Sterling Silver Bead Collection

Sterling Silver Bead Collection

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Sterling Silver Beads

Find the perfect sterling silver beads for all your jewelry and crafting projects here at Make any 925 sterling silver beads necklace shine with that classic and timeless charm. Get bargain prices with our beads bracelet wholesale offers every day.
Always extraordinary, our sterling silver beads are backed by our longstanding tradition and commitment to providing our customers with only the best deals, the real deals.
Xinar’s extensive inventory has been on the internet since the 1990s, and if you love good jewelry-making supplies, make sure that you press Ctrl + D or Command + D (for Mac users) to bookmark our sterling silver beads page!

Xinar’s Sterling Silver Beads Make Jewelry-Making Easy

Whether it’s the first time or hundred first time your time shopping for sterling silver beads, Xinar’s extensive collection of silver beads of all shapes and sizes will enrich your designs and workbench and make every project smoother, easier, and more beautiful in the end. While the crafter’s skill is always important, let’s not forget that the quality of the jewelry-making supplies is also equally vital to the result. Xinar wants every jeweler and crafter to get precisely what they need from our store, and you must get only genuine articles every time.
Jewelry making may seem like the most daunting thing when you’re starting. Still, as the beads and findings come together, there is a certain harmony and beauty in designing classics like a sterling silver beads necklace or a sterling silver bracelet. Our sterling silver beads for jewelry making have been beautifying jewelry designs for decades, and this year, we’re committed to making your designs even more fashionable and gorgeous.
Xinar is the best place to buy beads in bulk, and we are also committed to minimizing our carbon footprint—we pack our beads in reasonable packs in bulk, so you won’t get an entire room of packs when you open your delivery. From sterling silver spacer beads to other sterling silver supplies for jewelry making, you can be sure of receiving the best service and Xinar’s unmatched Best Price Guarantee.
Pick from our huge variety of sterling silver beads, including round spacer beads, round oval beads, mirror beads, stardust beads, bi-cone beads, donut beads, Hogan beads, plain and corrugated tired beads, and more!

Why Use Sterling Silver Beads?

There’s a good reason why the market for this white metal has always been robust. Sterling silver is stunning and is suitable for the broadest array of designs. In addition, Xinar’s beads can help bring your designs to life, from fantasy-themed bracelet edits to the most elegant necklaces.
Sterling Silver is Hypoallergenic
Nickel allergy affects up to 10% of the population. However, because young women are more likely to contact nickel-containing jewelry, this figure jumps to 20%. Even if you’ve never experienced an allergic sensitivity to the jewelry before, nickel allergies can cause itchy, inflamed skin and ugly scabs, which is why you should avoid it entirely. It makes complete sense to use sterling silver beads in project because of this.
Sterling silver is a beautiful hypoallergenic jewelry option since it is made up of 92.5% pure silver and is less prone to inducing contact dermatitis.
Sterling Silver is Incredibly Durable
Sterling silver jewelry, if properly cared for, will last a lifetime. This means owners of sterling silver jewelry will possess timeless items that will be appreciated as priceless heirlooms by generations to come.
Knowing how to care for sterling silver ensures that they will look the same in forty years. This is the main reason why investing a little more in sterling silver spacer beads and other grand silver beads are worthwhile – the finished piece’s quality and lifespan will transcend the initial investment. Maintenance is also more straightforward compared to other metals, and there is no shortage of professional jewelers who can provide restoration services when the time comes.
Sterling Silver Beads Allows Crafters to Flourish
Keeping up with jewelry trends can be tricky since new pieces enter the market every day. It’s good that sterling silver will always be in style because of its effortless, ageless elegance and popularity with both men and women. Fashion trends come and go, but sterling silver will always be alongside the most up-to-date jewelry designs.
Sterling silver is also perfectly malleable and easy to work with. This trait provides jewelers a lot of flexibility when it comes to crafting their new designs.
They can keep experimenting with styles to come up with unique new jewelry that perfectly stands out.

