Wiccan Symbols and Meanings

Wiccan Symbols and Meanings

Wiccan symbols and meanings are among the most widely used and most potent inventions of humankind. Hence, having the ability to convey complex ideas and abstract concepts in a way that is easy to comprehend and retain.

Wicca, often a duotheistic faith, honors both the Triple Goddess and the Horned God in addition to its usual pair of deities. There is a belief that the life force manifested in nature is embodied in these polarities, which are considered in perfect harmony with one another throughout the universe.

In Wicca, all life is considered sacred, including humans, plants, animals, and rituals influence nature to gain love, prestige, power, and other desirable outcomes. Several symbols and talismans are employed in these rituals.

Symbols are one of the most widely used and influential human inventions ever. This power is the ability to simplify complex ideas and abstract notions for our benefit and internalization.

Wicca, like many religions, has its symbols that have spiritual meaning. Many Wiccans have their interpretations of the symbols, as many distinct ideas and traditions make up the faith.

Most people’s preconceptions about Wicca and Wiccans stem from Hollywood’s distorted portrayal of them in movies and television. As a result, negative, empowering symbols have been demonized to the extent that they are viewed with skepticism and fear.

What are Wiccan Symbols?

Wicca is the more popular name for Pagan witchcraft. Since different “denominations” of Wicca have different “traditions,” the significance of the symbols used in Wicca will vary according to the tradition the user is following. However, the moon goddess and the horned deity are widespread.

Many other Wiccan symbols and meanings can be used today in the form of a tattoo or a sterling silver charm. Some can be traced back to ancient Pagan religious symbols, while others are more likely to be modern inventions or adaptations.

These Pagan symbols have changed their meanings to reflect contemporary Wiccan practice rather than their historical roots in some situations. Many Wiccan symbols are also used in other Neo-Pagan religions or religions not connected to Neo-Paganism.

What are These Ancient Symbols?

Paganism in its purest form refers to the ancient faiths of Greece and Rome and those in the surrounding territories. A polytheistic belief in numerous gods is common among pagans, but only one that symbolizes the supreme godhead is worshiped.

Many Wiccan symbols and meanings are also utilized in other Neo-Pagan religions and other religions that are unrelated to Neo-Paganism. The original connotations of these pagan symbols may have been lost in adapting them to modern Wiccan practice, but this is not always the case.

Ancient scroll

Numerous examples of Renaissance, Gothic, and Archaeological Revival jewelry use ancient scroll parchment charm as its primary design. It is possible to create scrolls in jewelry design by engraving, piercing a pattern, joining parts, enameling, and rendering by casting, chasing, or repousse.

Ancient scrolls are made with rolls of paper, papyrus, or parchment that can be turned into a specific page. The scroll was widely used until the fourth century when the codex began. Christians preserved papyrus in a codex form during the first half of the second century.

It is unknown how the Egyptians made papyrus sheets because they never documented the procedure. Although scholars have used Pliny’s somewhat inaccurate description and modern-day experimentation to re-create understanding of the process, it is not without flaws.

We may be in the proximity of our guardians or higher beings if keepers of scrolls are there, allowing us access to places where not everyone can receive it. However, keepers indicate that this information is not available to the general public and that some prerequisite, no matter how minimal, is required to gain access.

Pharaoh’s head

The ancient Egyptians are the only culture that conjures mystery, appeal, and romance. In ancient Egypt, jewelry was an essential part of life, as seen by the exquisite accessories that archaeologists have unearthed—that soon became an inspiration to create Pharaoh’s head charms.

Ancient Egyptians used a wide variety of pharaonic symbols in their daily lives. Therefore, it was also necessary to consider Egyptian ingenuity in the invention and usage of characters and the importance of these symbols in Egyptian society, religion, culture, and amusement.

Egyptian headdresses, specifically the Pharaoh’s head, had their genesis in the gods, as the saying goes. Ancient Egyptian gods wore headdresses to represent their status as the first mythological kings, even before forming the universe itself. People in paintings and statues were clearly distinguished by their crowns.

