Country Style Aesthetic: How to Look Country Effortlessly

Country Style Aesthetic: How to Look Country Effortlessly

Country style aesthetic walks the narrow line between contemporary touches of country design and Grand Ole Opry caricature when putting together a country-themed outfit. So, how can you channel Dolly Parton’s country style without going overboard? Use these pointers to achieve a stunning style of the Old West with just the perfect rustic flair.

The country style aesthetic is influenced by the rural farming cultures of the American South and Midwest. Within the community, farmers and ranchers embrace tradition and conservative principles and community and hard labor in their fields. With various activities and things arising from their employment and landscape, the style lays a strong emphasis on usefulness. The design has been adopted as a visual cliche for weddings, TV show settings, and political propaganda by many people across the United States, even if they are not farmers or ranchers.

The aesthetic has many similarities to Western, but it places less emphasis on the nineteenth century, adventure, or lawlessness and instead emphasizes the concept of home and being settled in the farmer’s lifestyle. Country, unlike Cottagecore, which romanticizes the countryside and employs feminine aesthetics, is a lived experience, even if some visual cliches are overused.

This aesthetic’s participants are unlikely to be aware of the aesthetic community. The lifestyle has been entrenched in the American mainstream, with various home decorating periodicals, apparel firms, and even personality types focusing on it. Being a “country girl/boy” is a source of pride for many people, as their culture promotes patriotism and ideals that are uncommon in many modern cities.

The country style aesthetic for girls is often depicted as innocent, relatable, and kind-hearted and merges this style with teenager Girl-Next-Door manners and personality traits. The aesthetics are a more conventionally feminine interpretation, with a greater emphasis on softness and beauty rather than usually masculine actions. They are, however, generally capable of handling these duties on their own and are well-versed in animal husbandry and homemaking.

Country girls are often teenagers, with tales and aesthetics centered on High School Dream-like themes of becoming independent from their fathers, first love, and experiencing the big city (and returning home.) Horse girls and paragons of Southern white femininity are common among these women. But, at the outset of her career, Taylor Swift’s persona is the best illustration.

Country Style Aesthetic for Men

  • Look for appropriate bottoms for the right country style aesthetic. The jean is synonymous with country style, but it’s not your only option for male bottoms. Men’s bottom-wear options are primarily jeans, although dark-colored jeans or corduroys can also be part of a country-inspired style, especially if you’re trying to spice up your look. Look for a tight fit with legs that are wide enough to allow some cowboy boots while shopping for pants. There will be no skinny jeans or baggy pants.
  • Locate the ideal clothing. Specific cuts and prints are unmistakably associated with country style; all you have to do now is pick one. Long-sleeved button-down shirts, like blue jeans, are an essential part of the country’s appearance. If you want your shirt to have a country feel, look for plaid, embroidered, or checkered button-down shirts. Also, choose button-down shirts with pearl snap buttons to spruce up your country style.
  • Make a cap out of it. Cowboy hats are the most instantly recognizable component of a country-inspired ensemble. Simple, solid-colored felt or straw cowboy hats are popular among guys. Some hats may have subtle detailing, but you should generally aim for simplicity. Look for a hat that rests firmly, but not too snugly, around your head and fits one to two finger widths over the eyebrows and ears.
  • A dressed-up image can also be achieved with a great, clean, crisp cowboy hat. Look for your shoes. The cowboy boot is, without a doubt, the most country-inspired footwear for both men and women. The primary roper boot with a flat heel and square or rounded toes is the footwear of choice (pointed toes are somewhat of a no-no in certain circles). Wear a dark-colored pair of clean, sharp-looking boots if you’re going out.
  • Put on your belt. The critical pieces of country-inspired style are thick leather belts with big buckles. In addition, the country design includes black or brown leather belts with a big silver buckle. The buckle is frequently the true star of more complex belts, including studs or tooled leather. One of the more enjoyable country-style features is big, identifiable belt buckles, but use caution when going that path. To prevent looking overdone or costume-y, tone down the rest of your clothing if you’re planning to wear a flashy buckle.
  • Choose a more toned-down belt and buckle if your outfit already has several country-style components (fringed vest or skirt, pearl-snap shirt, etc.). For example, a three-piece silver buckle gives country appeal without overpowering the ensemble
  • Choose the appropriate jewelry. Silver is usually the go-to when it comes to country style. Try adding sterling silver cowboy and horse charms to your arsenal. Men’s jewelry options are often limited compared to women’s. Choose hefty silver rings or a more modest silver necklace when shopping for jewelry. A bandana wrapped around the neck or stuffed into a shirt pocket can add a touch of country to an otherwise basic ensemble as an alternative to jewelry.
  • Add a vest or jacket to complete the look. Keep an eye out for appealing vests and jackets that can give subtle country flavor to an outfit. Look for a country-inspired sport or leather jacket to add a hint of edge to an everyday outfit. A lovely traditionally cut vest can be a fantastic alternative if you’re dressing up a bit for a night out.
  • Maintain a simple hairstyle. Men’s haircuts are as straightforward as they come: short, superficial cuts are the way to go. Because country style is more about the hat than the hair, a country-inspired hairstyle should be easy to wear with a cowboy hat and not compete with it.

