Magic Symbols and Meanings: A Modern Guide

Magic Symbols and Meanings: A Modern Guide

Magic symbols and meanings are clues to how the invisible worlds work. Natural energies can be harnessed through magic, which results in positive change. It’s all connected by energy, and altering it can ignite awe-inspiring outcomes.

Spells aren’t the only thing that makes use of magic symbols. They can both diminish and generate negative energy. Unfortunately, even though you may have encountered magic symbols of protection before, you may not be familiar with their origins or significance.

The occult’s visual symbols are more difficult to discern than the tarot’s iconography, which anybody can understand. Nevertheless, magic symbols and meanings have always been crucial in witchcraft.

Magical symbols were devised to protect humankind from forces of nature that they didn’t fully comprehend. These symbols can be worn, drawn on paper, or carved into artifacts as an amulet or talisman.

The witch circle, for example, is a part of the pentacle Wicca that must be completed before any ritual can begin. First, an exact ring is formed. Then, with salt, chalk, or a cord, you may make these circles on the ground, or you can draw them in the air.

What are Magic Symbols and Their Meanings?

Magic symbols and meanings depend on the user’s intent. Magical symbols, like runes, are used by certain practitioners as a form of esoteric language. Others employ magic symbols to perform spells, while others utilize them as sigils of protection.

Jewelry with occult motifs is worn for protection, access to the otherworldly, and drawing magical energy, among other reasons. In addition, humans have worn jewelry for prosperity and preservation for thousands of years as a symbol of their beliefs and culture.

Reflections and rotations are frequent in most magic symbols, as are combinations of several symbol types. A single character appears multiple times in the diagonals of the magic squares. Therefore, it was feasible to identify sub-groups of designs that were not identical.


The sun represents new life, growth, and optimism, making a sun-face charm the perfect jewelry for people who intend to start a new life. In addition, it is the guardian of energy and the environment. As a result, the sun is frequently used as a symbol of deity, including God, Zeus, and other famous figures in other religions. The sun is definitely part of essential magic symbols and meanings.

There are no limits to what this circle-shaped symbol might signify. As depicted in the solar cross, the sun represents new beginnings and transitions in witchcraft. To put it simply, this symbol can be worn as an ornament to serve as a continual reminder to always look on the bright side of life.

One of the oldest witchcraft emblems is the solar cross, often known as the cosmic cross. The solar cross can be found in many religious traditions despite its pagan roots. Good prosperity, happiness, and harmony will soon arrive if the Sun card is drawn in a tarot reading.

For purification, business success, study, breaking all kinds of addictions, releasing guilt and envy, mending ailments and the conscious mind, casting spells before sunrise is the most delicate time. Likewise, casting spells to lose weight, ward off bad luck, or change bad habits is easiest when done just before sunset.


Each lunar phase has its unique magic, and witches know how to use it in spell-casting. But, in reality, whether or not you consider yourself a witch, Earth’s natural satellite has a special place in most people’s hearts.

The moon is said to be a powerful ally in the practice of moon magic. Many cultures believe that rituals performed at specific times of the moon might bring about physical or psychological changes. No wonder it makes a perfect moon charm for your esoteric aesthetic. The moon is definitely a part of magic symbols and meanings.

People who practice neopaganism and witchcraft, such as Wicca, frequently engage in moon magic—which involves rituals for a specific moon phase. Full moons and new moons have traditionally been used for these rites to a lesser extent.

The triple moon is frequently employed in shamanic ceremonies as a potent symbol for drawing down the moon and honoring the divine feminine. This is because the phases of the moon and the phases of the divine feminine are all represented by the triple moons.

A crescent moon is a symbol of femininity and imagination. As a result, the Mother Goddess is frequently associated with this sign. The waxing and waning phases of the moon are represented by the crescent, which can be employed in moon magick ceremonies. This symbol signifies a powerful source of creative energy.

Celestial symbols

Astronomical symbols (or celestial symbols) can be found in ancient Greek literature. We shall Greek symbols to our magic symbols and meanings. The scientific community has given numerous bodies in space names and symbols as more and more were discovered.

There may be precious stones and metallic surfaces on Earth, but designers frequently look to the sky for inspiration. It’s not only a matter of general curiosity about the universe or a desire to identify with your zodiac sign that’s reviving interest in celestial charms.

The collection of astrological symbols was further developed in the Byzantine codices, which retained many Greek papyrus manuscripts. As a result, many planets and minor planets discovered between the 18th and 21st centuries have been represented by new symbols.

An abstract visual sign used in European astronomy to symbolize astronomical objects, theories, and observations is an astronomical symbol. Late antiquity papyrus manuscripts show the earliest examples of these symbols.

These images aren’t merely random representations of celestial bodies; they have more profound significance. Professional and amateur astronomers, alchemists, and astrologers utilized these symbols in their work.

What is a Pentacle Wicca?

Whether you intend to or not, wearing a pentacle is a statement in and of itself. Wearing it as a fashion statement will still make you stand out. But for sure, having a pentacle Wicca charm on your necklace or a bracelet is worth a stare.

The pentagram is not exclusively a diabolical emblem, as is commonly believed. Instead, each of the five essential elements in Wicca is represented by a pentacle or pentagram.

