Heart Charms: Love, Glamor, and Pop Culture Rolled into One

Heart Charms: Love, Glamor, and Pop Culture Rolled into One

Heart charms are one of the most universally recognizable symbols in the jewelry world. Heart charms for bracelets and necklaces have been around for as long as anyone reading this can probably remember. In every era, the heart symbol is a mainstay in magazine and newspaper shoots and TV ads. We splash the heart symbol wherever we like because we know it carries a message of love, joy, and hope.

Silver heart charms have always been trendy in jewelry. Silver is gorgeous, and this white metal will probably continue to be relevant to art and jewelry for the next one hundred years.

No other symbol can express both youthfulness and timelessness effortlessly: our vintage heart charm from the Far Fetched Vintage Elements collection is just one proof that the heart symbol takes a simple shape to much greater heights.

Heart charms for jewelry making will always come in countless formats because the symbolism changes slightly with each iteration. So if you’re thinking of crafting something like a heart charm bracelet, you’ve come to the right place!

Xinar has been selling silver heart charms and other 925 sterling silver charms for over 20 years.

Our incredible sterling silver charms cover every imaginable theme in jewelry making. You won’t just get heart charms for jewelry making here; we have everything from animal charms to national parks charms to Halloween charms!

What are the Kinds of Heart Charms?

It’s impossible to count all the creative ways that silversmiths have reinterpreted the primary heart symbol over the years. However, we can tell you that every version of the heart charm is meaningful and appropriate for a specific type of project. Below are some examples that you can use for inspiration if you’d like to use a heart charm for bracelets or a heart charm for necklaces.

Stacked Hearts or Triple Hearts

The Triple or stacked hearts sterling silver heart charm may be taken as they are in visual form, or they may also be a reinterpretation of “the three of hearts” in the standard deck of cards.

According to cartomancers, or people who read the mystical meanings of cards, the three hearts may mean that your artistic endeavor will be fruitful.

You can expect to succeed at any creative endeavor, whether it’s interior design, composing a symphony, or anything else. The three hearts portend success in both professional and romantic endeavors.

There is a cautionary side to the Three of Hearts as well. Mind your emotions in this situation. If this is the case, it could indicate that a new person has entered the picture or that a change is imminent that will make your relationship less satisfying.

The appearance of this card can also portend a happy ending to a situation or the completion of a task.

Again, this is contingent on the other cards in hand. If spades surround this card, you’re likely involved in a love triangle. On the other hand, the proximity to bars and nightclubs increases the likelihood that you will spice up your sex life or make new friends.

It’s essential to keep an eye out for new connections and prospects. Growth can also indicate the arrival of assistance or the introduction of something new that will ease your current predicament.

Horse Heart Charm  

The horse is a magnificent creature that represents the intangible power of autonomy, nobility, stamina, self-assurance, victory, courage, and competition. Its emblem represents bravery, independence, and strength. This unique sterling silver heart charm perfectly captures the spirit of the both the heart symbol and the heart symbol with its twin horses.

In many traditions, the horse is revered because of its role in easing the burden of long and arduous journeys. The horse has been a trusted companion in conflict and peace for over five thousand years. Many cultures’ successes and failures can be traced back to the horse, and artifacts bearing witness to the animal’s importance can be found worldwide.

The feeling of floating into adventure, movement, and desire from riding a horse makes it a universal symbol of unrestrained freedom. Its legacy today is enlightenment, helping us learn about the cosmos without and within. Its spirit also motivates us to take risks, achieve our goals, and improve ourselves.

Concho Heart

Seashells, or conchos, are silver discs commonly used as embellishments on leather goods. For example, if a belt or saddle has a metal ornament, called a Concho, on it, you have seen one. While Conchos were initially designed to be used on thick leather, they have since found use on everything from western horse saddles and bridles to jewelry, scarves, frames, furniture, hats, and belts.

Simple Heart Charm

The simple sterling silver heart charm  is common, but it’s no less remarkable. Sometimes, the simplicity of a charm makes it more meaningful to the person receiving it. If you need a heart charm for a bracelet or a necklace that’s symbolic but less ornate than usual, go for charms like Xinar’s Simple Heart Charm. Click the links above to view the actual charms!

Critical to My Heart Charm

The term “key to my heart” means you are entirely attracted or smitten with someone, which makes all your walls and boundaries go down fast. This is a truly romantic notion that’s stayed for decades, too. It’s a lovely message you can use for many jewelry or crafting projects. Xinar’s movable key to my heart charm is something you can use for many projects alongside other heart charms from different collections.  

Broken Heart Charm

No one wants to deal with a broken heart, but it is undoubtedly genuine, and people who experience it sometimes want to remind themselves of what hurt them so that they can be more mindful or careful of it in the future. Some do it by wearing a sterling silver heart charm that signifies the past loss.  

A heartache or a broken heart refers to the emotional strain or pain caused by intense longing. The idea is universal and is usually discussed in the context of unrequited or lost love. A broken heart is a typical result of a failed romantic relationship, and those who suffer from it often experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even PTSD.

Valentine “Be Mine” Heart Charm

Almost everyone knows what Valentine’s Day is, and the heart symbol completes this occasion. Once a year, on February 14, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by exchanging candies, flowers, and gifts between loved ones worldwide. So who exactly is this obscure saint, and where did all these rituals originate? Learn about the origins of Valentine’s Day, from the ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia to welcoming spring to the card-giving traditions of Victorian England and everything in between.

It has been speculated that the Christian church may have planned the feast day in February to “Christianize” Lupercalia. However, some maintain that Valentine’s Day is celebrated during this time to commemorate Valentine’s death or burial.

Lupercalia is a pagan festival celebrated on February 15 in honor of Faunus, Romulus, and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome.

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