Country Style for Women

  • Look for the appropriate pair of pants or a skirt for the right country style aesthetic. Women have a few more alternatives than men in this area, such as skirts and shorts. When it comes to a rural style, jeans are still the go-to choice, albeit women’s jeans are frequently a little flashier than men’s. The younger and trendier country fashion type prefers close-fitting, curve-hugging boot-cut jeans with studs and sparkles on the front and back pockets. Also available are short-shorts, cut-off denim shorts, denim skirts (long and short), and floral, flowy skirts. Extra points if they’re printed with the American flag or hunting camo.
  • Choose the appropriate shirt. Tops for women come in various colors, styles, and designs. Rustic florals, plaids, and needlework, for example, are instantly recognizable as country-inspired. Long-sleeved button-downs are also the most traditional country alternative, though rolling the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt is also a popular country look.
  • Wear light, loose-fitting dress. Airy summer dresses with a relaxed sway are popular in country style. Instead, choose loose-fitting clothing with a flowing skirt or a bodice. Both have a classic country look about them. All good choices are light flowery designs, studded, fringed embellishments, lace, or leather belted accents. If you’re heading out, opt for a dress with a lot of beading and embroidery work.
  • Get yourself a pair of fantastic boots. Cowboy boots for women come in various styles, ranging from tooled leather boots with a squared-off toe to flowery embroidered boots with a pointed toe. Mix cowboy boots with dresses, skirts and jeans to give otherwise ordinary clothes a rustic twist.
  • Whether boots should be worn over or beneath jeans is a point of contention. The more daring among you may want to try wearing your shoes over your pants but stick to dress in your pants over your boots if you’re going to play it safe. Flip-flops and beach sandals with studs, charms, and sparkles are also possibilities if you’re branching out from boots. If you’re going out, a great pair of cowboy boots can be worn with a perfect outfit for a more casual, classy style, or you can dress up a look with a couple of boots with a higher heel, taller shaft, and finer details.
  • Get a hat for yourself. A cowboy hat can instantly add country flair to any outfit while also being fun to wear. Women’s cowboy hat options are generally the same as men’s—felt or straw, plain colors—but there is more decoration leeway. Women’s hats may have more ornate studded detailing, turquoise accents, or rhinestones for added flash.
  • Put on a bandana. Bandanas are traditionally connected with the country style since cowboys and ranchers would dress them on trail rides to keep sand out of their noses and mouths. Still, bandanas are also used in a modern country design. A bandana worn loosely over your neck or hair may bring a bit of rustic charm to any outfit. Look for blouses, skirts, and dresses with bandana prints that pay homage to cowboy flair.
  • Look for a beautiful belt. Women’s belts are divided into two categories: traditional and modern. Traditional belts are worn through the loops of your pants, whereas modern belts are meant to be seen and worn over shirts, dresses, and other items. A classic strap with a large buckle added to a pair of jeans or shorts instantly gives an outfit a rustic feel. A more modern method to adopt rural style is to wear a thick belt with a massive buckle over a button-down shirt or loose sweater. Big, ornate belt buckles are a remarkable aspect of country style but keep it simple if you go with a statement belt buckle. To prevent looking excessive or costumey, tone down the remainder of the ensemble. If your costume already has multiple country-style elements (fringed vest or skirt, cowboy hat, etc.), choose a belt with a more discreet buckle. For example, a classic three-piece silver buckle might offer country appeal without overpowering the outfit.
  • Add some jewelry to the mix. If you’re looking for country-inspired jewelry, go big or go home. Look for hefty silver jewelry with flowery designs and turquoise accents. Don’t go overboard with your jewelry choices, just like you shouldn’t with belt buckles. If you want to avoid looking overdone, choose a large statement piece of jewelry and keep the rest of your outfit simple.
  • Add a vest or jacket to the ensemble. Depending on the vest or jacket, the vest or jacket can offer anything from a slight sense of country inspiration to undeniable country flair to an outfit. For ladies, loose, fringed vests may lend considerable vintage country-chic to a company, while denim jackets can give a dress or skirt a casual country flair.
  • Maintain a simple hairstyle. More stripped-down modern fashions have since overtaken the old-school mountain of teased hair, so country-style hair is mostly plain.

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