Jewelry Making Instructions for Beginners, Part One of the Simple Crafting Series  

Jewelry Making Instructions for Beginners, Part One of the Simple Crafting Series  

Are you looking for jewelry making instructions for beginners? Then, you’ve found the right place! Xinar has tons of resources, including jewelry making instructions for novice crafters. Everyone can get into beading, crafting, and jewelry-making.

Jewelry-Making Tools

Tool lists are the first thing you’ll encounter in many jewelry-making instructions and guides. It’s not practical to buy everything in sight on your first attempt to craft jewelry. However, there are some essential tools that you may want to get first, so you’ll have a better experience. It would also be easier to follow other jewelry making instructions, then.

It’s not uncommon for jewelry making instructions tasks to call for a wide variety of specialized and often pricey equipment. Search your garage and flea markets before shelling out hundreds of dollars for specialized equipment you might only use occasionally. It’s essential to “think outside the box” when searching for solutions.

They need not be costly, and you can slowly amass a collection as you work through various tasks and discover you need specialized tools.

Don’t mind jewelry making instructions that state that you must ‘absolutely’ get something, as there are often great substitutes. If you have a limited budget, that’s fine. What is more important is that you have a passion for the craft and want to follow the jewelry-making instructions so you can finish a project soon.

Check out our other guide on getting organized to make jewelry at home for the first time! And if you’re feeling overwhelmed about supplies and tools, you can try jewelry making kits, too, but only after you’ve read our guide on jewelry making kits and how they work.

Jewelry Pliers

Jewelry supply stores typically stock a wide variety of specialized pliers. Start with the basics, including two sets of chain nose pliers, two sets of round nose pliers, and a good pair of cutters, before shelling out money for more specialized, high-priced tools. You can get by with an essential pair of pliers at first, then upgrade as your needs change. Always have a reliable pair handy; you can put them to use for various purposes.

Round-Tip Pliers

They are used for forming wire and metal into loops and curves. Available at craft stores and online from jewelry-making suppliers.

Chain-Nose Pliers

The jaws are smooth and taper to a point but are otherwise flat.

To hold and manipulate small parts, as well as to manipulate wire and metal. The availability of at least two pairs is recommended. Available at craft stores and online from jewelry-making suppliers.


Metal measuring rulers are the most reliable because of their precision. Therefore, any office supply store or jewelry wholesaler should carry some high-quality options.

Flat Surface

We are looking at a polished piece of steel here.

Look for a workable surface at your neighborhood hardware store, metal machine shop, or recycling center. It’s also sold by some stores that specialize in jewelry supplies.


Jewelry supply stores typically stock a wide variety of specialized hammers. Start with the fundamentals before purchasing high-priced hammers. All you need to get started is a ball-peen hammer from the hardware store, which is flat on one side and rounded on the other.

Start with a few cheap ones and work your way up to a better, more expensive hammer if you need to upgrade. Don’t let your new jewelry hammer end up in the tool shed; instead, keep it in a safe place where it will only be used for delicate tasks.

Practice Project: Bead-Drop Earrings

For the most part, you’ll need plenty of beads and findings to complete most projects. Metal beads are suitable for most projects. They’re durable and beautiful and will stand the test of time. If you’re looking to create beaded projects that will look instantly classic, try genuine copper beads, sterling silver beads, or gold-filled beads.


Beads of your choice

Double ear wires made of sterling silver




Chain nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Wire cutter

1. Thread the beads onto the first headpin.

2. Mark 5/16″ on the head pin, measuring from the top bead down. You can use wire cutters or tin snips to sever the head pin wire 5/16″ from the top bead.

3. Make a right angle (90 degrees) with the chain nose pliers and the head pin wire next to the top bead.

4. Pick up the head pin wire by its end, pointing toward you, and push it away. Stop clamping the pliers on the wire at the headpin. Next, loop the top part of the headpin.

Add the ear wire, then grab the loop of the head pin wire with the round nose pliers to close it. Adjust the shape and size of the loop with the round nose or chain nose pliers as needed.

5. Simply repeat these steps on the second earring. Voila!

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