Sterling Silver Headpins Eye Pins and Paddle Pins for Jewelry Design

Sterling Silver Headpins Eye Pins and Paddle Pins for Jewelry Design

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Head, Eye, & Paddle Sterling Silver Pins

Xinar has one of the largest inventories of genuine sterling silver findings, including silver headpins, eye pins, and paddle pins. So if you’ve been searching for a jewelry-making supplies store that has everything you need to create and finish great silver jewelry designs, you’ve just found it.

Xinar has been selling high-quality supplies since the nineties. We continue to fully commit to giving our customers only the best possible beads and findings for their most significant projects. Shop beads, findings, and Far Fetched jewelry here at at great bargain prices all year long.

What is a Head Pin?

Headpins are one of the most often used sterling silver findings, and these also happen to be the crafter/jewelry maker’s best friend! A headpin is essentially a bit of wire with a “head” (stopper) on one end that keeps all kinds of beads from sliding off.

Make a simple or wrapped loop using jewelry pliers once the beads are strung onto your headpin. Next, make your own beaded charms to embellish anything you can think of, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Finally, if you are more of a crafter, you can use these findings to secure lines of charms and beads on bags and other items.

What is an Eye Pin?

You will need one pair of pliers to open an eye pin. Hold firm and keep the eye pin still. Use your pliers to close it by twisting it at the end. The only difference between eye pins and headpins is that eye pins feature a loop at one end. You can use these findings for the following:

  • Make your own beaded charms and dangles with eye pins.
  • Making religious items like rosaries and handcrafted chains, links, etc.
  • For joining or combining two or more pieces of jewelry.

What is a Paddle Pin?

Paddle pins are like headpins, but these findings have a pronounced, flattened head that sets them apart from eye pins and regular headpins. Using eye pins, paddle pins, and headpins truly complete jewelry designs, and they also help jewelry-makers conserve wire. Some jewelry-makers like making their pins, but if you want the convenience and secure hold of something that has been professionally smithed, you can always order any quantity from Xinar.

Xinar’s Sterling Silver Guarantee: Nickel-Free Head, Eye, and Paddle Pins

You’re probably already aware of nickel allergies and how this condition is often triggered. However, many jewelry-making supplies on the internet are not hypoallergenic because they contain a quantity of nickel.

While this isn’t bad because there are types of silver like German silver alloyed with nickel and tin, it’s important to work with only hypoallergenic silver if you want to ensure that no one will get any allergies from your work.

The FTC states that for something to be called “nickel-free,” it has to have no nickel at all or no more than 0.01% nickel. Here at Xinar, our 925 sterling silver beads and findings have zero percent nickel, making them the safest metals for making jewelry for adults and kids.

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