Protective Symbols for Home: Creating and Empowering Them

Protective Symbols for Home: Creating and Empowering Them

Protective symbols for home are magical signs meant to imbibe magical protection over any space.

Many English words, including “signature,” “sign,” and “signal,” can be traced back to the Latin word “sigillum,” meaning “seal.” When we create and use protective symbols for home, we are ‘sealing’ the intention, the action, and the desired result. In a big way, protective symbols for home are a clever invention of humans who have known for a long time that there is energy and life beyond the physical that we see.

Historically, sigils, like the protective symbols for home we use, were the representative signature of a daemon, angel, or spirit.

Since the Middle Ages (and perhaps even before that), wizards or magicians of all kinds believed they could exert influence over the spirit because they represented the spirit’s actual name. Going back to the original meaning, a signification meant that you were sealing something, so it becomes true. Therefore, words matter a lot to spells and incantations.

Modern sigil making is a little bit different. You can use our unique intention or goal to create and charge protective symbols for your home.

When creating a sigil, as with other forms of magic, the first step is to think of a sentence or phrase that sums up our goals.

For what purpose, then, does one need to go to the trouble of designing a sigil rather than simply penning one’s goals down as a sentence?

When a magic user takes note of a wish, he makes a mental note to look up the appropriate symbols and then arranges them in a way that’s easy to picture. By employing various gnostic methods, he first reifies the sigil before hurling it, by sheer force of will, into his subconscious, where it can begin its work unencumbered by desire.

Therefore, we convert the intention statement into a symbol because our unconscious can interpret it rather than our conscious. With tarot, a similar thing takes place. A simple note card with definitions for each card could do the trick. However, we aren’t accessing our subconscious if we rely on our conscious mind to decipher the text. We can bypass our analytical, rational minds and connect with our more intuitive, creative selves using imagery and symbolism.

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Creating and Using Protective Symbols for Home

There are two parts to creating a sigil or protective symbols for home: building it and giving it power.

First, a physical representation of the sigil must be drawn and made. Then, the sigil is “charged” with meaning in the second section, elevating it beyond its visual form.

First, decide which kind of sigil you want.

It’s possible to create permanent sigils or even ones that can be destroyed. Depending on the desired effect, the process of making and charging the sigil may vary.

When destructible sigils are broken, they are released from their dormant state and become active. The destructive process generates the energy surge that gives the sigil its strength. Standard methods include burning paper with your sigil written on it or carving the sigil into food and then eating it.

Temporary sigils are those that fade away over time. These sigils could be drawn with a marker directly onto the skin or carved into a candle that will be burned down to the wax.

A permanent sigil is constructed to last and intended to function for a considerable time. To maintain their power, permanent sigils require periodic recharging. These sigils could be sculpted into a beautiful piece of pottery or written on a slip of paper and hidden behind a painting or under a piece of furniture.

Second, it’s time to make your protective symbols for home.

Get started by summarizing your goal in a single sentence. For example, use the present tense “I am” instead of the future tense “I will be.” Try not to set too broad of an intention when creating your sigil, as this will decrease its effectiveness.

The next step is to put your goal into words. I’ll illustrate with the statement, “I intend to feel relaxed.” I’ve been feeling more anxious than usual lately, what with the quarantine thing, so I’m hoping this sigil can help bring peace.

Then, it would help if you got rid of any vowels or duplicate letters in your goal and then, one by one, start putting together the letters to form an abstract symbol. Don’t worry too much about how the drawing turns out; instead, rely on your subconscious to help you. The aesthetics of this sigil are moot because we intend to burn it.

Give your protective symbols for home some juice.

Sigils can be charged in a wide variety of ways. Creating a sigil that can be destroyed means that the act of burning it will be its source of power. Although, before I set it ablaze, I like to spend a few moments with my hands on the sigil, imagining a warm glow emanating from my palms and filling the paper. Charging a sigil can also be done through dancing, chanting, or clapping; pick whichever you think will work best for the sigil you’re making.

Always perform the sigil-burning ritual in a private, undisturbed space. Then, with the sigil entirely burned, it has been charged, and the ashes can be discarded. Now that you’ve completed the ritual, you can write it down in your grimoire and sit back and relax while the magic takes care of everything.

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