Should You Get Jewelry Making Kits?

Should You Get Jewelry Making Kits?

People who want to start making jewelry often begin by buying jewelry making kits from Amazon or jewelry-making stores. Suppose you have not made jewelry before but would like to start crafting at home soon; know that jewelry-making kits are assembled differently depending on what brand you buy. In that case, you may get either a basic kit for making jewelry or a more comprehensive or complete one, which includes mini-tools and additional supplies.

Suppose you want to start experimenting with making jewelry at home so you can begin improving the various skills needed for more expensive supplies, then yes. In that case, you should consider getting one or two jewelry making kits. There are also jewelry ring-making kits in the market made specifically for crafters who want to make rings at home. A quick survey of the available kits in the market will reveal several general classes of kits online.

If you’re interested in making charm bracelets, Xinar has a tutorial in several parts that you can read.

Click here for the tutorial that covers charm bracelet tools and materials. We also have easy-to-follow steps on creating charm bracelets with elastic cords.

Children’s jewelry making kits

These are kits that emphasize plastic beads and elastic strings or cords. They’re straightforward to use but were explicitly meant for children. Children’s jewelry making kits often contain a good assortment of colored beads in different colors and sizes.

You will also find plastic beads that mimic the ‘grown-up beads’ typically used for more durable constructions.

These kits are sold for less than $20 online and are best for kids and teens who want to start with this hobby. Children’s jewelry making kits do not require specialized tools (as scissors are ubiquitous), and anyone can start making bracelets and charm bracelets with these kits when the kit arrives.

Jewelry ring making kits

This type of kit for making jewelry is interesting because manufacturers provide many inexpensive jewelry-making supplies for crafters. For example, the most popular jewelry ring-making kits on Amazon often come with hundreds, if not over a thousand, different stone beads and chip beads.

The manufacturer of these kits often emphasizes variety so that you can expect a specific type of stone bead, for example, available in six or eight different colors. These kits also include additional supplies to make those charm bracelet dreams come true, including elastic string and jewelry wire.

Additional jewelry findings in sterling silver like headpins, jump rings, lobster clasps, and earring hooks are also available. Some of these kits also come with sterling silver charms, but if you’re looking for something higher quality, you won’t find them in these kits since the entire package costs less than $30.

Jewelry making kits for adults

Jewelry-making kits for adults are perhaps the closest a beginner can get to quickly acquiring some of the standard jewelry-making tools if the crafter is on a budget. These kits often cost below $100 and contain several useful tools for manipulating jewelry findings, including jewelry pliers, rolls of copper wire, necklace chains, thimble rings, thread scissors, and more. These adult kits also come with several common jewelry findings, beads, and pendants so you can start building your skills at home.

How Do I Start Making Jewelry?

Decide on the Jewelry Type and Medium That Inspires You the Most

It might not be very easy when you first decide to try your hand at jewelry manufacturing because there are so many possibilities!

Just as you would not expect to learn to sew by hand, quilt, knit, crochet, or embroider all at the same time, it is unreasonable to attempt to master every sort of jewelry making when you first begin. Rather than this approach, we recommend settling for one medium and method and then working your way up.

Perhaps you love beaded jewelry or prefer the simplicity and customization of stamped metal. Or maybe, your heart rests in glass, clay, or leather. Whatever your choice may be, you must concentrate first on one medium, understanding that you can always experiment with another afterward. The skills may even build on one another, making it easier to pick up a new technique with jewelry making kits because of what you already know!

Master the Basic Skills of Jewelry-Making

Whether you begin with clay, metal, beads, or any other sort of jewelry, there are a few skills you’ll want to master for nearly every project you undertake.

For example, most projects will demand that you understand how to properly manipulate a jump ring and make a simple wire loop.

Once you’ve mastered these skills, you may apply them to whatever type of project you’re working on!

Invest in Higher Quality Tools

It’s common for beginning crafters to “borrow” some tools from the toolbox. Of course, borrowing tools are lovely. However, you will notice later that any tool designed for repairing motorcycles and cars won’t have the same finesse as jewelry tools.

The more capable tools you have, the easier the jewelry-making process will be.

While it may appear to be an investment at first, particularly when it comes to specialized tools such as metal stamping, etc., they more than pay for themselves over time when you’re able to produce rather than purchase jewelry, as well as create jewelry to give as gifts and sell.

Once you have the appropriate tools in your inventory, creating any piece is usually relatively inexpensive. On top of that, you will be saving your fingers and wrists from a lot of strain and pain down the line since you are using the correct tools for the job.

Acquaint Yourself with the Language of the Jewelry-Making World

How are a headpin and an eye pin distinguished? Is 12-gauge wire larger or smaller in diameter than 20-gauge wire? And what are “findings” in the first place? You will require knowledge!

Before you purchase something, ensure that you understand what you require. It will save you the time, price, and aggravation associated with returning and exchanging incorrect purchases.

Get Your Hands on the Right Jewelry Supplies… Fast!

There are many ways to get jewelry-making supplies – including shopping at!

Get your hands on some items and become acquainted with them. Later, once you’ve established a routine and a sense of what you enjoy working with, go for the convenience of ordering online, but I still prefer the pleasure of seeing things for myself before I buy.

Maintain an Orderly and Devoted Workspace

Nothing is more infuriating for a maker (or their family!) than having supplies and your jewelry making kits strewn about. If you can’t locate what you’re looking for, you’re wasting valuable time that could be spent creating.

Choose a room in your house, or at the very least a specific table, desk, or drawer, to devote exclusively to your passion. Once you’ve obtained it, arrange your materials and label them profusely. Numerous jewelry manufacturing storage alternatives are available, including affordable bins and boxes with built-in dividers for storing various beads and findings.

Determine a system that works best and adhere to it. This way, you’ll constantly be aware of what you’ve got, and it’ll be within easy reach when inspiration hits!

Look for Inspiration on Pinterest, Jewelry Blogs, and Other Sites

Occasionally, an inspiration for a new piece of jewelry may strike you. However, when it comes to creating what’s in your mind, you may need just a bit more push from your fellow crafters. Consider visiting Pinterest and other sites that crafters usually use to exhibit their work.

Consider purchasing jewelry at your favorite accessory and clothing retailers. You can also find some high-quality bloggers to peruse their jewelry archives.

Enroll in Jewelry-Making Classes

Are you looking to learn anything specific? Consider enrolling in a class and allowing an experienced instructor to guide you through the process! For example, you can enroll in a basic beginner’s class or a course focused on a specific technique, such as wire wrapping or resin work. Additionally, you may be able to find a class at a specialty bead store or local craft store to learn the new skills in person.

Keep Your Head Up!

As with any other skill, you are creating your jewelry requires practice. The first wire loop you attempt to build will be a jumbled mess. That is acceptable! Because the second one will appear more professional, and by the tenth one, you will feel like a pro. No matter how difficult or unsuccessful, allow no one project to dampen your enthusiasm. Continue attempting and practicing, and remember that all skills need time to improve.

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