A Concise History of Sterling Silver

The standard for sterling silver dates to medieval times, when King Edward I of England enacted a law requiring all silver products to meet a purity standard of 92.5%—or 925 parts of pure silver per thousand. The items were to be marked with the familiar leopard’s head, which in turn was stamped by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. This company survived to modern times, and they’re called the Goldsmith’s Company now.
Even though silver became more popular in jewelry design during the 19th century, the British government did not mandate jewelers to use any hallmark on their work. As a result, objects from the period are frequently devoid of any purity or producers’ markings.
The bulk of raw silver was utilized in the smithing silverware, plates, and tableware around the 1800s.
The loss of French silver simultaneously increased the consumption of good British silverwork. British smithing blended function with a minimalist structure. As it turned out, the English brought their silversmithing style to America, where pieces from the period can still be seen, made in a manner that mirrored the utility and elegant lines of British silversmithing. With the popularity of silverwork in the British Isles growing, it wasn’t long before the metal was used in handcrafted jewelry creations.
Why did our forefathers go to such lengths to gain silver, as appealing as it is?
Despite being an unsuitable metal for tools and weapons and being neither as scarce nor as versatile as gold, silver has been regarded as the more valuable of the two metals throughout history.
Bronze (a copper-tin alloy) was more durable and easier to work with. The Greeks used bronze plough shears and bronze swords to cultivate the land and storm Troy. Thousands of miles separated the trade routes for bronze ingots. They, like us, used bronze/copper coins as a kind of currency.
It’s no surprise that silver plates, cups, and utensils became were prized status symbols. Gold was too heavy, too malleable, and far too rare.
Silver has been the wonder metal of humanity for over 6,000 years, both in domestic and jewelry applications. At one point, silver was the stainless steel.
Silver is also both malleable and ductile. It’s one of a handful of metals that can be effectively pounded to thin leaf sheets. Silver can also be pulled into solid wires. The natural appeal to jewelers is evident.
It’s the most reflective and whitest of metals. The creation of mirrors would have probably been delayed if we didn’t discover silver.
The surface of the metal has natural antibacterial qualities that have long been employed in medicine. However, in the world of jewelry, a metal that prevents infections is not just icing on the cake—it’s something that can spell the difference between customers buying a specific type of jewelry or skipping it altogether.
Copper or nickel usually makes up the percentage of silver that isn’t silver. Some modern silver alloys have trace amounts of Germanium, which almost wholly prevents tarnishing.

Xinar’s Sterling Silver Beads Collection

Following the timeless trend of silver across the fashion universe, Xinar continues to offer beautiful collections of 925 sterling silver beads to crafters and DIY jewelry designers globally. Below are some of our offerings that would be a great addition to anyone’s jewelry bench.

Sterling Silver Bicone Beads

Bicone or bi-cone beads are stunning because of their many facets. Swarovski popularized this form; they have more facets than a traditional bicone for maximum light refraction, which results in a dazzling radiance.

Sterling Silver Rondelle Beads

The form of the bead is what gives it the name rondelle. The diameter of a rondelle bead is more significant than its height, giving it the appearance of a disc or doughnut. You can use these beads to separate your other beads.

Sterling Silver Round Beads

Gemstones and metals are the most common choices for round beads. However, you have various options besides plastic, from ceramic to enamel.

Sterling Silver Saucer Beads

Saucer beads are widespread across the crafting universe because of their versatility and all the fun designs you can do with them. Those making beads in the paper also learn the saucer shape first as they fan out to other bead forms. Xinar’s saucer beads are hypoallergenic and durable and perfect for different projects.

Sterling Silver Stardust Beads

Sterling silver stardust beads add brilliance and texture to handcrafted jewelry. These will be brilliant additions to your design, and they will complement all sorts of themes and designs, from simple ones to more complex beadwork.

Sterling Silver Tube Beads

Sterling silver tube beads are great spacer beads that add depth and shine to any design. These are perfect for emphasizing your focal point in the design, too. Use tube beads for different jewelry projects, and use Xinar’s other beads to make your project shine.

