Protection Symbols List: Create Protection Jewelry At Home

Protection Symbols List: Create Protection Jewelry At Home

The jewelry design of protective jewelry is more accessible when you have a protection symbol list. A protection symbols list will help you select the correct pendants/charms for each project while providing sufficient context to each symbol. Create the most beautiful symbolic jewelry with Xinar’s 925 sterling silver charms and semiprecious beads and findings.

Protection symbols have been around for centuries, used by cultures worldwide to ward off evil spirits and bring luck and safety. From the ancient Egyptians to modern-day Christians, protective symbols have been used in various forms throughout history.

Protection symbols encompass many items, from amulets and talismans to religious artifacts and even certain plants and animals.

Each symbol has a unique meaning and purpose, but all are meant to protect from negative energy or bad luck. This article will explore some of the most popular protection symbols and discuss why they are so important.

Jewelry has been around for centuries, and it serves many purposes. For example, it can symbolize love, status, wealth, or an accessory to make you look more fashionable. But one of the most important reasons we need protective jewelry is to protect us from harm.

Whether physical or emotional, protective jewelry can be a powerful way to keep ourselves safe and secure. From talismans that ward off evil spirits to charms that bring luck and prosperity, protective jewelry has been used throughout history to protect us from harm. In today’s world, where danger lurks around every corner, wearing protective jewelry is crucial to keeping yourself safe and secure.

Finding the perfect protective jewelry can be a daunting task. It’s important to find comfortable, stylish pieces that provide the protection you need.

Whether you’re looking for necklaces, rings, or bracelets, plenty of options are available. Luckily you can easily craft protective jewelry at home, using charms from our protection symbols list and Xinar collections like Animal and Pet Charms, Love and Peace Charms, and Fairytale and Storybook Charms.


First on our protection symbols list is Pegasus. According to Hesiod, this fantastic beast got its name from a phrase that translates to “spring well,” suggesting that it can wring springs from the ground. Some in linguistics think the name comes from a Hittite phrase referring to the God of thunder and lightning, who figures prominently in the mythology surrounding Pegasus.

A Winged Pegasus charm represents a mythical creature that is visually similar to the Horse Spirit, whose meaning and symbolism it shares. This fantastical monster is the physical manifestation of the adage “as above, so below.”

Pegasus is the embodiment of grounding and flight in the domain of Earth. When he soars across the stars, Pegasus symbolizes our highest aspirations, most significant achievements, and the True Selves. Yet, we are more than just flesh and blood, as this animal soul teaches us; we are also spiritual beings.

In most depictions, Pegasus is a beautiful white horse with solid wings. Many ideas may be drawn from this picture, such as concentration, clarity, magic, fleetingness, and change.

Moon Goddess

Next in our protection symbols list is the Silver Moon Goddess pendant.

Stories of gods and goddesses from ancient civilizations are where many of us were first introduced to the Moon Goddess. However, many of us also learned that, despite her importance in the myths of ancient societies, the Moon Goddess had been mostly forgotten as civilization advanced.

The Holy Goddess, a representation of the Divine Feminine, extends her arms in a welcome gesture. She emanates grace, peace, and harmony to all beings from within an enchanting aura of crystalline white light tinged in azure blue. Seeing Her beautiful face has the potential to change you, filling you with a sense of holiness, tranquility, and inner peace. She can see all about us, and in turn, She guides us to recognize the Divine beauty, perfection, and fullness within us.

When we are in Her company, our guards come down, our weaknesses become known, our needs are understood, and we are unconditionally loved and welcomed. When we allow Her to look at and feel us, our souls are affected by Her boundless love and compassion. The Maya refer to the Moon Goddess by her name, Ix-Chel. She was called Luna in ancient Rome, Selene in ancient Greece, and Sefket in ancient Egypt. She is known as Lasya to the Tibetans and Kuan Yin to the Chinese—Rhiannon to the Celtic. Despite significant contrasts between ancient and modern world cultures, she is revered worldwide as the divine personification of health, fertility, love, compassion, and grace.

Celtic Dragon

Celtic jewelry, artwork, and literature traditionally featured dragons as symbols of strength, sorcery, and power. Dragons were regarded as mighty, wise, shapeshifting, fire-breathing monsters in Celtic mythology. Large serpentine creatures with wings, representing the four classical elements (Earth, air, fire, and water), were a common visual motif in ancient cultures.

Third on our protection symbols list is the Celtic Dragon charm, which represents a mythic creature frequently depicted in Celtic art as a guardian figure, keeping riches safe and warding off evil. They were also connected with royalty, representing their power and wisdom. Celtic mythology portrays dragons as mighty, magical beings who may bring excellent and ill luck. They were consulted in times of crisis because people believed they could see into the future and use that knowledge to help them.

Dragons are a common motif in Celtic jewelry, frequently crafted into ornaments, including pendants, rings, and brooches. These works of art are frequently elaborately crafted, with the dragon represented in various stances alongside various symbolism and meanings. The dragon represents strength, power, and magic in Celtic art, history, and jewelry. It’s a sign that has stood the test of time, garnering respect and admiration from people worldwide for centuries.


Our silver cactus charm is one of many cacti charms you can use for protective jewelry. Cactus derives from the Greek term ‘Kaktos,’ which describes a prickly shrub native to Sicily. The cactus has a longstanding reputation as one of the least attractive plants due to its defensive spines and unusual form. But hidden behind its thorns is some ancient wisdom that makes this plant fascinating.

Cacti signify warmth and unconditional, enduring love in Native American culture because they thrive in arid environments. On the other hand, the cactus has evolved into a symbol of power and safety in some Eastern civilizations and sexual allure in others. Consider the possible meanings of receiving a cactus as a gift.

Cacti are hardy plants that have thrived in arid environments. Because of this, they have come to symbolize tenacity, bravery, and strength in the face of adversity. Cacti can withstand harsh conditions because they have evolved to do so.

Someone may give you a cactus as a symbol of strength and courage to remind you that you can overcome any difficulty.

They see you as a fighter who will not go down without a fight. When situations are rough, we easily forget our strengths and feel defeated. Yet, with a cactus on your bookshelf, you’ll be reminded that you are strong enough to overcome any obstacle standing in your way—the ideal present for a pal going through a bad patch.


Angels are divine messengers who serve in the heavenly realms. They’re more crucial and have more weighty obligations to fulfill. Yet, fairies are terrestrial entities who watch over the environment and defend all forms of life from harm. Angels are generally shown with enormous wings and a bright halo, making them much larger and more graceful than fairies.

In contrast, fairies are more active and smaller in stature. Fairies were icons of feminine perfection beginning in the Victorian era. There was an expectation that young girls and women act and seem “fairy-like.” Beautiful, well-mannered, and charitable women were compared to fairies. Look at our silver fairy pendant to see for yourself!

Some believe that fairies, like ghosts, wander the world as discontented souls. In this interpretation, fairies stand in for those who, despite their best efforts, cannot cross over into either paradise or hell. The mystical bond between humans and the natural world is represented by fairies. They bridge the gap between living things and the natural world’s many forces. Numerous children’s literature authors have used fairies to teach kids about the value of nature and the environment.

Some Irish poets and writers used fairies to represent Ireland’s new, pre-colonial history. The fairy was a common symbol during Irish nationalism’s resurgence and reclamation.

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