How to Start a Jewelry Business Online

How to Start a Jewelry Business Online

Have you been thinking of how to start a jewelry business online?

Online jewelry sales can be lucrative, but the industry is highly competitive. More minor, up-and-coming jewelry companies have a tough time competing with established significant brands due to the latter’s larger advertising budgets, more significant social media followings, and more robust brand recognition.

By 2021, however, worldwide online jewelry sales are anticipated to increase by eleven percent. New jewelry companies have emerged due to the proliferation of direct-to-consumer businesses and have successfully taken market share from more established jewelry retailers.

Starting your own jewelry business in a crowded marketplace can be intimidating. Still, if you focus on providing something truly special to your online customers, you’ll be well on achieving great success. The jewelry and accessory industry is saturated, so you’ll need to set yourself apart by providing something that is either in short supply or doesn’t currently exist.

There are a variety of approaches you can take to give your jewelry line an edge. You can succeed in the jewelry industry by catering to a niche market with items that serve a specific function (weddings, prom, themed parties, etc.). There is no limit to creativity when launching a jewelry brand. The most famous names in jewelry manufacturing are listed below.

Costume Jewelry

Commonly referred to by its other name, “fashion jewelry,” costume jewelry is created to be worn frequently. In contrast to fine jewelry, costume jewelry is typically made from inexpensive and imitation materials, such as synthetic diamonds, wood, plastic, brass, copper, and other metals. Making costume jewelry is one of the first steps that many businesses make when they learn how to start a jewelry business online.

The affordable pricing of $1 to $100 is reasonable for a single piece of costume jewelry. BaubleBar, one of the most popular online jewelry retailers, is a prime illustration of this trend. When they first introduced the line, they concentrated on low-priced accessories. Following the success of their initial offerings, they branched out to include “luxury” items in their catalog.

If you want to profit from selling costume jewelry, you should set reasonable prices for your items so as not to turn away a large portion of your target market.

Fine Jewelry Pieces

How to start a jewelry business online if you want to create fine jewelry pieces?

Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and rubies are some precious metals and gemstones that go into making fine jewelry, often associated with affluence. These jewelry are the epitome of elegance and refinement and are reserved for the most momentous occasions.

Handmade Pieces

How do you start a jewelry business online if you want to create handmade or craft jewelry?

Etsy’s success shows that people are willing to pay a premium for unique, handcrafted items like jewelry. Although handmade jewelry cannot be mass-produced, it is a viable option for entrepreneurs who want to create and sell one-of-a-kind or custom designs.

The Steps to Business Success

1. Determine your specialty and intended audience.

Make sure there is a market for jewelry like yours that isn’t already saturated before you invest time and money into starting a business in this industry. Customers who begin a jewelry search online usually already have some idea of what they want, so it’s essential to think about the clientele you’re trying to draw in and gain a firm grasp on their preferences before you begin your marketing efforts. This is part of how to start a jewelry business online.

By homing in on your ideal clientele, you can increase your return on ad spend (ROAS) through more precise targeting, saving money while bringing in more business.

2. Check out your rivals in the industry.

Investigating the competition is the next logical step after deciding what kind of jewelry to sell and who your target market is.

Please find out how to beat the competition by looking into their prices, deals, social media channels, social commerce strategy, customer feedback, and media coverage. In addition, you should keep an eye on what your rivals are up to so you can find ways to set your product apart from the pack.

Imagine that a competitor of yours sells teen-oriented costume jewelry but that the reviews for their products consistently focus on how easily the pieces break. You can use this data to decide whether to advertise your costume jewelry product’s durability or provide a more generous return policy.

3. Initiate a business strategy

An extensive business plan is required whether you plan to self-finance or seek outside investment from friends, family, a bank, an e-commerce venture capital firm, or a fund. You can figure out how many of your products to make and how to turn a profit with the help of a well-thought-out business strategy. In addition, a well-written business plan is a significant first step in convincing potential investors that your business is credible and worth their money.

