How to Start a Jewelry Business Online?

How to Start a Jewelry Business Online?

Xinar is a premier jewelry-making supplies store that began over twenty years ago. We began selling beads, findings, and other jewelry-making supplies on eBay before we moved on to other platforms and this website.

After over two decades of existence, you can say that we’ve learned so much about how to start a jewelry business online.

If you’re creative and passionate about crafts and jewelry, then it’s natural to want to know how to start a jewelry business online. Luckily, we at Xinar are glad to lend a helping hand to beaders and jewelry designers who want to break into the industry. We fully expect many of our readers to be making jewelry at home; that is 100% legit. Check out the different guides we have on how to start a jewelry business online below:

1. Learn ‘Secrets’ of Some Online Jewelry Stores

The internet is highly unregulated, but customers continue to trust online jewelry stores to look out for their best interests. This guide might help you determine how to position your store versus competitors. At least in our opinion, being upfront with our customers has always been a great way to get more business. The same approach should work for you!

2. Brush Up on Jewelry Measurement Basics

To make your new business profitable, you must have jewelry measurements down pat. You have to be consistent and accurate. We made a guide on measuring jewelry that should take care of that. You can also download our bead sizing chart and put it on your workbench as a quick reference.

3. Learn the Value of Seasonal Jewelry

Seasonal jewelry is enormous in the world of online jewelry stores. Learn how the holidays permeate the collective imagination, all the way to how people craft DIY jewelry.

4. Learn About Jewelry-Making Kits

Jewelry-making kits are an easy way to experiment with crafting jewelry at home if you are a complete beginner. There are no issues with getting tools and some of your initial supplies from jewelry-making kits. Experiment with them, find you, and find your creative vision with them. Then you can move on to materials like sterling silver charms and beads and findings in semi-precious metals.

5. Experiment with Making Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been around since the 1940s and will never go away. Many beginning crafters begin with charm bracelets and fan out to other jewelry types. What’s great about them is they’re highly marketable, and almost everyone wears them. What you must figure out, however, is how to style and design them to attract your ideal buyers.

6. Find Out More About Sterling Silver Charms

Sterling silver charms are never out of fashion because silver occupies almost the same legendary status as the more expensive metals like gold and platinum. So naturally, jewelry-making supplies like sterling silver beads, sterling silver findings, and sterling silver charms are all the rage in the crafting world. You’re also not limited to creating jewelry all the time. You can use jewelry-making supplies for other products; click here to read more about other creative uses for silver charms.

7. Start Planning Your Online Jewelry Store

Much of your creativity and passion for jewelry creations will also cover the phase where you plan your new online jewelry business. This guide can help you plan your jewelry business, from the general concept of your store to stuff like naming your business and finding your jewelry niche.

8. Begin the Process of Designing Your Jewelry

There’s so much to think about when you want to know how to start a jewelry business online. The designs and themes are just as crucial as considerations like shipping methods, payment methods, etc.

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