How to Make Jewelry to Sell: Handcrafting Costume Jewelry

How to Make Jewelry to Sell: Handcrafting Costume Jewelry

How to make jewelry to sell?

An enterprising beginner with the right creative streak can create a nice income by handcrafting costumes or fashion jewelry. And suppose you’re interested in handcrafted fine jewelry, too. In that case, there’s always the option of upgrading your jewelry-making supplies quickly with Xinar’s extensive collections of sterling silver beads, sterling silver findings, genuine copper beads, genuine copper findings, gold-filled beads, and so many more.

If you have a strategy to be successful after learning how to make jewelry to sell, your startup costs may be less than expected, and your profit margins may be pretty encouraging. Create and sell your one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to bring in a nice profit. Earning a fortune in the jewelry industry requires meticulous planning and flawless execution.

It would help to have a well-thought-out plan for your business’s production processes, distribution channels, and any other specialized markets you hope to serve before you launch. You may, for example, specialize in steampunk jewelry or nautical or religiously inspired accessories. So first, determine if you will make your jewelry in-house or buy it from commercial manufacturers. Next, you’ll need to determine which distribution methods work best for your company.

Once you know how your new business will be structured after you learn how to make jewelry to sell, it’s time to take care of the nuts and bolts. To begin, it is recommended that you form an LLC or other corporate structure to shield your assets and decrease your tax liability. In addition, you need a separate business checking account for all your company’s financial needs. And finally, don’t forget to get your company officially established and check into any licenses you might need.

The critical choice you’ll face after settling on a market niche is whether to produce your goods in-house or contract the work. Each choice has equal merit. You may devote all your time and energy to designing your equipment if you get it made by a specialized company in another country.

Nevertheless, quality is not always assured. The beauty of making your jewelry is that you may use any beads, shells, jewels, stones, metals, wood, and wire you like. You’ll need a place to get creative to come up with fresh jewelry designs.

In this case, your home office will do. It’s wise to have a computer, a desk, and a drawing board for your workspace. There needs to be a designated area for prototyping where you can test out different iterations and determine what works best. You generally won’t need to lease commercial office space unless you want to begin operating immediately at a vast scale.

How to Make Jewelry to Sell: Differentiating Between Fine Jewelry and Costume Jewelry or Fashion Jewelry

Often, the materials used to create the piece are the defining factor between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. The only way to tell if a piece of jewelry is costume or excellent is to examine the metals and stones used to create it.

So that you may purchase with confidence when adding to your jewelry collection, we’ll go over the terms used by professional authenticators and explain what they mean.

It is sometimes referred to by its former name as “costume jewelry,” fashion jewelry is created using inexpensive metals and artificial stones.

The brass, copper, and aluminum used to make these items are prone to bending and tarnishing. Therefore, fashion jewelry includes not just jewelry made entirely of textiles or leather but also of base metal alloys plated with precious metals like gold or silver. Plastic stones, cubic zirconia, and Swarovski crystals are only some examples of manufactured stones that look real.

Gold vermeil and gold-filled jewelry are often considered “semi-fine” by jewelry connoisseurs who prefer not to distinguish between the two types of precious metals.

Jewelry classified as “semi-fine” may also be crafted with more reasonably priced natural gemstones such as opal or morganite or with “enhanced” stones that have undergone laboratory treatment to improve their clarity, flawlessness, or color.

Authenticators and experts don’t utilize the “semi-fine” category to judge jewelry quality, but it can help jewelers organize their products more precisely. For example, an expert may still classify “semi-fine” jewelry as fashion because it often contains inexpensive base metals; yet again, the jewelry’s construction determines whether it is considered costume or acceptable.

Fashion jewelry has no long shelf life because its components easily break or tarnish. Moreover, they are almost impossible to repair once broken because the high temperatures needed to solder the brass or copper pieces back together would destroy the gold or silver plating, rendering the piece unusable. Thankfully, fashion jewelry is typically far more reasonably priced than fine jewelry, so you could replace it if you break a piece.

Equipment Necessary for Fashion Jewelry Production

There are many options for purchasing the equipment needed after you master how to make jewelry to sell. Yet, it’s crucial that you get the highest quality products you can if you’re going to spend the money. These tools will not only last much longer, but they will also simplify the entire process of creating jewelry. The following is a list of the many tools you’ll need to make costume jewelry.

Open-Ended Clamping pliers

Using these pliers, you can quickly form loops and bend the wire. When manufacturing jewelry, especially costume jewelry, this is the tool you’ll use the most. Unlike the more giant round nose pliers used in home improvement, the tiny ones made for jewelry creation are an absolute must.

Flat- or Chain-Nose Pliers

In addition to holding your components in place while you work on them, you can use these pliers to open and close jump rings and chain links. But, if you need to work in confined locations, these two pliers might be the same. If you are undecided between chain-nose and flat-nose pliers, I recommend starting with the former and upgrading to the latter as your skill level rises.

