Symbols for New Beginnings for Crafting, Beading, and Jewelry Design

Symbols for New Beginnings for Crafting, Beading, and Jewelry Design

The idea of new beginnings is simply incredible. In art and jewelry-making, symbols for new beginnings can signify a rush of creative power or perhaps the birth of a new life under the biggest of stresses. Symbols for new beginnings tend to hold a lot of significance and value for those who possess them.

And if the symbols for new beginnings are on items that can be worn, then the items become much more priceless for people who value the specific symbols added to the jewelry design.

Today, we will explore symbols for new beginnings, so you can create truly thoughtful designs that resonate with people who want to bring home your creations and take care of them. You’d be surprised that animal themes in jewelry, like songbird charms and waterfowl charms, can bring so much meaning and significance to jewelry design.

In jewelry-making, symbols of new beginnings are much easier to add to the design with the help of hypoallergenic and high-quality 925 sterling silver charms!

Sterling Silver Rainbow Charm

It’s common to experience wonder, excitement, joy, and a sense of the miraculous when witnessing a rainbow, a common symbol of new beginnings. As a symbol of new beginnings, rainbows are a form of color symbolism due to the variety of colors they contain.

One definition of color symbolism is the practice of ascribing meaning to various hues, individually or collectively, across cultures. Every aspect of our lives, from our dispositions to our choices to the very thoughts we entertain, is impacted by the colors we see. Rainbows can signify various things, and their significance is often subjective. Colors can have varying meanings depending on the observer. For example, rainbows symbolize love and acceptance because they unite all colors, which helps people overcome their prejudices against those of different races, religions, sexual orientations, and so on. An increase in positive vibrations and energy might be indicated by the appearance of a rainbow, symbolizing prosperity, health, happiness, and good fortune.

Rainbows are also a symbol of unity and a gentle reminder that everything works together. It’s about uniting the different aspects of your spirit and making a conscious decision to pursue peace, harmony, and love. By exploring the dark places within ourselves and accepting the parts of ourselves that have been previously pushed to the margins, we can bring them into the light and ultimately integrate them. As a result of their association with the end of a storm, rainbows have come to symbolize perseverance and optimism. What lies beyond adversity is the subject of the rainbow.

Rainbows can also symbolize hope for a fresh start and the potential for personal growth. When a rainbow appears, it’s a sign that things can begin again, but that new beginning doesn’t have to be a big deal. Instead, she thinks rainbows are reassuring if you’re trying to figure out what you should be doing with your life.

To many, rainbows represent hope and prosperity. However, they are sometimes linked to endings and transformations. For example, both the loss of a beloved pet and the loss of life on the battlefield have been linked to the appearance of a rainbow. Since death is not necessarily bad but rather a change in states and dimensions, a person’s culture and beliefs can also affect how they interpret a rainbow.

Silver Dove Charm

The silver dove charm stands for an animal considered a centuries-old symbol with widespread recognition. What does this ancient symbol mean, and why does it appear in various faiths and cultures? During World War I, the Allied forces would celebrate significant victories by releasing white doves, which later became a symbol of peace. Doves are likely the oldest domesticated birds and have always captivated humans. It was first cultivated by the Egyptians around 3000 B.C. and then by the Romans. Many religions and mythologies worldwide use the dove as a symbol of peace, love, tenderness, and even repressed Eros.

The Bible mentions doves, such as when Noah sent one out to see if it could reach dry land. Many artworks that depict Mary as a mother or Jesus on the cross also include this element. The dove is an incredibly nuanced symbol. They are seen as heralds of tranquility and good fortune, and consequently, most people anticipate positive outcomes following encounters with these birds.

The dove is commonly used in wedding ceremonies because it symbolizes purity and innocence, often associated with new life or love. The Holy Spirit is often depicted as a dove in Christian art. The dove represents peace and love. Unlike other birds, which are more likely to fly away if disturbed, this one is known for being calm and content within the safety of its own home. From the earliest Christian writings onward, the dove has come to represent the Holy Spirit.

The dove has long been regarded as a symbol of peace and love in many cultures. In Ancient Greece, people thought that doves carried messages from the gods. Christians view it as a symbol of God’s selfless love for humanity. In many societies, a dove is a symbol of good fortune.

Sterling Silver Moon Charm

For those who put stock in the power of the heavens, a sterling silver moon charm can represent any number of ideals and pursuits. The moon can symbolize new beginnings or something even more complex.

The moon’s phases have symbolized time for a very long time. The new moon symbolizes the start of a new lunar cycle and, by extension, a new chapter in one’s life.

The moon’s energy is said to be particularly conducive to new beginnings, so many people find that this is the best time to meditate, reflect, plan for the future, and make significant changes in their lives. Some people even perform rituals during the new moon to manifest their dreams.

The moon represents intangibility, the power of women, and the constant cycle of life and death. The moon is used as a means of measuring time and keeping track of the months by a variety of cultures. There are many hidden meanings in the moon’s symbolism for those willing to look.

