Vintage Style: Fashion and Jewelry Tips

Vintage Style: Fashion and Jewelry Tips

While vintage style is currently on-trend, there is a great deal of confusion regarding what is considered retro versus antique clothing versus vintage clothing. Additionally, they want to know how old vintage style is and what fashion items are considered vintage.

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For the sake of everyone, we’re not going to be too hard-lined about the definitions in this article because our goal is to make people happy about the shifts in their fashion choices. But it’s good to know some basic parameters in fashion so you know what to search for and buy when looking for vintage-style items. So today, we’re going to focus first on vintage-style fashion, especially clothing and jewelry.

Vintage Style Definition

Vintage refers to any item, like jewelry and clothing, that harks back to a previous social period or era and is between forty and a hundred years old.

In the fashion industry, the term vintage style also refers to articles of clothing that are at least forty years old.

However, for an article of clothing to be considered vintage, it must contain stylistic elements prevalent during that era.

Items older than a century are no longer considered vintage but properly antique.

In addition, because terms such as “vintage,” “retro,” and “antique” are frequently used interchangeably, the age of the garment is essential for distinguishing between the correct terms. Additionally, the age of the item, as well as its condition and rarity, are used to determine its price.

Therefore, terms such as vintage clothing, retro fashion, and antique fashion are used to indicate the age of an item. ‘vintage’ can be applied to objects at least 20 years old. However, only if these items exhibit characteristics associated with that era.

A pair of sunglasses produced in 1985 that looks identical to one produced in 2022 is technically vintage. However, you cannot refer to these glasses as “vintage 1980s” if the design lacks any of the defining characteristics of that era.

Important: We’re aware that not everyone is interested in investing in collectible vintage garments. There is such a thing as a vintage aesthetic, where a particular era’s look, feel, or vibe is mimicked through carefully curating clothing items and jewelry. Wearing vintage style by channeling the spirit or aesthetic of the era is 100% valid and is a great way to get into the vintage style movement.

Some people like to sport the look, and they like to get creative with their daily wear. Therefore, there is no pressure to spend much money to enjoy the vintage style.

What About Retro Fashion?

Retro fashion is another great channel for your creative juices if you’re interested in changing your fashion.

The term retro is used to describe accessories, shoes, jewelry, and clothing from the last twenty years that were mainly inspired by much older designs.

If you buy something tagged as retro, it doesn’t automatically mean that the article of clothing is 20 years old or even a year. Retro fashion pieces can be made last month and still exude the right flair and aura of the decade that inspired the look and feel.

As retro fashion pieces aren’t typically collectible, they are more affordable than haute couture.

They are also typically more practical. Modern retro clothing does not have to be exact replicas of garments from bygone eras.

It suffices for it to be made in the style of the older item that served as inspiration. A dress made only five years ago, mainly taken from the concept of flapper clothing of the twenties, is the perfect example of retro fashion pieces.

On the other hand, the flapper’s original 1920s-era dress qualifies as vintage. Retro fashion pieces are mainly copies of designs, while vintage pieces are the originals. Something tagged as vintage style may also be practically categorized as retro fashion pieces because they don’t qualify as genuine vintage or collectible pieces by age. We make this distinction only to assign value to articles of clothing, as vintage clothing tends to be more expensive.

Retro fashion is a dress style that evolved from vintage fashion. Retro can refer to virtually any era beginning in the 1940s, despite being most commonly associated with the “mod” fashions of the 1960s. Pre-1940s clothing is typically referred to as historical clothing. Historically, fashion elements from different eras frequently reappear in style, but the retro movement aims to capture an entire look rather than a single fashion element.

Beginning in the early 1960s, the British Invasion occurred in the music industry. In addition to music that swept the globe, this era also gave birth to a new fashion style known as a mod. Men sported turtlenecks and blazers, while women sported miniskirts and patent leather boots. Pants were frequently constructed from striped fabrics and thick leather belts. In addition, bell-bottomed pants were introduced during this time, although they were not as flared as those associated with “hippie” fashion later.

The hippie movement, which began in the late 1960s as a protest against the Vietnam War, is likely the most enduring type of retro fashion. Members of the movement adopted a dress style that combined elements of prairie fashion and Eastern Indian clothing. They frequently wore soft cotton embroidered shirts with a loose fit. The shirts were typically worn with jeans with bell-shaped bottoms or prairie skirts. Suede jackets, vests, and broad floppy hats were also popular.

Rockabilly is a subgenre of retro fashion that derives from clothing worn in the late fifties. This was the era when rock-and-roll was the most famous music genre. Typically, men wore skinny clothing and blue jeans.

This was also when leather jackets became popular, most likely due to the influence of the actor James Dean. In addition to circle skirts and form-fitting sweaters, women wore ankle socks and form-fitting sweaters.

Retro fashion is a prevalent trend, but authentic vintage clothing can be challenging to locate. Occasionally, these fashion items can be found in thrift stores or estate sales, but genuine vintage clothing is typically sold in more expensive specialty stores. These fashion items can be expensive depending on the garment’s overall condition. Some individuals find it less expensive to create their fashions or to hire a seamstress tailor to create them.

