Evolution
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Talent

Pay attention if a ladybug makes their presence known to you, whether in real life, the media, art, or in some other way. There are no coincidental occurrences. Ladybugs are regarded as fortunate omens and symbols of good fortune throughout the world. Despite their diminutive size, ladybugs are adept at self-defense. This is why they are considered protective symbols. They serve as a reminder to be protective of those and things we care about, as well as of ourselves.

Protection can include taking care of those who are vulnerable in our lives, such as children, adolescents, seniors, pets, or significant others. Additionally, it can mean defending ourselves.

Thus, if you encounter a ladybug, it may serve as a reminder to be more vigilant in caring for your loved ones and yourself. This can include concerns about one’s health, personal boundaries, self-esteem, or creative ideas.

While the ladybug appears to be a small creature, their little dome bodies contain universal wisdom and protective power.

Mythic Good Luck Symbols: Fish

A fish represents fertility, emotions, creativity, rebirth, good fortune, endurance, strength, happiness, intelligence, serenity, abundance, health, and transformation. The fish among the best good luck symbols around.

Connecting us to the water element represents a more profound awareness of the unconscious or higher self. Having a fish as your totem animal demonstrates fierce independence, adaptability, and spontaneous nature.

With the ability to create wealth in life, your efforts will inevitably transform everything into gold.

In general, fish dreams reflect your emotions and subtle awareness, thoughts about which you are mildly aware but do not take seriously. Fishes in dreams also appear to influence you, overcoming both pride and ego. Dreaming of large fishes denotes the arrival of wealth or pleasant events.

Have you dreamed of fish lately? Below are some suggestions about the possible meanings:

  • Dreams about fish gasping for air are indicative of professional setbacks.
  • A fish leaping from the water represents both the promotion you would receive at work and the wealth you would acquire through some means. However, if it does fall to the ground, you must exercise caution in your actions.
  • A dream of a dead fish portends impending disappointment and dismay, whereas a vision of a live fish portends sea travel.
  • Consuming a fish indicates that your love life is not going well, whereas purchasing a fish means receiving a gift.
  • Seeing yourself eating fried fish portends your impending pregnancy.
  • Catching a fish symbolizes the willpower you’d demonstrate in the face of temptation. Likewise, observing or cleaning a fish tank has the same connotation.
  • Seeing yourself being bitten by a fish serves as a warning of nearby envious individuals who may cause you harm.
  • A well-stocked fish tank portends lucrative ventures, while an empty one warns of covert adversaries.
  • Seeing fish eggs in a dream alludes to any new idea that has occurred to you subconsciously. Likewise, seeing a fishhook conveys the same message.


Have you ever wondered why goldfish are so popular as pets and as good luck symbols? One reason is that they bring prosperity and good fortune to the homes that look after them. The goldfish design is also quite popular as charms and pendants for those unable to keep them as pets. Numerous cultures regard fish as a symbol of good fortune.

That is why many religions consider the animal with admiration and even near worship.

In Buddhism, two golden fish are said to have been offered to Buddha following his enlightenment. These are the Ganges and Yamuna rivers, which originate in India. These are believed to represent living fearlessly, joyfully, and abundantly. Fish symbolize abundance in Chinese culture due to their ability to reproduce prolifically in a short period. Additionally, according to Feng Shui, the Chinese word for fish is pronounced the same way as the word for abundance. Given the Chinese culture’s widespread veneration of fish as lucky symbols, it’s unsurprising that the concept of the lucky goldfish originated in China. Goldfish were first bred in Tang Dynasty China. Although the goldfish is a member of the carp family, they are frequently confused with koi due to their color. On the other hand, Koi fish are typically larger and thus cannot be contained in a small aquarium.

The simplest explanation for why goldfish are considered fortunate in China is their gold color. This fish’s golden hue is associated with actual gold. Additionally, the goldfish’s graceful movements are believed to generate positive energy in the area surrounding the aquarium.


Birds have a predominantly positive connotation in the majority of traditions. Birds represent the ability that enables people to speak reflectively and to consider numerous factors before acting. It’s natural for them to be included as good luck symbols.

As birds are lifted into the air by their feathers and are free to fly wherever they please, the soul within the body is elevated by thought and spreads its wings everywhere. They symbolize humanity’s desire to transcend gravity and ascend to the level of angels. Often, the bird represents the disembodied human soul, liberated from its physical restraints. Birds with human heads are prominent characters in Egypt, and they are frequently seen emerging from the mouths of the dying.