A sterling silver moon charm can symbolize the unknown, feminine power, and the constant cycle of life and death. The moon is a symbol of the passage of time and the months and is used to keep track of the year. We link the moon’s phases with the rising and falling of the tides. Some see the constant change that characterizes life as a metaphor here.

According to lunar astrology, the moon significantly impacts how people feel. Supposedly, it can alter one’s temperament, actions, and characteristics. In many cultures’ mythologies and folklore, the moon is a deity or supernatural being. It has connotations of enchantment, nocturnality, and dreaming. The moon has always held a mystic allure for us. Throughout history, it has represented mystery and inexplicable. The moon’s phases follow a predictable cycle that has been used for centuries to keep track of time. Therefore, the moon’s influence on humans and the planet is significant.

Silver Enameled Butterfly Charm

Even if you don’t know much about the meanings behind a silver butterfly charm, you can still appreciate these creatures’ ethereal beauty and graceful flight.

Seeing one of these beautiful creatures is like being given a present from Mother Nature, what with their elaborate wing patterns and vivid hues. So it’s no surprise that people pause to admire these ethereal beings whenever they appear.

The aesthetic value of a silver butterfly charm is not the only selling point. In many different religions and cultural traditions, butterflies represent a variety of spiritual and mystical ideals.

The butterfly is a symbol of the power of change and the fantastic things we can accomplish when we believe in ourselves, serving as a powerful beacon of growth and new beginnings; check out how majestic a butterfly can be in this rare piece from the Far Fetched Collection: our super rare Monarch Butterfly Pin.

We can all learn to trust our intuition, use it to navigate adversity and emerge from adversity wiser and more capable than before.

Given the transient nature of their existence, it is not surprising that butterflies represent vital themes of life’s positive forces, such as rebirth and transformation, in symbolic form. A school of thought says seeing a butterfly means you are on the verge of undergoing a personal transformation.

The butterfly can be a powerful symbol of faith in the journey. Butterflies have been around for as long as some dinosaurs, with fossil evidence tracing their ancestry back to the Cretaceous period 135 million years ago (the “age of flowering plants”). This is why butterflies play an essential role in the mythology and folklore of many different cultures worldwide.

To further emphasize the butterfly’s meaning as a symbol of transformation and renewal, it can be combined with other signs that carry similar connotations. A reminder that even if you’re in the midst of change, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be is provided by the Path of Life, which symbolizes the interconnectedness of our life paths.

Silver Grizzly Bear Charm

Bears are some of the fascinating animals on the planet, from the mighty and cuddly polar bear to the lovable and squishy grizzly. Unfortunately, many of us know very little about these enormous and potentially dangerous mammals, contributing to their reputation as one of the most mysterious creatures. Bears are fascinating creatures. They are enormous, towering over seven feet in height and weighing up to 1,500 pounds. Even more remarkable than the bears themselves is their profound impact on our culture and everyday lives through the symbols they represent. Bears have been honored for centuries by people worldwide and continue to carry significant symbolic value in modern society.

Bears are a common sight in nature, and their symbolism can be seen in how they enjoy life’s simplest pleasures, whether a snack or a nap in the sun. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with pleasure.

Although they have an excellent appetite for meat, this spirit animal also enjoys a variety of plant-based foods. There are eight different types of bears, and each has its preferences when it comes to food. Nevertheless, the fact that they can all make do with what’s lying around shows how adaptable and versatile we can be.

The bear, admired for its massive size and strength, helps us muster the fortitude to face our demons and overcome our weaknesses. Its ability to confidently stand on its hind legs has made it a symbol of self-assurance and authority that can be used to further one’s goals and those of others. The bear spirit is also associated with “standing your ground” or asserting your right to what you believe is yours.

Sterling Silver Easter Egg Charm

Ancient Egyptians used eggs as a metaphor for new beginnings in their Creation stories. The Romans interred eggs with their dead. Today, Easter—a time to celebrate new life through the triumph of the risen Christ and the renewal of nature—is primarily associated with giving eggs as gifts. Because it protects the embryo inside until it is ready to hatch, the egg has become a universal symbol of life. Its shape, which has neither a beginning nor an end, represents the endless rebirth and renewal that characterize the life cycle.

Among numerous cultures, the idea that the world itself was once an egg is one of the most fundamental. The Egyptians considered an egg to be the center of all creation. ‘Bird of Light’ is said to have emerged from the cosmic egg in some versions of the creation myth. A tradition of giving decorated eggs at the start of spring dates back at least 5,000 years in China. For the March equinox festival (the start of the year) in Ancient Greece and Rome, it was common practice to display and exchange brightly colored eggs. To illustrate, let’s use eggs as a metaphor for fresh starts. From the 4th century onward, eggs were also used as funeral offerings, placed in Roman-Germanic tombs with the hope that the deceased would be resurrected.