Tips for Wearing Vintage Style Clothing

In the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, the most critical aspect of clothing was that every detail was impeccable. In this case, you have nothing to worry about. Avoid attempting too hard to look like you belong in the 1950s. Instead, go for a sloppier appearance and shatter that impeccable style. Roll up your sleeves, raise your collars, and don’t attempt to imitate the fashion of the 1950s as it once was.

You can easily find black 1950s dresses on the internet, but this article is about achieving a sophisticated and stylish vintage look. You are expected to experiment with color combinations and contrasts in this case. If you want to break up an all-vintage ensemble, you must pair your vintage dress with some denim. Especially if it’s the daytime, we highly recommend pairing denim with 1970s vintage women’s clothing. We guarantee that many heads will turn when you walk down the street with such a contrast.

If you observe one thing about Instagram models and fashionistas, it is how much time and effort they have put into creating a combination of formal and casual attire. So whether you choose blue 1950s dresses or a different vintage suit, make sure you don’t appear too formal or casual.

Combine both, mix and match a bit, and then determine whether you like the resulting models. Neutralizing your hair and makeup is one of the most effective ways to style a vintage dress. For instance, if you choose green vintage dresses, you do not need to wear a green hairband or anything else green to match the outfit. Instead, choose something straightforward and as natural as possible.

Styling Vintage Style Jewelry

We’re huge fans of combining vintage and contemporary jewelry. This style guide aims to assist you in pairing vintage jewelry with contemporary designs. This will guarantee that your jewelry style is unique and that your vintage jewelry always looks its best.

We encourage you to begin wearing your beautiful heirlooms alongside your fashionable modern jewelry. It’s not that difficult; remove your vintage jewelry from its box and pair it with newer, more contemporary pieces.

You will be surprised at how well vintage design works with contemporary fine jewelry. Check it out!

Consider the Overall Look

If you’re interested in wearing vintage-style jewelry, it is just as essential to avoid clashing with your outfit as it is to avoid clashing with other accessories. Therefore, consider not only the sleeves and necklines mentioned previously but also the fabric and color of your clothing.

Dresses and other garments already shimmering and embellished do not require additional shimmer.

If your outfit is already dazzling, you may want to leave out vintage-style jewelry for now. You don’t want to appear “too much” as that could cause your look to turn comical. Balance is essential, so everything flows naturally and you look great since your point is to make a good impression.

Black and other solid-colored outfits serve as a canvas for layering and combining luxurious accessories. However, choose a basic outfit as your foundation if you want a refined look with vintage jewelry.

Don’t Forget the Weather

Like matching your jewelry to your outfit, you must consider what you must wear throughout the seasons. Winter can be the most challenging season because you bundle up to go outside but remove your outerwear once you reach your evening destination.

Choose a brooch as your foundational piece when combining vintage jewelry during the cooler months. Vintage brooches are versatile pieces. First, place them on winter scarves, hats, and coats; then, transfer them to your outfit once inside. With an eye-catching statement brooch, you can pair high-end pieces that do not add bulk to your winter attire.

It’s OK to Take Inspiration from Different Eras

You’ve cultivated your collection to match your preferences, and in doing so, you’ve likely acquired pieces from various eras and decades. Do not feel the need to separate your antiques, which date back more than a century, from other vintage jewelry. Instead, create a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching ensemble that demonstrates your varied, sophisticated style.

Mixing and Matching is Perfectly Fine

You may be tempted to wear jewelry of the same metals or gems. While this look is permissible, modern jewelry etiquette favors mixing luxury pieces. Display the diversity of your impressive vintage jewelry collection while observing the guidelines above.

Don’t restrict your imagination and creativity to your jewelry’s original purposes and appearance. For example, if you have a ring that you don’t wear due to its size or weight, you can create a pendant by attaching it to a chain.

A necklace can be tied to make it shorter or worn as a bracelet. Dare to combine your jewelry in unconventional ways to get the most out of all your pieces and flaunt your upscale tastes.

Try Necklace Layering

Combining vintage and contemporary necklaces is the ideal way to achieve a chic and fashionable jewelry look. For example, combining a classic gold collier with chokers of contemporary design creates a layering effect that is eye-catching and incredibly fashionable.

Combining different types of necklaces, such as chokers and pendant necklaces, is the best styling tip for creating a unique and individualistic appearance. Additionally, we encourage you to combine gold and silver because it adds a new dimension to the stacking game.

What About Rings? It only takes a handful of vintage and modern rings to achieve the desired statement look. Wearing a vintage diamond ring adds exclusivity to any ensemble, and a glimmer adds an elegant touch. When worn with newer rings, the diamond vintage ring adds sophistication and personality to the style, whereas when worn alone, it can appear too feminine or out-of-date. Combining vintage and contemporary jewelry creates a unique and incredibly fashionable look. It adds personality and

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