String or Scissors

You can’t string your jewelry without a pair of these, as you’ll need to cut the wire or other materials you employ. However, if you plan on making costume jewelry out of memory wire, it is highly recommended that you get a quality pair of memory wire cutters.


You’ll need a crimping tool to ensure that your beads don’t fall out of place. The remainder of the beads and embellishments you placed in your creation will also stay put.


To tie knots when creating costume jewelry, you will need this implement. Producing knots that are both uniform in size and shape and very tight without an awl is challenging.


You don’t need a giant hammer, just one that can compress wire to make it much more challenging, which will help it retain its shape better.


Scissors If you want to make jewelry, you need a decent set of short, sharp scissors. Using sharp scissors will prevent fraying while cutting delicate fabrics like leather, suede, silk, and satin.


Tweezers, yes, the same thing you’d use to remove unwanted hair or stray hairs from your eyebrows at home. When working with tiny beads, a nice set of tweezers comes in to pick them up and thread them onto the wire. You can see the hole through which the wire or other stringing material must be threaded by holding the beads between the tweezers and holding them up to the light.

Stick and Tape Measure

We know you have a measuring scale on your bead board, so you might wonder why we suggest investing in a different measuring stick. With the ruler, you may accurately cut wire or other materials for customer jewelry orders. In addition, a measuring tape is crucial for determining the precise size of the neck or wrist of the individual for whom you are creating a piece of jewelry.

Squiggle Board

This tool features a groove into which beads of varying sizes can be arranged and a measuring scale for determining their precise dimensions. Having the beads readily available and easily identifiable by size is just one advantage of investing in such an apparatus.

Tools for Stringing Beads

Because it can be challenging to thread tiny beads onto thin thread, this tool is an essential purchase. In addition, buying needles in various sizes is a good investment.


You might be asking what use an adhesive would have in creating costume jewelry. You’ll need to purchase two different kinds of adhesive to make costume jewelry. If you want to attach porcelain and glass to metal, you’ll need one with a resin base. Moreover, you should purchase a high-quality clear all-purpose glue when you need to adhere wooden beads, for instance, to a surface like leather or another fabric.

Wired Jig

If you’re doing a lot of work with wire after you master how to make jewelry to sell, you might want to invest in a wire jig instead of relying just on pliers. These jigs (boards) are often fabricated from aluminum, wood, or a transparent plastic substance and feature a grid of tiny holes. After inserting pins into the holes, you can shape the wire to your liking by bending it around the pins.

Yet, if you’d rather not spend the money, you could always try creating your wire jig. A plank of wood and some pin-sized nails will be required for this. Now you need to make multiple holes in the wood for the nails to go into. To prevent the nails from wriggling around as you manipulate the wire, make the holes just big enough for them to go into snugly.


DIY costume jewelry enthusiasts who have already mastered how to make jewelry to sell have plenty of bead options to choose from. Not only do they vary in size, color, and texture, but they also take on a broad array of shapes. It’s not always easy to pick the best options. Remember that the ones you choose will be responsible for the final appearance of the finished product. Some beads can give jewelry a relaxed, hipster vibe, while others can lend it a refined air of luxury.

To aid you in making a more educated choice, we provide a quick overview of the vast varieties of beads available.

Acrylic Beads

They are great for constructing chunkier jewelry pieces because of their enormous size yet low weight. In addition, these beads are perfect for adding a pop of color to an otherwise understated piece of jewelry.

Swarovski Elements & Crystals

The most expensive beads to use while crafting jewelry are also refined. Costs are costly because of the time and effort required to give them various personalities and make them shine brightly.

Semiprecious Gems

Beads of this kind are usually reasonably pricey because they are crafted from rare and valuable materials like jasper, agate, quartz, or turquoise. Yet, they are breathtaking and may provide an air of sophistication to any bespoke jewelry design.

Glass Beads

You can use glass beads for almost anything after you learn how to make jewelry to sell. They also look fantastic when incorporated into bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and brooches. TheyIn addition, they are sewn into suede, le

Metal Beads

They are beautiful as the focal point of any piece of costume jewelry, but they also function well as accent beads. Gold and silver ones will cost you more, while ones made of brass, aluminum, or copper will not break the bank.

Seed Beads

They are great to use when designing jewelry that incorporates stitch beading. They can be found in both round and square forms. But you’ll notice that the color options are somewhat restricted; most items are typically found in neutral tones.

Crystal Shamballa Beads

These beads can be fashioned either from metal that has been crystallized or from clay. The clay varieties are more costly but won’t tarnish like metal ones. These beads are fantastic because not only do they come in a rainbow of colors, but they also add a shimmer to any design.

Wooden Beads

These beads are not only the most cost-effective option for jewelry manufacturing but also the most adaptable. You may also use these to make jewelry for males. In addition, you may make some incredibly striking yet basic designs by combining several different kinds of wooden beads.

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