In Christian symbolism, eggs represent rebirth, immortality, and fertility. Eggs have a reputation for being icy cold on the outside, but on the inside, they provide a warm and nurturing environment for new life. Eggs represent Christ’s tomb in Jerusalem, which, like a grave, contains life but releases it only after the chick emerges. As a result, eggs have become a staple at Christian Easter gatherings. They were considered “virtuous” because Jesus uses the egg as an example of a good gift in one of his parables.

Baptismal chapels, Mary altars, and the crosses or feet of Jesus are some places where eggs remain prominent in Spain and Italy. In addition, Easter eggs, often made of gold or ostrich feathers, are displayed on the “icon wall” in Eastern Orthodox churches as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection.

Silver Flying Hummingbird Charm

The tiny bird in your garden may constantly appear in a rush, as you may have noticed if you’ve ever watched it. But, if a hummingbird lands on your porch, it could be a sign that it’s time for a new beginning. Which is perfect, because a hummingbird pendant is certainly a good pick among many symbols for new beginnings!

And because they commit to their partners for the rest of their lives, they are also seen as symbols of love and loyalty. So, you can’t deny their symbolic significance when perched among blooms, whether you believe they herald good fortune or are beautiful swift birds.

Do you wonder what it means if you had a dream about hummingbirds and woke up from it recently? A hummingbird in a dream is a good sign. Seeing this symbol can be a sign of impending good fortune. If you’re lucky, things may go well for you professionally, romantically, and spiritually. If you dream about a hummingbird, it’s time to stop worrying about the little things in life and start appreciating the big picture.

If you are hesitating to commit to a romantic partner fully, your subconscious may send you messages in the form of hummingbird dreams. For example, the appearance of a hummingbird in your dream may be a sign that you need to finish an unfinished task. Or perhaps you need to expand your horizons and try something new.

Sterling Silver Peacock Charm

For centuries, people have admired peacocks for their extraordinary beauty and showy appearance, making them one of our top symbols for new beginnings. The vivid plumage of these birds has long been used to symbolize wealth, elegance, and luxury. Even though peacocks are native to Asia (specifically India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar) and parts of Africa, they were already being exported to other regions as early as the fourth century B.C. There is a long and fascinating history between humans and these magnificent birds.

When discussing peacocks, it is essential first to point out the species’ blatant sexual dimorphism. Differential physical characteristics between sexes are called sexual dimorphism. For example, the magnificent fan of tail feathers for which the peacock is famed is found only in adult males. The way we talk about peacocks is influenced by the fact that they are sexually dimorphic. Therefore, the term “peacock” properly refers to males of the species. The females of this species are called “peahens,” the young are sometimes called “peachicks,” and the birds as a whole are called “peafowl.”

There is a belief that a peacock feather represents the “evil eye” in some cultures. Despite its menacing moniker, the evil eye symbol is thought to ward off negative thoughts and energies. This sign is commonly associated with the peacock because its tail resembles the sign. In addition, the evil eye charm is commonly worn to protect against curses and other adverse outcomes brought on by the jealous gaze of others.

As a result, the peacock and its feathers may stand for enchantment, divination, and light magic. Nonetheless, some believe that peacock feathers are a warning of bad luck because they resemble an evil eye. Therefore, some superstitious people say having peacock feathers in the house is bad luck.

Finally, peacocks will lose their magnificent tail feathers at the end of the breeding season each year. When a male has lost all of his tail feathers, he can no longer reproduce. It won’t be time for him to start breeding again until his feathers have fully recovered. Therefore, the peacock may stand for rebirth, maturation, transformation, and the passage of time.

Silver Starfish Charm    

Many people choose to have a starfish as one of the symbols for new beginnings because of the rich symbolism and meaning associated with this sea creature. These creatures are commonly used to represent renewal, optimism, and fresh starts. As symbols of the five elements, they are ideal for those seeking balance in all life areas. In indigenous cultures, the starfish symbolizes renewal, flexibility, and transformation.

Those looking for Native American symbolism often turn to the starfish. The starfish, representing the five elements, is a good totem for those who want to be open to every facet of life. The starfish is a symbol of equilibrium, peace, and perfection. The starfish symbolizes our interdependence and the need to look out for one another. A second meaning of the starfish is rebirth. The starfish’s ability to regrow its appendages is to blame here. Because of this, the starfish is a fitting emblem for those who have fallen on hard times and are seeking a new beginning. The Native Americans revere the starfish as a symbol of renewal and hope. Those seeking tattoos expressing their affinity with the natural world often settle on a starfish.

As one of the Celtic symbols for new beginnings, it stands for optimism, direction, and motivation. The starfish represented rebirth and renewal in ancient Celtic culture. Seeing a starfish is a sign that you can get through anything life throws at you. If you look to the starfish for guidance, you’ll be reminded to trust your instincts and follow your heart. At last, the starfish is a symbol of safety.

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