Cat Jewelry: Making Feline Even More Elegant

Cat Jewelry: Making Feline Even More Elegant

They say that there are only two groups of people in the world: dog people and cat people. People who wear cat jewelry are obviously from the latter group. While there is no shortage of feline-inspired jewelry on the market, there’s just something about crafting a cat jewelry necklace or cat jewelry earrings that set your fashion apart from the rest.

Maybe it’s the thought you put into the design, or perhaps it’s just the fact that you get to pick all the pendants you want for the perfect design that suits your taste. Xinar has an extensive lineup of sterling silver cat charms or feline charms for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. So if you want to craft or customize your cat jewelry, this is the place to be.

Cat Jewelry and Charms Ideas

Movable Cat in a Trash Can

It’s hilarious but sad, but hey – cats do like rummaging for stuff! They like bringing home their bounty to the poor, helpless humans who need their help. A movable cat in a trash can charm brings the right level of the comic to your jewelry design while maintaining that calm and humorous aesthetic that is hard to come by when you’re designing niche jewelry highly.

Movable Cat Charm

Movable cat charms are the best! Unfortunately, they’re rare, and it’s also rare for these charms to be durable. Luckily, the ones that we have here at Xinar are super durable, but they’re also hypoallergenic and lead-free. They’re nickel-free, too. So if you’re tired of getting allergies from wearing lower quality sterling silver, you’re in luck because none of our charms will cause allergies.

Cat and Mouse Charm

Our cat and mouse charm is a genuinely iconic take on cats; our cat and mouse charm give a classic vibe with its beautiful texturing and perfect anatomy. While it’s not cartoonish, it does get the job one. Ideal for those who want traditional charms on their jewelry!

Cat Sitting on a Toilet Charm

Who hasn’t seen a cat stalking a toilet? This cute charm is every cat lover’s dream because it’s so true. The round feline is perfectly perched in the bathroom, waiting for the owner to come by.

What Do Cats Symbolize?

Cats, like dogs, are mostly domesticated and can be found wherever people reside. In Scotland, there is a wild tabby-like cat, but other feral cats are generally those that have reverted from domestication. Anyone who has spent time with cats understands that they are lonely creatures. The words conjure up images of independence, wit, and, of course, curiosity.

Throughout history, cats have been feared and cherished by many different societies. Some Native Americans, such as the Oglala, refused to associate with cats because they believed cats possessed tremendous magic and the ability to curse people. On the other hand, Cats were held in high regard by the Egyptians. Bast, Sekmet (a goddess with the head of a lioness), and Mafdet were among the cat goddesses (goddess having come before Bast, who represented feral Egyptian cats). Each of these gods is female, confirming the popular link between cats and women. Female medicine is also related to cats. Around 2100 BCE, cats were domesticated in Egypt for hunting.

Cats were also revered Cats, who associated them with their deity Brighid. Cats were regarded as buddies and companions in this scenario, similar to how dogs are thought of. The Celts attempted to imitate specific characteristics of cats, such as sensitivity and stealth. Druidic priests would employ cat magic to traverse the spiritual and corporeal worlds, as cats are highly associated with witchcraft.

Cats were disliked by some societies, such as the Oglala. Christianity turned these good cat traditions on their heads by associating cats with Satan, witches, evil, and anything else. When their owners were found guilty of heresy, cats were routinely hanged. When the Pilgrims arrived in the Americas, they brought their views on cats with them. As a result, modern society has many cat superstitions, such as believing that black cats are unfortunate or ill omens. On the other hand, black cats are considered auspicious in Britain and Ireland, with small black bog cat sculptures sold for good luck.

Because of their nine lives, Cats are symbolic of rebirth and resurrection. On the other hand, they are connected with darkness since they are nocturnal. Fear, the unconscious, and hidden things are frequently associated with night. As previously said, cats are symbols of mystery and enchantment, unpredictability, and even healing.

People have been infatuated with cats for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations understood in the cat spirit animal long before wild cats were tamed. However, cats became increasingly more significant in our lives when feral cats began to live more closely with humans around 8000 B.C.

You’re not going to witness a cat rolling about in the mud. But, on the other hand, these graceful creatures are pretty conscientious about keeping themselves clean and well-groomed. A friend of mine who runs an animal shelter believes that a cat who doesn’t groom itself has most likely experienced trauma because it’s not in its nature to be untidy.

Cats, unlike dogs, do not take deep breaths. They’re a lot more self-sufficient. While we’ve all seen clumsy cats, cats are, on the whole, a cultivated species. They tiptoe so quietly on their fragile paws that you might not notice them until you hear a gentle mew. Cats usually are silent creatures unless they’re speaking with you, yowling about something important, or purring in your lap.

The cat’s spirit encourages you to value your ability to appreciate elegance and the finer things in life. The truth is that the world can be a harsh and unattractive place. Without artwork, beauty, and grace, where would we be? It’d be like being in a world without cats. If you come across a cat, it could signify that you need to add more elegance to your life. Take some time to pamper yourself, get your hair done, relax in a sunny location, or dress up in a lovely gown or tux and go out. Despite their elegance and restraint, Cats regard the world as a fascinating place. And life might become monotonous if you don’t throw a little turbulence into the mix now and then. Cats, after all, enjoy activities such as knocking objects off the counter. Why? It was there, after all!

Maybe it’s time to mix things up a little in your own life? Even if it’s to attract someone’s attention, it’s sometimes essential to change things. So while you may be happy curled up on your windowsill, the cat spirit animal encourages you to embark into the world and pursue your interests. Just don’t kill yourself in the process.

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