In fairytales, those who understand the bird’s language frequently gain special knowledge, and humans are commonly transformed into birds. They are imagination and thought transcendence and divinity, and liberation from materialism. Additionally, it could refer to a lover’s metamorphosis. When connected to the tree, it resembles the Phoenix: the male tree, which houses the burning female. Natural adversaries of the serpent and tortoise (haste versus slowness). Bird flocks may be viewed as detrimental in certain cultures.

Birds and their symbolism have various meanings, ranging from immortality, departed souls, and spirit messengers to fertility, protection, and strength. The significance of their symbolism and representations varies due to their various spices and varieties. Apart from these specific meanings, bird symbolism represents enlightenment, whether spiritual or material. Birds’ physical structure, including hollow bones, feathers, and a light body, enables them to fly through the open blue sky. This is an ability that flightless creatures like us humans are understandably envious of.

When a bird spreads its wings and soars freely, it lets go of all its worries and soars above the heavens, delivering divine messages to those in greatest need. Additionally, religious texts refer to this. Numerous references to historical bird symbolism can also be found in literature, mythology, and folklore.


While pigs have a somewhat ambiguous symbolism in contemporary culture, as the term “Pig” is frequently used derogatorily, the ancients viewed pigs very differently. The pig embodies abundance, wealth, strength, and a never-ending supply of necessities. This animal deserves to be a part of the group of popular good luck symbols.

Pig symbolism is inextricably linked to that of wild boars. The raging energy and ferociousness of wild boars are legendary in any culture.

The spirit of the wild boar is an excellent Animal Spirit Guide to consult when you have difficulty achieving your goals or want to stop procrastinating. Wild Boar Energy can assist you in tracking down and capturing whatever is most valuable to you.

Pigs are regarded as the most intelligent barnyard animal. They are often easier to train than Dogs. However, because so few people have the opportunity to interact with these incredible creatures, they grossly underestimate the pig’s intelligence. Additionally, keep in mind that the pig is unconcerned with what others think.

This particular beast is unconcerned with who notices how intelligent they are or whether anyone acknowledges their intelligence. Pig continues plowing forward, living life, and savoring its simplicity.

Because the pig’s ego does not crave attention, it accomplishes its goals right before those who cannot see this magnificent soul. Similarly, staying out of sight can sometimes help you win the day. Often, it’s preferable if others are unaware of your motivations or never see you approaching.

Pigs on Earth and in the Spirit Realms are highly reliant on their sense of smell. As a result, pigs are well-versed in surviving in a changing world and seasons. As a result, the creature can assist you in navigating difficult transitions and rekindle your zeal.

Be cautious if you’re working with a pig and detect a foul breeze. Similarly, when the winds are favorable, take a confident step forward and seek out whatever you require to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Pigs are not universally understood. A black pig, for example, represents one of life’s three poisons on the Buddhist Wheel of Existence: greed, ill will, and delusion. Regrettably, several religions consider the pig to be unclean. Yet, because of these ancient ways of thinking, Pigs can represent knowing your worth even when others do not. Because pig’s ego is uninterested in being in the spotlight, it accomplishes. Because pig’s ego does not crave attention, it achieves its goals right before those who cannot see this magnificent soul. Similarly, staying out of sight can sometimes help you win the day. Often, it’s preferable if others are unaware of your motivations or never see you approaching.


Rabbits are trendy pets and good luck symbols. On the other hand, rabbits have been a part of people’s lives, cultures, and religious practices for a much more extended period than they have been considered pets. Rabbits have historically held a great deal of symbolic significance. This can be reflected in dreams, art, and even traditional clothing.

Rabbits are always associated with prosperity, abundance, good fortune, and fertility. Unlike many other animals, rabbit symbolism is consistent across cultures. For example, rabbits are considered spring animals in most European cultures, representing fertility and renewal. Rabbits and springs are also associated with Japanese culture. In the United States, rabbits symbolize intelligence, dedication to self-improvement, and good fortune.

However, certain cultures view rabbits differently. For example, while rabbits are considered the luckiest of the Chinese Zodiac animals, they are primarily regarded as trickster animals in Native American cultures. Additionally, while many Central American peoples regard rabbits as fertility symbols, Aztec mythology associates rabbits with drunkenness and promiscuity.

As many spiritualists and psychologists agree, symbols play a significant role in dreams. Seeing a rabbit in your goals can mean a variety of things. Typically, a rabbit represents:

  • Healthy sexuality
  • Fertility
  • Prosperity
  • Emotional levelness
  • Warmth
  • Success
  • Power
  • Luck

The way the rabbit appears in your dream can also significantly impact the alleged meaning. For instance, if you dream of a rabbit fleeing from you, this could represent someone you care about slipping away. Similarly, if the rabbit bites or scratches you in your dream, it may indicate that you are having difficulties in your romantic relationship. This malleable symbology has a great deal to do with the dream’s overall context.

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