Jewelry Advertising Techniques: Making Publicity and Marketing Easier

Jewelry Advertising Techniques: Making Publicity and Marketing Easier

How can anyone get their unique DIY jewelry into the hands of the people who would appreciate them? Jewelry advertising! Jewelry advertising is about spreading the word that you’re here and making fantastic stuff.

Jewelry advertising encompasses any efforts made to raise brand awareness. In addition to traditional marketing methods like business cards, websites, free press, and advertisements, you can also promote yourself by sporting a flashy hat wherever you go.

You can see that jewelry advertising doesn’t have to break the bank. An example of a low-cost or even free form of advertising is “publicity” campaigns, which involve encouraging the media to spread positive word-of-mouth about your jewelry business.

And you can bring the media to you rather than waiting for them to come knocking. Every day, publications like newspapers and blogs scour the web for new products to feature; seize the opportunity to introduce yourself and your wares to the world with jewelry advertising!

Printed Jewelry Advertising

The marketing materials you create are the foundation of your campaign. What you say about your company in the printed materials you send out says something, whether you’re reaching out to a local boutique or a magazine. Business cards, letterhead, and invoices are all stationery that should prominently feature your company logo and convey the right image. In this way, business cards can be compared to portable billboards. Printing these materials professionally can help people take you more seriously. Business cards are more than just a piece of paper that lists your company’s contact information; they can also showcase your creativity and pique someone’s interest so that they want to find out more about you even when you’re not physically present. Remember that your business card is your first chance to make a good impression on a potential client. If you feel you must apologize for the design of your business card, it’s time to order new ones.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while creating your business card:

  • If you want your cards to last, use thicker paper, like 80-pound card stock. The cards you use shouldn’t be too bulky; they should fit comfortably in a wallet or business card holder.
  • Use wit while still making yourself understood. Don’t cram too much info or design elements onto your business card; space is limited. The easiest way for people to get in touch with you is to provide your website URL, business name, and email address.
  • Jewelry advertising doesn’t have to mean that you hand out “free” business cards you ordered online, especially if they have ads on the back. This will do nothing but damage your company’s reputation.
  • You should get new cards if any of the information on your current cards becomes out of date.


You need a backup jewelry advertising plan if you can’t get people talking about your products in person. A designer’s portfolio is like a catalog, with pictures and descriptions of the items she offers.

You can distribute jewelry advertising catalogs to potential retailers by including them in your press kit, handing them out at trade shows, or sending them via email.

You shouldn’t print too many of them because they could change on a yearly, seasonal, or trade show basis.

You can get away with having a PDF version of your jewelry advertising catalog these days. Images of your wares are great, but the catalog also needs to have clear descriptions, options for sizes and colors, and unique product IDs. Your company’s background and contact details should also be included.

A photographer, stylist, graphic designer, and sometimes even a printing press are all used to create a professionally made catalog. Unfortunately, due to the potentially exorbitant price tag, you may be forced to hire only one of these four experts or decide to handle all the work for your jewelry advertising efforts.

Luckily, with experience behind the camera and a primer in prop styling, you can achieve excellent results in your photography endeavors. Photographers may charge by the hour or for the entire day, and it is not their responsibility to prepare your product for the shoot.

His sole job is to take photographs. A photo stylist’s job is to make your products look good in photographs, but she is not responsible for providing the props or the background. Instead, she may arrange the things you give her or suggest things to buy or rent based on your budget.

Once the photos have been taken, they are given to a graphic designer who will arrange them in a format suitable for printing along with the copy you provide. Professional four-color printing is the best option for any catalog with photographs.

Before beginning work on a catalog, it is essential to define its purpose. Sending it to stores that haven’t seen the product in person necessitates a more elaborate presentation with high-quality photographs.

If you only need a catalog to hand out at trade shows as a reminder, you can have a single sheet or card made at a postcard printing shop or even on your computer printer.

Focus on making a straightforward, professional catalog that retains your style and shows some creativity to make up for the lack of resources. Using a word processor to format your catalog is possible if you lack experience with page-layout software.

How to Take Pictures That Look Like You Hired a Pro for Jewelry Advertising

Professional-quality images for jewelry advertising will shine a light on your product, promote it, and give potential customers ideas for using it. If you can’t afford to hire a stylist for your product shoot, practicing your styling skills beforehand will help you achieve more polished results.

It’s good news that you can get high-quality pictures for jewelry advertising without breaking the bank. You can save money by hiring photography students, new freelance photographers, or stylists who want to build their portfolios by shooting or styling your products for free or at a low price.