Sterling Silver Twist Tube Beads

Silver twist tube beads add a touch of flair to jewelry design because of their unique appearance and the equally unique way these beads reflect light. Use twist tube beads if you want a touch of uniqueness and elegance to your designs.

Sterling Silver Corrugated Beads

These silver beads have a corrugated surface that increases the surface where light can be reflected. In addition, the surface of sterling silver corrugated beads allows light to scintillate easily, making a bracelet or necklace look even more luxurious and premium.

Sterling Silver Crimp Beads

Crimp beads are metal spacer beads used to fasten clasps and beads to stringing materials that cannot be knotted, such as a beading wire.

Use flat-nosed pliers to “squish” the crimps or invest in dedicated crimping pliers to “fold” the bead into a compact shape.

Connect the crimp to the wire first. Next, wrap the wire around the end component (clasp or jump ring, for example). To close the wire loop, feed its end back through the crimp. Once you’ve finished crimping, the loop will be securely fastened, so now is the time to pull it as tight as you’d like.

Use the flat-nosed pliers as shown below or a set of specialized crimping pliers according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Adjust the pliers so the crimp at the end is as straight as possible.

Keep your pliers perpendicular to the wire you’re working with. Carefully flatten the crimp by squeezing it with the pliers. The loop you create needs to be safe and long-lasting. The wire may not be securely gripped, the crimp may break, and the beading wire may be irreversibly bent if the crimp is not straight before crimping.

Sterling Silver Crimp Covers

Using crimps and crimp covers, you can prevent your beading thread from unraveling. Said it prevents the need for knots. After passing the beading wire through the crimp bead, it is threaded through the jewelry component’s loop and back through the crimp bead.

Sterling Silver Hammered Beads

Xinar offers an eye-catching assortment of sterling silver hammered beads and jewelry components. Each bead is hand-made from high-quality sterling silver to create a one-of-a-kind look and feel that will add sophistication to your jewelry creations. These beads are great for constructing everything from simple, elegant jewelry to elaborate, one-of-a-kind designs.

Sterling Silver Faceted Beads

Tiny beads with numerous flat sides, or “facets,” give jewelry designs a shimmer and shine. In comparison to crystal beads, faceted beads are lightweight and less expensive. The multifaceted beads sold at Xinar be used to create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories.

Sterling Silver Hogan Beads

Sterling silver hogan beads are always a great addition to necklaces, bracelets, and other handcrafted designs because their sloping sides remind people of bicone beads. Alternatively, you can use these beads to earwires of your choice and bend the loop for an easy dangle earring. In addition, Hogan beads have a shiny, sleek appearance.


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Sterling silver corrugated donut beads are like diamond-studded tires. Add a touch of luxury to any jewelry project.


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Elevate your DIY jewelry projects with sterling silver corrugated round beads. These beads add texture and shine to any design.


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Secure your jewelry designs with sterling silver crimp beads. These small but essential components ensure your creations stay in place.


When it comes to jewelry making, crimp covers are a must-have item. Our sterling silver crimp covers provide a professional and elegant touch to your designs.


Add a touch of elegance to your jewelry creations with our sterling silver disc beads. Available in a range of sizes to fit any design!


Make a bold statement with our round disco beads in sterling silver! These shimmering beads add a touch of glam to any jewelry or fashion


Create stunning pieces with these Sterling Silver Donut Beads. Their unique shape and shiny finish will make your jewelry stand out from the rest.


Looking for the perfect silver beads to complete your jewelry creations? Our sterling silver round beads are perfect for a classic and timeless look.


Elevate your jewelry-making game with these silver hammered beads. Select the size that fits your design and start creating today.


Create stunning and timeless jewelry pieces with our vast selection of sterling silver saucer beads. Discover your new favorite bead today!


Add some sparkle to your ward robe.  Made from Sterling silver, these chic accessories are a must have


Whether you’re creating a  bracelet or a necklace, our sterling silver oval beads are a perfect addition to your designs. Browse our collection today!

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