Enjoy the Season More with Thanksgiving Family Traditions Ideas

Enjoy the Season More with Thanksgiving Family Traditions Ideas

It’s never too soon to plan and think about Thanksgiving family tradition ideas. We at Xinar have always been excited about folks learning how to bond more with their family or partners/spouses through activities you can take anywhere and do anytime. We already have an endless stream of DIY crafters who discovered their talents and shared the joy of DIY jewelry-making and crafting with others with their creations.

Even this wreath is a great Thanksgiving family traditions idea
Thanksgiving family traditions ideas can help liven up the season.

If you’re thinking of turning to craft this holiday season, don’t forget to check out our multitude of beads and findings, including gold-filled beads, sterling silver beads, and rose gold-filled beads, as well as excellent sterling silver charms.

Our sterling silver charms are lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic, and you can use the search bar to search for just about any item or theme. For starters, you can try typing “cornucopia” and see where that leads you! However, if you need something more specific, you can always head over to our holiday and Thanksgiving charm collection ASAP.

On top of crafting, what other Thanksgiving family tradition ideas can you start this year? We have a couple of ideas below!

Thanksgiving Family Traditions Ideas to Try This Year

Keep the Tablecloth as a Memento

Crafty experts suggest drawing your gratitude on the tablecloth as a keepsake and a fun activity. Spread out cloth placemats and place white fabric tablecloth over the table. Invitees can draw anything from a self-portrait with a twist to a thankful message or a favorite Thanksgiving memory. After dessert, you’ll have a keepsake that can be used to decorate the table for future celebrations.

Swap Ornaments for the Holidays

If you also observe Christmas, you know that the holiday season officially begins with Thanksgiving. So go for it and have everyone bring an ornament to trade. You can put a little piece of everyone you care about on your tree, and some families even ask that they be homemade or have a special meaning to the giver.

Get the Day Going with a Hearty Breakfast

Start the day with a welcoming breakfast to stave off the hunger pangs if your Thanksgiving meal is served later than usual. To get the party started, some families put out the ingredients for mimosas or Bloody Marys, while others provide bagels and pastries to snack on as they get ready for the day. Perhaps you’re more of an egg casserole or quiche crowd. There’s a good explanation why this meal is considered the most important meal of the day, no matter what kind of person you are.

Let’s Break Out the Champagne!

New Year’s Eve champagne only? If you haven’t experienced this yet, you’re missing out! Thanksgiving is already a festive holiday, but adding champagne or sparkling wine to the mix only amps the festive atmosphere.

Get Into Writing Thank You Notes

The Family Handyman suggests giving out thank you cards and pre-stamped envelopes after dinner or while the turkey is resting and asking guests to write notes of gratitude to people who have made a difference in their lives over the past year. Then, save them for the Black Friday mailing by collecting them on your way out. It’s a beautiful chance to think about what’s essential and will be an important reminder for the recipients.

Watch the National Dog Show

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a tradition for many, but once Santa Claus makes an appearance, many people switch to the football game. However, the National Dog Show is available for those who would rather watch furry competitors do their best. It will air on NBC after the parade, and viewers can expect much less shouting than they would at the Super Bowl unless you and your relatives have very different views on whether Corgis or Golden Retrievers are better.

Put The Kids in Charge Of Dessert

Involving them in serving dessert will make the younger guests feel like they are contributing to the celebration. A separate children’s table from the main dining area can make children feel isolated and out of action on a particular day. Older children can help younger servers by slicing and plating desserts like pies and cakes. Plus, the adults can enjoy themselves at the table for a little longer.

Put Together A Cornucopia

Traditionally, the autumn harvest, along with plants and flowers, would be displayed in a cornucopia to celebrate the season. However, we recommend adding a personal touch by having guests bring souvenirs from their own lives. You can use them as a meaningful table centerpiece if you put them in a cornucopia, basket, or decorative container.

Twist a Wishbone

Put the wishbone in a dry place after you’ve finished carving the turkey. Do the dishes and then have a lottery to see who gets to break it. Put forth a wish, and whoever gets it chosen will have their wish granted in the coming year, so the legend goes. Give the winner the dessert course as a twist on the norm.

Get Some Relaxation

Even the most outgoing among us may feel drained after the frenzy of organizing the house, getting ready and preparing food the meal, tidying up, and spending quality time with visitors somewhere between. So get your day off to a good start by giving yourself some quiet time on your own first. Then, you’ll get to experience the thrill even more intensely.

Gather the Group Around the Phone

The miracles of modern technology have made it possible for even the farthest away family members to participate in the celebrations. Include those who can’t join you in person by holding a video call during the festivities. Take a family photo to remember this particular time in your lives together.

It’s Bring Your Own Container Day

Each of us has experienced the annoyance of needing to pack up leftovers but not having any to-go containers available. Avoid this issue by having everyone bring their food storage container. Then, everyone leaves satisfied, and you don’t have to waste the rest of the year looking for yours.

Plan a Getaway

You could take a Thanksgiving family vacation if you usually celebrate the holiday on your own or with a smaller group. Fewer people will be there, and you could begin a unique custom. Plan a group meal at your destination and have the restaurant take care of the dishes afterward.

Find Out About Native American History and Culture

Native American Heritage Month, also known as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, takes place every November. At this Thanksgiving holiday, let us take a moment to reflect on and give thanks for the many ways in which Native Americans have enriched and shaped the fabric of American life.

Set a Date for Your Thanksgiving Prayer

Have someone offer a prayer that recognizes how appreciative you are this year after everyone has shared what they are grateful for and before dinner is served.

Sponsor a Winter Coat Drive for Kids and Parents

Encourage everyone in the household to bring a gently used coat or sweater to donate to those in need this winter.

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