Using Symbols of Life in Jewelry Design

Using Symbols of Life in Jewelry Design

Jewelry design becomes much more enjoyable with themes. Symbols of life are but one of the innumerable theme brackets for effective crafting. Making meaningful handmade jewelry is always a creative challenge, considering the number of ideas made into finished jewelry over the past years.

Yet this has always been the challenge to creative pursuits—how can you reinvent the wheel? How can you breathe in new life to ideas that have existed for centuries?

At Xinar, we firmly believe that the arts are the final bastion of what makes us human, and being creative is a great way to continue the artistic legacy of the current (and bygone) eras.

We help crafters and jewelry designers by consistently providing high-quality jewelry-making supplies at prices they love.
On top of the themes we will discuss today, you can find other potential symbols of life across our numerous collections of sterling silver charms. And to complete your designs, you can choose sterling silver beads, genuine copper beads, gold-filled beads, and rose gold-filled beads.

The Hand

The human hand is the most used symbol. It is a form of expression and a blessing. Aristotle regarded the human hand as the most essential tool of all. Therefore, it is our first pick on our list of symbols of life. Human life as we know it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t work with our hands, and the same goes for our forebears.  

On top of symbolizing life, a silver hand charm would denote power and safety. Another interpretation is “lend a hand,” which encompasses concepts of hospitality, stability, and charity. It’s a common form of friendly greeting (shake hands). Another great example of this would be the sterling silver “I Love You” charm, which shows how easily it is to signal something tremendous with a single gesture.

Symbolically, the right represents the conscious, the logical, the aggressive, and the anxious, whereas the left represents its antithesis: weakness, decay, and death.

Nevertheless, when put together, they represent equilibrium and the golden mean. There are many different meanings associated with different hand gestures. Explore hand symbols and other great charms in our Family & Love Sterling Silver Charms collection today.


A silver stork charm can signify that excellent news is coming and your life is about to become much more enjoyable. Although it’s commonly assumed that this portends a pregnancy, that’s not always the case.

News of a new career, a new home, or a new romantic partner is all things that a stork can bring to a person who is currently unattached. In addition to being a soothing presence, the Stork may be relied on for courage and sound judgment in trying times. It offers a sympathetic ear in times of difficulty and might assist you in developing a workable solution. While typically associated with infants, this sign can also represent your rebirth into a brighter, more optimistic version of yourself.

The Stork is also a potent emblem for safeguarding one’s house and loved ones. One of the most prominent spirit animals, the Stork is known for its willingness to risk all to protect its young.

With the Stork, you can tap into your mother and paternal instincts and treat those close to you with more care and respect. Finally, the Stork is considered a very fortunate Spirit animal. It has the monumental task of spreading positive news. If they suddenly appear, you should take it as a sign that something exciting and the novel is about to enter your existence.


The Sun, like Xinar’s “Sunny Disposition” pendant from Far Fetched Imports, shines brightly as one of the original items in our list of symbols of life. The Sun symbolizes many things, including vitality, optimism, clarity, and self-assurance. It has always played a significant role in people’s lives and is a constant emblem.

People worldwide have always found meaning in this icon, even through the ages. It quickly rose in esteem until it was among the most beloved icons. Several Egyptian gods, including Ra and Horus, were associated with the Sun in Egyptian religion.

When symbols of power or peace were needed in many contexts, they also came to stand for such things.

King Louis XIV of France, often known as Louis the Great and the Sun King, adopted the Sun as his emblem as he set out to end civil unrest and consolidate his power.

The Sun provides a constant supply of energy.

Life on Earth would cease to exist without it because there would not be enough light for plants and animals to thrive. The Sun’s rays offer heat and light, and the nutrients they sustain are essential to life.

The Sun is essential for the survival of all living things, including humans, plants, and animals. It’s the primary impetus behind our existence and why we’ve persisted for many centuries. To have the Sun’s energy is to have the vitality and strength to make it through life unscathed. It’s like a shot in the arm for our morale.


Fancy a Phoenix charm lately? The mythic bird continues to be relevant in our list of symbols of life because there’s nothing quite like the bird in mythology. If the phoenix is your totem animal, you are likely an upbeat, positive thinker who can find the silver lining in any cloud. You have a positive and courageous outlook and are always up for a fresh start.

You may also be a talented leader who can motivate people to perform at their best. The phoenix is unwavering in its devotion to its partner. If this majestic creature is your totem, you will likely be a loving lover prioritizing your family above all else. Creative and unusual people may also find themselves drawn to you.

If the phoenix is your totem, expect a lot of upheavals. You’ll experience more of life’s changing seasons than most. The phoenix is an excellent spirit animal for major transitions, like the butterfly, frog, and dragonfly.

What kinds of shifts should you anticipate? One example is physical shifts, like relocating to a new place or starting a new work. However, alterations may also occur on the inside, like when one undergoes a significant personal development or life transition. You can handle whatever shifts life throws at you with poise and confidence.


The torch with a blazing flame inside can be interpreted in various ways, but its ultimate significance stays the same. The torch image has been widely adopted in our culture for a reason. The Statue of Liberty, for example, is depicted holding a torch aloft for all to see. The Statue of Liberty’s torch represents enlightenment and a way to indicate that this is the way to a free country. The Olympic torch has been integral to the opening ceremony since the ancient Greeks first staged the games.

The Olympic torch represented the flame that Prometheus took from the Greek god Zeus. As a tribute to this ancient episode of fire stealing, the Olympic flame has been burning throughout the games. The Sun ignites the Olympic flame, the most reliable and efficient source of heat. The inner flame of this torch represents the trials that must be endured before success can be achieved. The Olympic Games showcase the finest of the greatest, and the meaning of the Olympic flame is rooted in the trials and tribulations endured by the athletes who participate. They may be physically exhausted, but the fire within them is still blazing. The torch sign represents the fire of life, the strength to persevere, and the ability to triumph over any obstacle. Below you’ll find not only tattoo samples but also the motivations for, and suggestions for, placing a torch design tattoo.

Because fire (as one of our symbols of life) can be both a source of comfort and danger, its symbolic meaning can shift dramatically depending on the setting in which it is used. Fire is the only one of the “FOUR ELEMENTS” humans can manufacture independently. Hence it bridges the gap between mortals and gods and is a familiar emblem of inspiration. The lighting of a fire is typically symbolic of rebirth and renewal in rituals. Spiritual enlightenment, “ignite my fire,” erotica, and baby-making are all possibilities.

It’s also possible to view fire as a cleansing element. While modern society (notably the media) may see forest fires negatively due to the damage and expense they cause, scientists and ecologists see this type of natural disaster as beneficial since it clears the way for new development and revitalizes the ecosystem. Christians, Asians, and Hebrews all revere fire as a divine symbol. Fire can also represent religious fervor and martyrdom in Christianity. It is a symbol of power and authority in Egypt. Finally, fire is a symbol of enlightenment and learning in many cultures.

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