The Egyptians believed that specific colors would keep them in good health, making Egyptian jewelry vibrant. In the past, people thought that wearing certain kinds of jewelry would give them protection both in this world and the next.

Devil or Satan

Globally popular in Gothic jewelry. Some atheists may want to wear them to be recognized as such. Others may do it as a sign of their devotion to Satanism. Others, on the other hand, think they’re just plain cool. It’s always intriguing to learn about the history and significance of the gothic pendants like the 3D Devil Satan charm you wear. It’s also interesting how these symbols link to Wiccan symbols and meanings.

Gothic symbols and their meanings have evolved, going from primitive and barbaric to dark and dreadful. Many people believe that gothic jewelry is a recent fad, emerging only in the previous few decades. They are, however, mistaken, as this type of jewelry has been around for centuries and continues to be popular today.

Gothic jewelry has been around since the Middle Ages when medieval talismans such as sarcophagi were popular. In addition, gothic motifs may be traced back to the East Germanic tribes of the Renaissance, while Gothic culture was born during this period.

Baphomet, also known as the Goat of Mendes, is an Egyptian fertility god. He has a goat’s head on his shoulders. Binary elements are incorporated to represent the completeness of the cosmos. The Goat of Mendes is frequently used in conjunction with the Pentacle, although it is also often employed.

Star of David

For those looking for a Star of David charm for themselves or a loved one, there is a wide range of options. A simple silver or gold option is available, and various additional materials such as wood, beads, and crystals.

In 1897, the First Zionist Congress designated the Star of David as the official symbol of Judaism for use on the Israeli flag. Zionism and Jewish communities around the world adopted it as their emblem.

The Leningrad Codex, the oldest complete Hebrew Bible edition still in existence, first used a Star of David in 1108. King David’s divine protection was linked to that of a shield by using the term “Magan David” as early as the 11th century as a moniker for the Lord.

The hexagram represents the spiritual dimension. The Jews believe that they are shielded from harm from all sides by this six-sided sign of God’s supremacy, represented by the middle’s hexagram.


Symbol guides from the Viking era had a profound impact on the peoples and defenders of the Scandinavian region. The prominent symbol of this Yggdrasil charm is the Great Tree of Life. There are nine dimensions to the cosmos, and this ancient sign represents a waypoint or crossroads between them.

There has continually been a powerful connection between trees and youthfulness. Several myths, legends, and even modern artworks use the term “tree of life.” A sign of nature’s super-incredible and super-inspiring power can be seen here. Most people are familiar with the Great Tree of Life concept in Viking mythology.

One of the most well-known Norse mythological images is the massive Yggdrasil tree. Many old societies and religions revere trees, but the Norse people are unique in their devotion to the trees. The Yggdrasil tree connects the Nine Worlds, central to Norse mythology.

Vikings can always return home thanks to a magical protection spell or stave protecting them from becoming lost in the wilderness. Finally, on the left is the Valknut, which depicts a warrior’s fantasy of a Viking paradise. They can live here, battle, and celebrate victory in Valhalla among the Viking Gods in this place.

Tarot card with the crystal ball

Tarot cards, like horoscopes, can direct your daily activities if you allow them. Additionally, the standard 78-card deck of tarot cards has staggering imagery. When you wear the tarot card with a crystal ball charm around your neck, you’ll be able to tap into the varied energies they represent. So whether you choose to surprise your loved ones by mailing one of these necklaces or giving one as a stocking stuffer, these necklaces are ideal gifts for astrology enthusiasts.

You don’t need to know the cards’ meanings to give a complete tarot reading because the symbols on the cards are so rich with symbolism. For example, in some tarot decks, you’ll find symbols drawn from numerology, archetypes, color meanings, and astrology, among other sources.

It is possible to find current decks with various graphics, themes, and symbols. However, you can use the symbols on these cards to interpret symbols from dream interpretation or psychic symbols, numerology, Jungian archetypes, and color interpretations for more focused reading.

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