You can hire someone else to do it or do it yourself if you have a do-it-yourself mentality. You can get very close to professional results with just a digital camera, good lighting, and knowledge of how to stage a shot with props. Some suggestions for improving your photographic skills:

  • Look at photographs in books and magazines to get some inspiration; study the props used and how they were arranged in the frame.
  • Make your unique environments for jewelry advertising, or stick to simple ones (like white). If you’re working with a white background, you can make a seamless transition by bending a poster board. Think about textures (like weathered wood) and colors (like deep indigo) when choosing a location (such as bold pink).
  • Maintain a minimal aesthetic. Don’t use too many extraneous elements, as this could create a chaotic product presentation. In addition, you shouldn’t use decorations that draw attention away from your offering.
  • Don’t use a flash unless you must. The colors and details of your product may be altered using a flash.
  • Take advantage of non-direct illumination. Shadows will be cast, and the color of your product will be altered if you use direct lighting.
  • Light the room in a gentle, diffuse manner. A photographer’s umbrella, or similar, can provide adequate lighting, like a homemade light box or a small photography studio. (Look for instructions on how to make your lightbox.)
  • Suppose you want to avoid having your photographs for jewelry advertising look too yellow or green. In that case, you should invest in daylight, tungsten, or halogen lightbulbs rather than incandescent or fluorescent ones.
  • Know your camera inside and out. Some digital cameras have a “manual” mode that lets you control aspects like shutter speed and aperture. In addition, macro mode aids in sharpness when shooting in close quarters, the light meter shows how much light is entering the camera, and the white balance modifies colors to suit the environment.
  • Make sure you have a tripod. Pictures taken while the photographer’s hands are on the camera’s grip will be blurry, especially if the shutter speed is low.
  • Try a few different approaches and be patient. Try shooting from different angles, changing the product’s placement, the background, and the camera settings.
  • Mastering Photoshop or another image editor will allow you to change your photographs.

Your Online Presence is Vital for Jewelry Advertising

Every creative enterprise in today’s wired world needs a Web presence, whether a website, a blog, or an Etsy shop, to reach out to consumers, retailers, and the media.

Your website, which you have filled with information about your business and its products, will be your most effective marketing and sales tool, accepting orders around the clock and introducing your work to potential clients and fans worldwide. It’s not just for jewelry advertising.

Your company’s credibility and exposure will both increase with a well-designed website.

Designing a jewelry advertising site that accurately represents your company’s image is essential, so whether you hire a developer, use a WordPress template, or do it all yourself, it’s worth the investment.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want your website to be as effective as possible as a promotional tool:

Choose a domain name that people will have no trouble pronouncing or remembering.

  • Share high-quality images of your wares.
  • Publish new content on your site, such as updates or new offerings, frequently.
  • Cut back on the extra features. They can impede providing your customers with the information they require.
  • Include customers on your mailing list and send them regular newsletters via email.
  • Add a page for the press. Having a page full of press clippings and online media links looks fantastic.
  • Provide a page for customers to find local retailers that stock your wares.
  • Put in your bio so people can learn more about you.

Preparing your website for visitors is pointless if they can’t find it. And how exactly will your target demographic search for your handmade wedding cake toppers on the web? Increasing your company’s visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing requires, among other things, better SEO.

To achieve this, use simple keywords or meta tags to describe your product rather than adding keywords to boost SEO.

Nowadays, search engines have become quite intelligent.

If you want your images to show up in image searches on Google, you should also include a description of them in the “alt” HTML tag. Most importantly, participate in online community building to boost the number of incoming links to your site. More links pointing at your site means a higher ranking in search engines.

Just because your website ranks highly in a search doesn’t mean you’ve done your job. Visitors need to immediately understand what you’re offering with your online jewelry advertising efforts.

Remember that the first line of text you write on the index page will be displayed in search results alongside your page title. Therefore, website page titles that effectively combine the brand name and a slogan tend to perform better.

Broadcast Emails

It’s possible that in this day and age of “tweets” and “friending,” the idea of sending out a newsletter (an email one) sounds antiquated. However, not everyone uses social media, so emailing is still a valuable way to keep your market up-to-date on what’s happening in your world, such as any design awards you’ve won, partnerships you’ve formed, press you’ve received, new products you’ve released, or upcoming craft fairs you’ll be attending. In addition, mailings (or email blasts) are another great way to let people know about upcoming sales and promotions on your website, and they often lead to an immediate uptick in sales.

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