Vintage Earrings: Styling with Vintage in 2023 and Beyond

Vintage Earrings: Styling with Vintage in 2023 and Beyond

Vintage earrings and other vintage jewelry offer incredible possibilities in the coming year. Suppose your fashion needs a refresh, or you’ve been thinking of styling yourself with a vintage motif for the longest time. In that case, you’re lucky: Xinar offers many beautiful retro and vintage earrings in our Far Fetched Imports collection. Check out our Far Fetched Imports post and dangle earrings to see what the seventies, eighties, and nineties offer.

If you’re interested in crafting retro-inspired or vintage-inspired necklaces and earrings at home, check out our sterling silver necklace chains and 925 sterling silver charms and pendants.

Why Wear Vintage Earrings?

Vintage earrings offer the main benefits of ease and simplicity. With our vintage earrings for sale, all you have to do is wear them instantly, and they help transform your fashion into a genuinely vintage one. Our vintage post earrings and dangle earrings are fantastic for all occasions, and they come with the added benefit of having been handcrafted by talented artisans.

Jewelry like the ones in our Far Fetched Imports collection is made by hand and carries the unmistakable patina of time. They’ve also been well-preserved and are perfect for any growing collection of vintage jewelry at home. They’re the perfect investment if your main goal is to have various designs to choose from when you want to create a more vintage look.

Vintage earrings come in all shapes and sizes. The ones we have (Far Fetched Imports) are either 925 sterling silver or mixed metal. Mixed metal jewelry is precious and, quite frankly, things of wonder, mainly because it takes so much knowledge and skills to adequately combine metals of different melting points and design them to make sure they look right as a cohesive jewelry unit. That alone should convince you that retro or vintage jewelry is worth your interest and investment.

Take a look at our 14K Gold Fill Garnet Briolette Pear-Shaped Teardrop Earrings or our sterling silver Ceramic & Tiger Eye Inca Teardrop Bead Dangle Earrings to compare different modes of artisan technique. One uses a mixed metal approach, while the other uses sterling silver and other materials to complete the jewelry. Either way, you get the vintage aesthetic that you are looking for.

Who to Style Vintage Earrings and Other Jewelry

It’s not just your shoes and clothes that contribute to your brand of personal style. You can have the most sophisticated outfit, right down to expensive, branded footwear, but it won’t mean much if you don’t wear the proper jewelry.

If worn correctly, vintage jewelry can enhance your overall look and add that emphasis that other items of personal fashion cannot deliver. By knowing how to style your jewelry to flow perfectly with the rest of your fashion, you can improve your look and add that dash of elegance that will go well with the personal vision you had in mind.

When you wear vintage jewelry, you want to feel as sophisticated as the era that gave rise to your accessories or jewelry. Before learning how to combine vintage jewelry styles, it is prudent to master a single style. There are general guidelines for wearing different kinds of jewelry, as you will see below:


When wearing multiple bracelets, you should almost always wear an odd number. If you are unfamiliar with wearing vintage bracelets, begin with three comfortable pieces. As you will learn further in this article, the jewelry you should and should not wear depends on your outfit. Consider the length of your sleeves when selecting these accessories. Longer sleeves necessitate the omission of bracelets or, if necessary, the selection of slimmer pieces to be worn underneath.


Rings are the most symbolic of all jewelry pieces. Be mindful of your rings because people are bound to try to interpret them when they see them. Matrimonial rings are often worn on the left, although some cultures prefer the right index finger.

If you want to wear a nice vintage ring, you can use the middle finger to signal that it has no marital significance (if this applies to you). Other fingers, like the index finger, pinky, and thumb, can also be used for vintage rings. These fingers have no symbolic significance, and selecting the index finger will help your ring stand out more.


Your neckline should be considered when selecting a necklace. Deep necklines permit longer necklaces, whereas a sweetheart neckline necessitates shorter pieces if you are uncertain about which knotted necklace, vintage necklace, or lariat to wear.


The shape, length, and color of your earrings determine whether or not they complement a particular outfit. For example, if you have short hair or are pulled back, you can wear more oversized or prolonged earrings.

If you’re thinking of wearing a pair of vintage earrings for a night out, you should avoid wearing other statement jewelry.

Depending on the outfit and occasion, you may decide not to wear any other jewelry to draw attention to your pair of vintage earrings.

Now that you understand how to wear vintage jewelry (including vintage earrings), you must learn how to combine them effectively.

Jewelry Styling Guidelines

When accessorizing for an evening out, rings, bracelets, and necklaces with radiant brooches, we recommend the following:

The old jewelry code stated that gold, silver, and other jewelry metals must never be mixed into one look.

However, the rules have changed recently. Combining gold, silver, and other metals is permissible to create novel and distinctive jewelry combinations. For example, wear several bracelets at once or some smaller rings you have never worn together because of their material.

Be careful when mixing metals, however. For example, pure gold can be easily scratched by harder metals or gems, such as diamonds, so it is vital to consider the composition of each component before combining them.

We recognize that more is sometimes better when it comes to necklaces. You are proud of your refined collection of vintage jewelry and detest leaving pieces behind when you go out. Consider layering several necklaces. You can use pieces of varying colors, patterns, and lengths. The more layers you employ, the more captivating your appearance will be. Your necklaces will also affect the style that your outfit evokes.

Pearls are naturally elegant, while metal chains and pendants create a more contemporary look. Try various formulas using your existing collection to refine your look. Edit, edit, edit!

Keep in mind that simple pieces pair better with one another than statement necklaces. However, if you wish to be more daring with your vintage necklaces, try layering statement pieces and boosting that elegant look.

Varying the hues of your jewelry creates an eye-catching look that demonstrates you’ve carefully curated your appearance for the evening. Mix metals as described previously and incorporate a variety of gemstones. The color of gemstones you select can transform an outfit from subdued to daring. Use colors from the same color family, such as reds and oranges or blues and greens, for a subdued appearance. If you want to draw attention to your vintage pieces, use gemstones of contrasting hues to create a daring look.

When worn together, emeralds and rubies create a contrast that stands out. Mix different gemstones and metals to create unique combinations but do so with care. An excessive amount of color can make one appear less sophisticated.

Like experimenting with color, you can create intriguing jewelry styles by incorporating a variety of shapes and textures. When combining bracelets or necklaces, use chains of varying sizes and styles to add dimension. Contrast these chain necklaces and bracelets with gemstone-studded earring studs to add variety to your overall look. To highlight the different qualities of your precious jewelry, stack simple rings with a larger statement piece. The greater the variety of your accessories, the more distinctive your style will be.

Mixing large rings is discouraged; a statement piece should not compete with other pieces. There is no need to wear more than one vintage ring at a time, as they are pretty striking. Layering rings with large and multiple gems can make an outfit appear tacky, regardless of how expensive the rings are. When in doubt, choose to wear a few rings and multiple bracelets and necklaces instead.

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