The pentacle is frequently depicted with a circle encircling it. Circles have long been associated with the feminine, the goddess, and the interconnectedness of all things in ancient earth-based faiths. All of life is represented by the pentacle’s surrounding circle.

Several pentacles can be found in the Key of Solomon, a grimoire filled with pentacles. Pentacles and other esoteric instruments are also used in Wicca’s ceremonies, a neopagan magical religion. Pentacles represent Earth in Wicca and the Golden Dawn Hermetic Order, which use the symbol.

As a result, it serves as a potent emblem for casting spells. The upright pentacle symbolizes the dominion of the spiritual realm over the physical world, whereas the inverted pentagram indicates the opposite.

There are so many negative connections with the pentacle that few people know its good ones. For example, it’s common for Wiccans to sport pentacle jewelry, but this might be awkward for some because they don’t want to draw attention to their religious practices or share them with others.

It is also possible to use other pentacles to invoke spirits in the Golden Dawn method; they are etched inside three concentric rings with the name and sigil of the spirit to be evoked and painted on the reverse with a circle resembling a Celtic cross.

Pentacle jewelry, such as pentacle pendants, rings, earrings, and charm bracelets, can be found by people drawn to the pentacle’s long and rich history. Nearly every time you see this symbol, it’s upside-down.

What are Magic Symbols of Protection?

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the existence of supernatural evil was virtually universally accepted. Demons, witches, and other evil spirits were genuinely believed to be on the loose. Protection symbols are at the heart of magic symbols and meanings.

Building owners, tenants, and visitors carved protective symbols into the structure’s fabric to ward off evil. They drew influence from folklore and pseudo-theology in this way.

Protection magic is a form of apotropaic magic used to ward off damage or ill forces, such as bad luck or the evil eye. In some instances, apotropaic observances are practiced out of superstition or tradition, like good luck charms.

One of the oldest and most traditional jewelry uses was to defend oneself. Early jewelry was worn as protection for both the body and spirit. Many jewelry items for sale can be used to suit a wide range of protection needs.


Pre-Christian paganism, current Wicca, and Christianity have all used the chalice as a proper tool. During this time, holding a chalice symbolizes a person’s devotion to God and their repentance from sin—protecting evildoing.

However, in Christianity, the chalice represents the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper, and the libation signifies the blood of Christ. Therefore, the Last Supper is commemorated by its use. Wine and bread are dipped into it to represent Christ’s blood and flesh.

The chalice and athame serve a significant symbolic role in the Wiccan Great Rite, a rite honoring the creation and birth of the universe. Symbolically, this brings the members together. A small taste of wine or water may be poured into the chalice before being carried around the circle of coven members.

When a deacon was ordained in the early medieval church, he was given a chalice to symbolize his ministry. It’s customary to have both the priest and deacon carry a portion of the altar’s offerings, but this isn’t always the case.


The angel heart charm is precious because it has a personal significance. Angels, of course, are associated with this symbol, as they represent protection, love, and harmony. The purpose of this necklace is to instill a sense of hope and joy in the wearer. As a gift for the holidays or as a present for your loved ones, this piece of jewelry is both lovely and meaningful.

Many people believe that angels exist, but most think that these are beings of pure love who communicate with us to help us find our purpose in this life. A sign from the angels is divine advice that we get.

Angels have been depicted as guardians and messengers throughout history. In addition, angels are regarded as spiritual entities by many, even though their definitions and interpretations vary widely.

The symbolism of angels has long been a feature of many religions. These entities are described as God’s messengers, guiding and protecting the living. Regardless of your religious affiliation, the terms “angel” and “guardian angel” have entered the common vernacular. Many people refer to someone who is morally pure and pleasant, as well as someone who cares about you

Intelligence and power are two other attributes that angels represent. Having a close relationship with God means that angels should better understand the world than we have. As a result, they possess powers that are beyond the comprehension of human beings.

Aum/Om charm

The Om symbol is widely seen on jewelry in the West as a fashion statement. However, if you’re going to the East, where the Aum/Om charm is revered as holy, be prepared for some friction. So before donning it, make sure that you know why you’re wearing Om and what the symbol means to you.

Aum, also known as Om or Ohm, is a sacred symbol for Hindus, Buddhists, and Jainists alike. A further interpretation of Aum as the universal sound is found in the chants representing the symbol in the religions mentioned above and others of the same mindset.

The mystic syllable, Om, is represented by the Om symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. Meditation, prayer, chanting, and yoga are examples of when this symbol is employed. In addition, tattoos, paintings, clothing, and jewelry all include it. Despite it not being entirely an image, it is still part of our magic symbols and meanings.

Om is a Hindu Sanskrit sound. Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism are all dharmic religions. God’s unmanifest (nirguna) and manifest (saguguna) sides are represented by this sign, which is pronounced aum. Hence, Pranava means “pervading life” and “running via our breath.” The phrase “I am Existence” can also be used to interpret the word “Om.”

A vast bottom curl symbolizes your current state of being awake. Deep sleep is illustrated by the curl above it, while the dream state is represented by the curl emanating from the center of the two.

What elevates this sign to a higher and more hallowed level is that dot and the open curve above it. It’s being awake and fully aware of yourself and the world around you that the dot depicts.

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