Get Crafty with Sterling Silver Charms This Holiday Season

Get Crafty with Sterling Silver Charms This Holiday Season

sterling silver charms

It is a refreshing sight this holiday season, with art craft shows blooming across the country in preparation for the season’s traditional holiday shopping rush. Those who love sterling silver charms, vintage-inspired crafts, décor, and jewelry will be happy to know that craft markets are mushrooming alongside arts and crafts classes for adults and children.

However, some people are decidedly anxious about going out for holiday shopping, deciding instead to stay at home to keep safe from the virus. If you have some reservations about physical shopping, too, know that you don’t have to skimp on value, beauty, or artistry this holiday season.

Xinar’s extensive catalog of sterling silver charms, holiday charms, birthday charms, and other occasion charms are here to help you make your homemade crafts even more special and memorable. Sterling silver charms, particularly, can help you personalize charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry for giving away (or selling!) this season.
sterling silver charms

Holiday Jewelry Crafting Ideas with Sterling Silver Charms

Beaded Candy Cane Earrings with Sterling Silver Charms

Candy canes supposedly represent the staff of the humble shepherd, which is equivalent to Joseph, Jesus, and many other personages in the Christian tradition. With a bit of wire and ingenuity, you too can make a pair of beautiful candy-cane earrings. You have a choice of using sterling silver charms, gold-filled, rose gold-filled, or copper beads. For that extra dash of pizzazz, don’t forget to conclude the design with a lovely pendant, like our nautical star charm.  

An alternative project would be a pair of Christmas tree earrings. You can make this type of earring by bending earring wire into the shape of a Christmas tree and adding a small bead at each bend.

Suppose you have seven bends in the design; you will need seven tiny beads as well. Remember to close the design at the base with a loop and add a final bead at the bottom. Metal beads are a good choice for this project as they are durable and add that extra shine to the design – happy holidays, indeed!  

Heart Charm Bracelet with Sterling Silver Charms

Charm bracelets are a staple of the holiday season (and every other time of the year), and some charms are just meant to be worn every day with sterling silver charms. A heart charm bracelet is a beautiful expression of love (and longing), and you don’t have to be an expert crafter to use charms like Xinar’s infinity heart charm to make a lovely bracelet. Check out our sterling silver findings for jewelry-making supplies to start making your first infinity heart charm bracelet.

Santa’s Leg Earrings

You can make a pair of cute Santa’s Leg earrings with just two beads. The trick is to create a small loop at the opposite end of the bead so that you can hook some crocheted Santa’s Legs there.

Alternatively, you can change the color scheme from red, white, and black to yellow and black for Elf’s Legs. For Santa Legs, you will need red for the pants, black for the boots, and white for the pant accent, and for Elf’s Legs, it’s yellow for the elf’s socks, and black for the pointy shoes. We can combine crafts and sterling silver charms because why not?

Good Luck Necklace

Any beginning crafter can easily make a Good Luck Necklace – all you need is a necklace chain and, of course, sterling silver charms that will bring all the luck to the creation. Of course, there are plenty of ways to express fortune and happiness this holiday season. Some classic choices are shamrock charm or a leprechaun charm. And for that extra fiery holiday cheer, you can also experiment with pendants like a firecracker charm.

Christmas Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings

If your goal is to create something Christmas-inspired, specifically, you’re in luck. There is no shortage of great Christmas charms online, and a single charm bracelet can hold so many charms.

The key to a balanced design is to pick a theme and express that theme with each new charm you add to the design. Bracelets are easier to edit because there is less space to fill, but that doesn’t mean you need to be less creative. For example, can you make earrings with sterling silver charms? Certainly! Earrings come in all shapes and forms, and earrings with silver charms are fine for parties and other occasions.

sterling silver charms

Essential Crafting Tools When Working with Sterling Silver Charms

If this is your first time crafting jewelry at home, the following tools will make your job super easy.

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are an essential component of any jewelry maker’s toolkit. Wire cutters are effective for stringing wire, eye pins, and headpins.  Most homes already have one of these tools, so you may not need to buy one. However, before going to the local hardware store or ordering one online, do check the garage or shed to see whether your family already has one laying around.

Memory wire cutters, not conventional wire cutters, are required to cut memory wire. For this sort of wire, ordinary cutters will dent the cutting edge, rendering it worthless.

Round Nose Pliers

Dad’s toolbox does not usually have round nose pliers because they are exclusively used for jewelry creation. Simple loops are easier to make with round nose pliers. Round nose pliers have tapered jaws that allow you to place your wire along the jaw to achieve the same loop size you want. Place the wire closer to the handles of the round nose pliers for a larger loop. Move the wire closer to the tip for smaller loops. Label the pliers with a permanent marker to make looping of constant size for specific jobs.

Chain Nose Pliers

You could be tricked into thinking you’re using chain-nose pliers when you’re using needle-nose pliers. Flat-jawed chain nose pliers have a flatter surface, ideal for holding jewelry wire without leaving scars or ridges.

Chain nose pliers feature shorter jaws than needle-nose pliers, making them easier to work with. Finally, chain nose pliers taper towards the tip and may readily be pushed into narrow areas; they can also be used to open and close jump rings.

Flat Nose Pliers

The non-tapered tip and increased surface area of flat nose pliers make it easier to hold jewelry wire. However, if you don’t want to buy this item, you’ll still need two sets of pliers: one to form the wire and the other to hold the other end while manipulating it.

Crimping Tool

Some jewelry makers employ flat nose or chain nose pliers to hammer a crimp bead into place on projects where the wire appears in between beaded segments. However, crushing the metal generates an unattractive sharp edge that can cut sensitive skin.

Crimping pliers or crimpling tools have unique notches used to flatten and round a crimp bead onto the wire. For example, you can crimp with one notch and then shape the bead into a circle with a more prominent notch towards the end of the pliers. You can also use this tool to finish a job by securing the clasp.

Bead Stoppers

Bead stoppers are essential if you plan on stringing beads. By keeping beads in place on the wire, these simple gadgets can save you a lot of time. To spread the springs apart, squeeze the loops on either end of the stopper. After that, insert your bead wire and undo the loops.

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