Movable Scarecrow Charm Sterling Silver


Movable Scarecrow Charm. Detailed sterling silver casting, made in the USA, 3/4″ x 1″ , 3-D casting. Feedback received includes beautiful detail and high quality. A wonderful addition to your Halloween themed bracelet or jewelry collection.


Xinar’s lovely customers quickly discover that our movable scarecrow charm is their favorite among the countless items in our inventory. This may be because this highly detailed silver scarecrow charm will look precisely what’s on the picture, and who wouldn’t want the perfect scarecrow in their Halloween collection? So, whether you’re working on a bracelet or any other fantasy-themed project, remember that Xinar’s Halloween charms will always provide you with the best designs.

Farmers have been using scarecrows to keep unwanted birds and other feral creatures from their crops for several millennia. Scarecrows have existed for as long as agriculture has been around. Ancient farmers soon realized that animals tend to avoid human figures. This gave them the idea to construct scarecrows to safeguard their crops.

But why do humans also fear these lifeless constructions? When did the horror scarecrow become a tradition? You’d think that a grim portrayal of a human with a well-defined, everyday purpose wouldn’t give you the creeps. Yet, scarecrows, like vampires and zombies, are now considered standard horror monsters. Think of slasher flicks by the same name in the past 50 years, and you’ll get what we mean.

The greatest irony perhaps is that many avian critters are unconcerned by scarecrows, so these things tend to terrify humans more instead of their intended targets. Many animals have also become accustomed to the immobile humanoid figures in fields and have learned to ignore them. Ironically, we have to go to such measures to terrify animals, but humans are still terrified of burlap and old clothing stuffed with fluff and straw.


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