4. Think of a clever name for the biz.

Spend some time thinking of a catchy name that reflects your company’s values.

Make sure your company name is unique and not already in use by searching for it at the USPTO. Regardless of the availability of the name, you should still check website domain availability using a website domain and hosting site like

5. Start building a product line

This is the simple beginning if the jewelry is your true calling. Your favorite jewelry designers, the newest fashions, and other sources of motivation are just a few examples. After a product prototype, you’ll need a plan for mass production and wholesale supply ordering.

6. Determine how to outsource production and how to get your materials

After you have some ideas for your jewelry line’s designs, you’ll need to find a manufacturer and decide if you want to make your items domestically or internationally. You’ll need to invest in jewelry-making tools and equipment to make your designs by hand.

To avoid paying local sales taxes when purchasing in bulk, it can be helpful to inquire with other wholesale distributors and jewelry designers and look into getting a reseller license.

7. Create a branding style

By developing a unique brand identity, you can make your product’s packaging and promotional materials stand out from the crowd, which will help you make an unforgettable first impression when customers receive their packages. If you want your packaging to stand out, consider teaming up with a custom packaging company.

8. Create a new strategy

The hardest part of starting a jewelry business is finding customers. First, get your ads in front of the most likely to buy. Then, focusing on expanding your clientele requires a well-thought-out multi-channel marketing plan, which can be informed by your gathered data, including information about the competition.

If possible, use a wide variety of channels, such as

And There’s Social Media, Too

It is common practice for consumers to read various product reviews and ratings before making a purchase. Social media can help you highlight what makes your brand different. One of the key ways that you can get ahead is assembling a specialized team for each part of your digital marketing strategy. For example, you can hire virtual assistant services from the Philippines if you need someone to manage your social media accounts.

If you want to attract customers who care about the environment, you could, for instance, write blog posts about the eco-friendliness of your products and include relevant tags. Could you wear your jewelry while working out? Share photos and videos of customers wearing your jewelry while they exercise.


Though many have declared its demise, email marketing is alive and well. Building an email list is a great way to increase customer loyalty and awareness of your brand. However, be wary of exhausting your list and causing a high rate of unsubscribes by sending too many emails to customers; instead, stick to email marketing best practices.

SMS Advertising

Despite its youth, SMS eCommerce marketing is a rapidly expanding channel for online ventures. Open rates are still holding steady at 95%, and SMS subscribers are still open to advertising despite the old belief that they aren’t.

Online Promotional Costs

Ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads have been instrumental in the growth of many of the largest DTC eCommerce businesses today. Even though advertising is becoming more expensive, it is still an option for jewelers.

If you want your ads to be seen by people more likely to make a purchase, you should spend some time perfecting your audience targeting. Also, be selective when deciding which channels to use; those that have proven successful for competing brands may not be the best fit for your business.

You can get visitors without spending a dime with proper optimization for search engines. Ad prices are rising as more online stores rely on social media marketing to generate revenue. Without increasing your budget for paid ads, a solid SEO strategy can help your website’s product pages, blog posts, videos, and guides rank higher in organic search results and attract more visitors.

Create A Web Store

Numerous e-commerce platforms, apps, and integrations make creating a fully functional e-commerce website more straightforward. E-commerce platforms are developed to minimize the complexity of creating an online shop. Wix, Squarespace, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify are some of the most widely used e-commerce platforms.

Setting up a shop on Etsy is an alternative to developing your website, but it is best suited for selling custom-made items like jewelry. Due to Etsy’s nature as a marketplace, attracting customers to your shop may be challenging. Not only does Etsy get the ‘credit,’ but your brand may be forgotten because it was purchased on Etsy.

Start Achieving Your Business Goals

In the beginning, you will likely have to keep stock at your house and fulfill orders by hand. However, a different approach to fulfillment may be required as your business expands beyond its current capabilities. For example, when the volume of orders you receive makes it challenging to pack and ship them promptly, it may be time to consider outsourcing fulfillment to a third-party logistics provider (3PL).

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