Beautiful Christian Gift Ideas to Try This Year

Beautiful Christian Gift Ideas to Try This Year

Christian gift ideas are a must if you have friends or family who are into their faith and practice it religiously throughout the year. Being mindful of another person’s beliefs, respecting those, and showing appreciation for their faith through gifts is a surefire way to keep bonds strong. Today, we will talk about general Christian gift ideas that will make shopping much easier before the holidays or for any special occasion.

So whether it’s your spouse’s or child’s birthday, Christmas, or a family member’s graduation, there are plenty of opportunities to give a thoughtful, personalized present.

Every day is a good day to honor your faith, so why not make your Christian gift ideas even more meaningful?

If your loved one is a fellow Christ follower, you can find a wide variety of unique and thoughtful gifts on popular shopping websites like Etsy and Amazon. These sites offer convenient services like speedy shipping and extensive personalization options. So no matter the age or life stage of the recipient, or the size of their bank account, you’ll find the ideal token of faith among our top gift recommendations.

The next time you’re trying to decide what to get the Christians in your life as a present, consider valuable something they might use, like a keychain or a set of coasters, and then see if there’s any way to personalize it with a Bible verse or some other religious detail. You can’t go wrong with Bible covers, holy books, or educational books for Christians of any age or stage of their faith. The great thing about this list of Christian gift ideas is that they’re appropriate for any event or occassion.

Christian Charm Bracelets

Sterling Silver Cross of the First Family Charm

You can give adult men, women, and kids a Christian charm bracelet. And the best thing about them is you can make them at home. Xinar’s selection of beads and findings should cover most of your beading needs. And don’t forget to add the proper Christian iconography to your creations. You can use sterling silver charms like the simple cross charm, a chalice charm, the beautiful and ornate serenity prayer medallion, the highly-detailed angel heart charm, my first communion charm, the Celtic cross charm, and so much more. Head over to our medal, talisman, and amulet collection for more.

Prayer Bowls

You can keep your prayers with you at all times in a prayer bowl, a unique bowl that has been carefully crafted by hand. Insert prayer requests on the note cards that come with each bowl.

Christian Shirts and Other Apparel

Christian apparel is one of the fastest ways to express one’s faith; yes, they look good nowadays. Check out stores that sell a variety of Christian shirts and hoodies to find the best match for the recipient’s personality. It’s always a good idea to be careful with the message you want to convey with the gift, so the person will greatly appreciate your gesture.

Scripture Posters

There are so many ways to have scripture posters made. You can have a custom one printed or buy an ornate creation from Etsy and other places where crafters hang out. Scripture posters double as wall art and are beautiful decorations that anyone would appreciate. Furthermore, they are an affirmation of the faith and will make for a great gift any time of the year.

Burned Artwork

Burned artwork is a bit pricey, but they’re long-lasting, and there’s no reason for anyone to dislike them when you gift one. Softwood and hardwood trees are both used for making burned artwork, and the size of this artwork type begins with smaller ones (sometimes used as wooden coasters) to larger and heavier ones that you can put on the shelf as a permanent wooden display.

Prayer Journals

Prayer journals are super convenient if you are pressed for time, but don’t just pick up any prayer journal you find in the bookstore or online. Check out the dimensions first, the color, and the content of the prayer journal. Not all prayer journals are the same. Some are better than others, and we want the recipient to use them in the end. To get the most out of your purchase, we recommend buying prayer journals from established stores and organizations that sell them. Avoid the super low-cost ones that may not have been edited well to avoid awkward situations later.

The Bible

The Bible is undoubtedly a welcome gift any time of the year. The great thing about the publishing industry today is you have more choice when it comes to the Bible so that you can match it to the reader. If you are gifting to someone younger, there are bibles made for teenagers; these editions speak the language of youth and have a better chance of being understood. In addition, there are visually engaging Bibles for kids that make Biblical stories more understandable and fun to read. For the older gents and ladies, larger-print Bibles may be a better choice.

Decorated Glass Cups

With 3D printing technology and resin art getting increasingly popular, it’s no surprise that we now have incredibly decorated glass cups and other items with the appropriate themes. The tricky part is finding a store that makes specifically Christian-themed glass cups.

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